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Nintendo Switch owners were thrown a curve ball late last year when it was announced that Super Mario Odyssey would be getting its own special edition, the Tangerine Switch. 

This version of the console is bright orange and comes with a copy of the game, special Joy-Con controllers, and a Mario-themed carrying case. If you’re thinking about picking one up for yourself, here’s everything you need to know!

The Best Tangerine Switch

1. Glorious Panda Switch

Best Overall

Glorious Panda Switch

The Glorious Panda has a beautiful tactile typing experience that your fingers have never felt before thanks to reworked internals and better materials based on the original INVYR Panda housing moulds.

This means that the tactile bump doesn’t travel as far before it starts to form, and it has a stronger upward stroke.
In Korea, there are 67 grammes of nickel-plated stainless steel springs.

On my old GMMK keyboard, I changed the main keyboard and function keys so they worked better. Key wobble is less than with the Gateron Brown switches that replaced them. There is more resistance at the start of the stroke, less resistance during the stroke, and a very smooth feel for an unlubricated switch. 

There are Speed Silver switches that are the closest match, but they don’t have the early activation that the Speed Silver switches have. All in all, it was a great time. The casing of the switch, no matter what colour it is, lets LED lights pass through almost unharmed.

2. Holy Panda Switches

Action Distance: 2.0mm0.4mm | Total Travel: 3.0cm0.3cm | Operating Force: 5715gf | Tactile Force: 6615gf | Return Force: 15cm3/cm2

Most hot-swappable mechanical gaming keyboards and custom-built keyboards can be used with the plate-mounted 3-pin switch with a cross-stem, which is compatible with most of them.

It may be easier to type quickly with the LTC xHoly Panda Switches because they have a quick, tactile feel to them.

My keyboard is hot swappable, so I’ve been trying out different switches and switch combinations to find the best ones for the things I do on my PC. Most of the time, I play first-person shooter games and send emails. My keyboard used to have switches called Gazzew Boba U4T. I really liked how they felt, but now I only use them on some of the keys. They did, however, require “a lot” of force to move, which I have found to be a big problem when I play video games. For a clicky switch, I bought these switches. 

They have a quick start point and are easy to turn on and off. Because the sound isn’t too loud, my teammates can’t hear it. This switch has a nice, crisp feel to it. This set comes with a switch puller, and the switches are well-organized in the box. Some people think that because these switches are “box” switches, they won’t work with certain keycaps. They can, however, be used with any keycap that has MX Cherry stems. Overall, this was a great purchase.

3. Gateron Mechanical MX Type Key Switch

Gateron MX switches are set up on a plate with three pins. The transparent switch can be used with SMD leds and has a 50 million cycle life.

People can choose from a lot of different colours. They can choose from black, blue, brown, red, clear, yellow, green, and blue.

Gateron switches are more smooth and have a slightly higher actuation point than the Cherry Mx switches, which are less smooth.

As it is now, Gateron Yellows or any of their linear switches are already smoother than most Cherry Linear switches, but lubrication will go a long way. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money on crazy enthusiast lube, because Super Lubricant works great and gives the switches a nice deep tone when they bottom out and then go back to normal, so you don’t have to. 

If you have Amazon Prime and are willing to pay for delivery, these are a lot cheaper than other mechanical keyboard switch suppliers (these also came in two days for me, which is a lot faster than any other mechanical keyboard online store). 

4. Kailh Box Switch

The (Jade Box) Plus or minus 10 grammes: 50 gf (up to or down to) Working force (up to or down to) +/-10 gf Fifty-five grammes This word is used to describe the strength of the hand (plus or minus 0.3 mm) The pressure point This is how it goes: 1.7% pretravel, 3.6% travel (plus or minus 0.3 mm) 

(A Longer Life Expectancy):About 80 million cycles are possible with this switch. That’s a lot longer than the typical life of a switch.

(Cool Tips):In this set, there are only 65 Kailh Box Jade switches in i

While I don’t like switches that make noise, I do know a few people who use and have used Cherry MX Blue switches, which is why we play online games all the time. So, to make things better or worse, I decided to build one of them a keyboard with these switches.

When they saw it for the first time, they thought it was better than the MX blues. Those made me want to try something new and fun to write on. They’re also not too heavy to move, which, when combined with the 50g actuation force, could make typing faster.

5. Halo True Keyboard Switches

Also Great

   Halo True Keyboard Switches

The Drop Halo True Switch Pack provides a tactile but ultra-smooth feel to your keyboard.

