2k17 how to dribble xbox

What is no setup dribble tendency?

No Setup Dribble: Tendency to not use moves like hesitation dribbles from a standstill. No Driving Dribble Move: Tendency to drive on a straight line to the basket, without using any type of crossover, behind-the-back, in-and-out, etc.


How do you Alley Oop 2k15 ps3?

To Call for Alley-Oop: Double tap Triangle / Y (while cutting toward hoop), then press Square/X or Hold R stick while in the air to finish the oop.


How do you throw alley oops on 2k16 Xbox 360?

To perform an alley-oop is simple. Hold RT/R2 while running down the court, either naturally with the entire team or on a fast break, and double tap Y/Triangle button. This will allow you to throw up an alley-oop for your teammate to slam into the basket.


How do you throw alley oops on 2k18 Xbox 360?

To throw an Oop, you aim the left stick towards who you want to throw the pass to. Next, double tap Y or Triangle. You want to throw it right before the player is under the hoop.


How do you shoot free throws in NBA 2k17 Xbox One?

If shot meter is on, you can execute a free throw by using X (Xbox) Square (PS). Here’s how to shoot a free throw with buttons: Press and hold the Square button on the PS4 or the X button on Xbox One controller. This brings up the shot meter above your player’s head.


How do you eurostep in 2K17?

To Eurostep, move towards the paint surrounding the basket and, once inside, double tap square if you’re on PlayStation 4 or X if you’re on Xbox One. Then, to choose which side of the basket you shoot from, move the left thumbstick left or right just before you shoot.


How do you call for 2k pass?

Icon PassPress R1 then press the action button of the desired receiver. Use Left Stick to lead the receiver in any direction. Flashy PassDouble tap Circle to pass.















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