SWITCHES FROM MEDIUM TO HEAVY TACTILE As medium-to-heavy tactile switches have become increasingly popular over the years, the Halo Trues provide a tactile sense with no pre-load (tension at rest) and a smooth press from start to end.

Halo switches are compatible with Cherry-style plate-mounted PCBs and are excellent for hot-swappable barebones kits like as the Drop ALT, CTRL, Carina, Tokyo60, SHIFT, Planck, and Preonic.

Gosh, these switches are so nice! I love that they feel smooth and stock-like without any of the annoying noises or roughness you can get from other products.

There’s just a hint spring ping on downstrokes but it doesn’t take away from how great this button feels in your hand when typing at school/work desks all day long with wiggles added into our daily routine– absolutely must buy if ur looking for heavy duty tactile feedback while also sounding like bells straight outtaBernie Sanders’ workshop (no offense intended).

6. MX Mechanical Keyboard Linear Switch

Also Great


MX Mechanical Keyboard  Linear Switch

With a force of 43gf, Akko rose red switches are faster than Akko pink switches. Because the switches have a 3.5mm longer stem, they make a lighter and clearer sound when they hit the bottom.

Akko Custom Series (CS) switches are 3-pin custom switches that were made for people who want to make their own switches at a low price.

Based on a lab test, the keystroke lifespan should be 60 million times.

When I first got these switches, their packaging left me impression. Not only were they one of the cheaper packs but also had great protection against shipping damage thanks to Bubble envelope sealing!

The feel is smooth without any spring ping when pressed down on or pulled up. To compare this with other greasy fingers around my house-I have two Gateron linears (Ink Yellow & Black), Kailh Box Reds(Massdrop color)and Giant V3s made by JWK which all seem very comparable though slightly louder depending upon how you prefer your typing sound effect.

7. Compatible Gateron Switches KS

Also Great

   Compatible Gateron Switches KS


Gateron 3pin switches for mechanical keyboards are made of copper rattling leaf metal and softer plastic rod plastic that doesn’t move as much as the metal.

You can move this yellow switch up and down without feeling anything or hearing a loud clicking sound. It’s a great choice for operating force and can help the keycap stay in place.

Allow you to choose a wider range of keycaps that are better for mechanical keyboards. All valve stems are compatible with the MX shell, so you can choose from a wider range of keycaps that are better suited to mechanical keyboards. 

The switches feel like top grade, “endgame” switches. Not as smooth or silky feeling but they are close to Tealios out of box and once lubed these keyboards will be about neck-and-neck with NKCreams after being oiled by Krytox 205 for springs plus films applied which makes them operate better than ever before depending on personal preference between different types/brands.

8. Keyfirst Gateron Cream Custom Switch

Keyfirst is a brand that produces custom switches. The Gateron Cream switch is their latest design, and it’s quickly gaining popularity among keyboard enthusiasts.

The Gateron Cream switch has a tactile bump and a loud clicky sound. It feels similar to the Cherry MX Blue switch, but with a bit more resistance.

The switch is available in both black and white versions. It’s currently being used in the Pok3r keyboard, and it’s also available as a standalone switch.

If you’re looking for a switch with a tactile bump and a loud clicky sound, the Gateron Cream switch is a great option.

The multicoloured colorway is a good thing, even though I can’t see it when I’m typing on the keyboard. When I was lubing the keyboard, I didn’t have to stare at the top and bottom housings to figure out where to put them while I was lubing, for example. Re-soldering my blues after I took them apart from kumara redragon was the next thing I did.

My blues had been cleaned up and were now ready to be soldered back on. I also got keyfirst creams and bandaid adjusted my stabs (yuck). Lubricants like Super lubricant and Krytox 205g0 were used. Everything sounds great, and I didn’t even put a lot of lube on each switch. 

9. NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switch

NovelKeys, a keyboard company known for their custom keyboards, has partnered up with Kailh to create a new switch type called the Cream Switch. This switch is a variation of the Blue switch, which is Kailh’s most popular switch type.

The Cream Switch is tactile and has a soft clicky sound. It is designed to be a more comfortable switch for daily use. It is available in both 60% and 87% layouts, and it comes with a variety of keycap options.

So far, the feedback on the Cream Switch has been positive. People who have tried it say that it is a great switch for both gaming and typing.

I don’t mind having to wait for my package, but there are a few things to think about. They’re a tough and rough kind of people. I thought the creams I got were fake at first, but I’m glad I was wrong. The switch’s feel changes after it has been lubricated, and it’s great. This will be my main until I find something better. It has been padded with case foam. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve bought some black ink. At the middle level, the linear is very good. 

If you’re going to buy this switch, you should also buy some kryotox 205g0 to go with it. If you work extra hard, you won’t be unhappy with the results. If they were in the end game, I’d even say they’re good enough for me. At least, that’s how I feel about them on my main board right now.


10. Kailh Super Speed Silver Switches

This link only has the parts for a mechanical keyboard. There are three pins in all.

You can start with the silver switches that are the most popular right now. All of these switches have been lubricated, so they’re very smooth when you play games.

With the exception of optical switches, the Mx Mechanical Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with the exception of the optical switches.Besides the Outemu switch keyboard, it’s a keyboard that can be swapped out quickly.

When my son was younger, he had drop halo trues. These have taken their place. My interest in them led me to use them myself. They are very quick and responsive, giving a small tactical boost almost right away. The actuation point is the smallest and needs the least amount of pressure to work.

Finally, they sound great right out of the box, which is why you’d want to lube tacs in the first place. I’m not sure if this is standard practise, but it was a big help. If I had to choose, these might be my new favourite switches for my gmmk.They sound great right away. My favourite switches were the Speed Bronze Clicky switches. I liked them better than the other switches.Lubricating these switches just makes them work better for you. These will be taken into account when making new projects. 

11. PC Soft Double Layer Keyboard Switch

Also Great

PC Soft Double Layer Keyboard Switch​ 

Dirt prevention, tightening, and better stability are some of the things you can expect from this experience. There is a piece of plastic film that has to be manually cut and put in.
MATERIAL: It’s made of transparent HTV+PC double-layer composite silicone material, which has a better sealing and cushioning effect than the single-layer version and can make a better fit for the switch cover after pressing and putting it in place.

ATTENTION: Only Switch Paper can be used; no other items can be used, either. To use this switch, you must use a cherry switch or a switch that has the same internal structure as a cherry switch. It’s too much for Kailh and the box switch.There are 120 pieces of 0.15mm Transparent Soft Film in each pack.

These movies are great. When I paid this much, I thought I’d get rigid plastic sheets. Instead, I got thin foam sheets that stop all housing flex, even in gateron browns. Even though the foam between the switches was removed, the foam for each switch was still there. With tweezers, I was able to remove the foam from inside the switch gaskets and the led section of the switch.

These are better than plastic switch films. I’ve used these on my own keyboards and a few keyboards for customers, and everyone has been happy with them. Here, they’ve always been in stock when I’ve looked. They have always come quickly.


I’ve grown used to watching “movies.” Plastic, thin, and simple. This means that a sheet of paper will have to be removed, but the thickness of the paper material makes up for this because the end result is the same or better than before. A change from the rest of the keyboard community’s high prices and slow shipping is welcome. For the price they’re selling for with fast shipping, it’s a good deal.


12. Kailh Super Speed Silver Switches

Also Great

 Linear Switch for Mechanical Keyboard

Everything was perfect at first. It was made in Germany, but it was repackaged in China in a PP box to protect it from being broken.

The book has come out in the United States. OUTEMU Mechanical Keyboards and Mechanical Keyboards with Cherry MX Red Switches are two types of OUTEMU Mechanical Keyboards. Most mechanical keyboards, such as Redragon, MechanicalEagle, Havitm, Aukey, Huo Ji, and Corsair, work with this keyboard.

These linear switches need 45 grammes of force to work. Because they have a soft touch, they’re great for both gaming and typing. The keys are also very quiet, so they can be used in places with a lot of people. 

Since the early days of computing, people have been looking for ways to make their experience easier and more efficient. One way to do this is by using shortcuts – ways of performing tasks or accessing functions without having to go through all the steps involved in doing so.

One popular shortcut is the keyboard shortcut. This involves using specific key combinations to activate certain functions. For example, the “Ctrl + C” combination is used to copy text, while the “Ctrl + V” combination is used to paste it.

13. Banana Switch For Mechanical Keyboard

Also Great

Banana Switch for Mechanical Keyboard


Mechanical keyboard manufacturer Ajazz is one of the most well-known. It is known for making multi-functional keyboards and for having a lot of useful switch types.

As a result, we are happy to say that Ajazz’s custom switches are now available for people who want to make small changes to how they type. Even small changes can make typing feel different.

The Ajazz Diced Fruit switches are already lubricated when they come out of the factory. This is good for linear switches because it makes them smoother and quieter. There are more features and options for people who like to make things. Based on lab tests, you can expect a long life with a projected lifespan of 80 million keystrokes.

These switches have a great sound and a lot of depth to them, which makes them sound great. A nice glass jar makes them look even better.

So you don’t have to open up the jar to see the pretty switch! You don’t need to grease them to make them sound good! Oh, and the price isn’t bad either! It was a great buy!

14. Optical Mechanical MX Type Key Switch

Also Great

 Optical Mechanical MX Type Key Switch

Unlike the typical plastic dome switch, Gateron has been using high-quality brushed/polished metal for its contacts since day one.

This gives them an incredibly low actuation point and great feel in your fingers while also remaining highly linear.

So you can enjoy fast presses without any worries about stagebris! Plus they look sleek as hell too thanks to those premium finishes everyone loves nowadays.”

When my keyboard’s gateron brown switches started giving out on me, I discovered that there are clear switch options for people who want lighter and smoother actions.

Replacing those heavy duty 45gactuation linear actuated springs with 35 gramme ones was one of the best decisions ever! typing feels like water now – effortless without any unnecessary force coming into its aid while i type quickly at first then gradually increase speed over time just as if you were using an old IBM model M or something similar which has been known to cause cramps in certain fingers. 

15. 5 Pins Tactile Switches For Mechanical Keyboards

DUROCK T1Keyboard Switches are designed with a unique tactile stem, giving off an unexpected bump at the very top of each press.

Nylon bottom housing and POM stems ensure long life expectancy in even harsh environments; these key switches feature metal leaf for increased durability as well! With its 50 million operations lifespan per square inch (50 mOe), you can expect years worth or typing satisfaction from one set–and they come available both SMD (surface mount) style OR through hole depending on your preference.

This Purple 65 g is quite nice because the bump at its top means that you won’t accidently pressed a key until after it’s been hit.

I also tested out different types of switches using this same brand, but found them to be just too difficult for me with their higher resistance levels and smidge misplaced bounce off-axis response – which made things accidental even worse!

Final Thoughts

 If you are looking for a great way to switch up your workout routine, look no further than the tangerine switch. This move is simple but effective and can help you achieve all of your fitness goals. Give it a try today!

Tangerine Switch FAQ

Tangerine switch Are tangerine switches good?

Overall, though, when compared to “what-could-have-been†with the opaque Gateron versions of these Tangerine V2s, these switches definitely were the better outcome in terms of pieces and do well for recognizability and furthering their ‘brand name’.

Are tangerines switches?

Tangerine switches are regarded as one of the smoothest linear switches in the game of competitive switch market. Tangerine Switches Specifications.NameTangerine SwitchesSpring CoatingGold SpringStem MaterialPOMActuation Force62g for Light Green, 67g for Dark Green SwitchLubingPre-Lubed5 more rows•.

What company makes tangerine switches?

Designed by C3 and made by JWK.

Are tangerine switches 5 pin?

Tangerine switches are a 5-pin switch and the sockets on the PCB in this board are 3-pin. You would have to cut of the two lateral plastic pins on the C3’s for them to fit the PCB, but if you did, they would work.

Do you need to lube and film tangerines?

No, as long as you’re planning to lube (or at least film) the Gaterons. But if you are investing in a premium build, C3 Tangerine v2 is a good choice to consider.

Are tangerine switches plate mounted?

5-pin PCB mount (2 pins can be clipped for plate mount boards) Compatible with both in-switch and SMD LEDs.

What type of switches are C3 tangerines?

The C3 Tangerine Switch (Linear) is regarded as one of the smoothest linear switches on the market.

How fast do tangerine switches sell out?

I was able to order dark stem tangerine switches, but kept refreshing the page to see how quickly these switches would sell out. If i’m not mistaken, the dark stems sold out in under 3 minutes and the light stems sold out in about 4.

What is the smoothest linear switch?

The Smoothest Linear SwitchesC3 Tangerine.NovelKeys Dry Yellow.Gateron Ink Black.NovelKeys x Kailh Cream Switches.Gateron Milky Yellow.Cherry MX Black.

Are C3 tangerines factory lubed?

Pre-lubed in factory – very light application. Made by C³Equalz. Orders will be packed in plastic containers.

What are the best linear switches?

Top 10 Best Linear Switches for a Mechanical Keyboard (Feb 2022)Kailh Cream Switches.Cherry MX Speed Silver.Outemu Blue Switch.Gateron KS-9 keys witches.Cherry MX Red Switche.Gateron Yellow Switches.Gateron Red Switches.Cherry MX Black Switches.

Are tangerines smoother than alpacas?

They sound and feel quite similar, the main differences being that the Tangerine has a slightly higher pitch and softer bottom-out feel. But once lubed and filmed these differences become blurred. Now I rated the Alpacas as the smoothest linear I had ever tried, but somehow I think the Tangerines are even smoother.

Do Tangerines come lubed?

A fantastic switch stock or lubed, V2 Tangerines are the linear for you! . Stock or lubed, V2 Tangerines are incredibly smooth and even with the factory lube are excellent for entry-level enthusiasts, as well as coming at an affordable price.

Are c3 tangerines tactile?

C3 Tangerine V2 Review – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipUm there’s basically no scratch these are really really smooth like really smooth.MoreUm there’s basically no scratch these are really really smooth like really smooth.

What are the best tactile switches?

Here’s a quick overview of the best tactile switches.Glorious Panda Switches.Durock T1 Switches.Boba U4 Tactile Switches.Boba U4T Switch.Halo Clear Switches.Cherry MX Brown Switch.Cherry MX Clear Switch.Kailh Speed Copper Switch.

What is the actuation force of Gateron yellow?

50gThe Gateron yellow switch is smooth and the actuation force is 50g, which is only 5g more than the red switch(45g). That makes a difference in feel, but not too much.

What are Jwk switches?

The Durock/JWK Linear is a linear switch that features either a transparent or smokey polycarbonate top housing, transparent or smokey polymer nylon bottom housing, and light blue POM stem.

Do switch films affect sound?

Switch films are small pieces of plastic or other material such as rubber that go in between the top and bottom housing of a mechanical keyboard switch to reduce switch wobble. Because of the reduced wobble, the switches then sound much better and have a thocc sound.

Are creamsicles switches worth it?

The Creamsicles excelled in terms of smoothness, and despite my concerns regarding the stick-slip phenomenon occurring due to the UHMWPE on UHMWPE interaction, they were exceptional in their smoothness.

Do switch Springs affect sound?

The pinging noise on a keyboard comes from a metallic structure inside the keyboard vibrating.The switches could also be the cause of the pinging noise. The springs inside the switches can be twisted or slightly warped, so when a key is pressed the springs make a loud pinging noise.

How many switches are in a 75 keyboard?

A 75% keyboard has roughly 84 keys, including dedicated arrow keys and just a few control buttons, as well as the F-row function buttons.

Are tangerines tactile?

The Tangerine switches still somehow retain all the smoothness and creamyness while maintaining responsiveness. As someone who also enjoys tactile switches because of their responsiveness, there was like almost a lively feeling to the Tangerines.

What is the best keyboard switches for gaming?

Best gaming keyboard switches 2022: top picks for every tasteCherry MX Red. Best gaming keyboard switch overall.Gateron Brown. Best keyboard switch for gamers who want the best of both worlds.Cherry MX Blue. Best keyboard switch for MMOs and MOBAs.Razer Yellow or Cherry MX Speed Silver.SteelSeries OmniPoint.

What are the fastest Gateron switches?

Gateron Yellow switches are the fastest Gateron optical switches available.

How many switches does a 65 keyboard have?

A 65% keyboard will usually use between 67-68 switches to correspond with the number of keys. Some keyboards however allow for a split spacebar. If your board does and you want to use a split spacebar layout, you’ll need 1-2 additional switches for a total of 70 switches.

How many keys does a 65 percent keyboard have?

67 keysIt features 67 keys instead of 87. Absent of function keys, it wastes no space—but it still has a full set of arrows and numerals. A SOLID BUILD: Constructed with a solid aluminum frame with a built-in switch plate and magnetic legs, the ALT is rock-solid and ready for any setup.

Do you need to film Jwk switches?

Some switch films to be installed into your MX Styled switches. Made by JWK and tested over hundreds of days to make sure they work as required over a prolonged period of time. You may be familiar with the 75% keyboard because most laptops come with a 75% keyboard. The 84 keys layout streamlined the function keys, but kept the commonly used directional keys and F keys.” How many switches are in a 60 keyboard? 61 switchesFor example: a 60% board needs at least 61 switches.