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Best Azeron Keyboard
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One Handed Mechanical Gaming Azeron Keyboard

One Handed Mechanical Gaming Azeron Keyboard

RedThunder Azeron Keyboard

RedThunder Azeron Keyboard

RGB Backlit Azeron Keyboard

RGB Backlit Azeron Keyboard

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Best Azeron Keyboard FAQ

Are Azeron keyboards good?

At £149, the Azeron Keypads are priced at the premium end of the scale, but no more so than game controllers like the Xbox Elite or Razer competition pads. In my opinion, they are absolutely worth every penny.

What is an Azeron keyboard?

Azeron Classic – Programmable Gaming Keyboard for PC Gaming – 3D Printed Customized Keypad with Analog Thumbstick and 26 Programmable Keys for Left Hand (Black).

What are gaming keypads used for?

A gaming keypad is a small, auxiliary keyboard designed only for gaming. It has a limited number of the original keys from a standard keyboard, and they are arranged in a more ergonomic fashion to facilitate quick and efficient gaming key presses.

Is Azeron keypad better than keyboard?

Despite the Azeron Keypad being a worthy contestant to the keyboard, a controller might still be a better choice in some instances. While it does include an analogue stick, and negates the need for radial menus with the sheer number of buttons present, it lacks pressure sensitivity triggers as well as haptic feedback.

How long does Azeron take to ship?

 European Union (estimated delivery time 3-5 working days), Rest of the World (estimated delivery time 4-9 working days).

What is Azeron cyborg?

Introducing AZERON CYBORG – the next-generation Azeron keypad that raises the bar in gaming with even deeper adjustability and exceptional comfort. After getting used to this beast, you will never look back! Crush everyone with simple finger flicks! BUY NOW.

Can you use Azeron on Xbox?

If you want to use it on other games on consoles, then you can use something like a XIM adapter for both Xbox and PS. Azeron has been extensively used and tested with the XIM, it even has a specialized firmware just for that.

Does Azeron work with XIM apex?

All you really need to do is plug your Azeron into PC, run Azeron Software and select the option to Calibrate Analog Stick. That’ll ensure Azeron has no stick drift or wheel menu problems on XIM.

In which device keyboard is referred as a keypad?

 Laptop is the name of device in which keyboard is referred as keypad.

Can I use Azeron on PS4?

Currently we know that Azeron keypad can be used on PS4/PS5 without any adapters, but it will work only on games that work with keyboard and mouse. But you will need to have XIM if you want a 360° analog movement.

Can you use XIM with Cronus?

 Titan Two has full support for XIM APEX at all Response Rates, as well as a bunch of other stuff Zen can’t do like Computer Vision (search for XIM APEX vs Cronus Zen vs Titan Two).

What is a keypad and keyboard?

keypad is a small board with keys primarily used for tactile input into a machine while keyboard is a set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.

Does the keyboard joystick work on PS4?

The PS4 does support keyboard and mouse controls — sometimes. Some games can be played with a keyboard and mouse, but many don’t allow it. In fact, most won’t — some will even ban you from multiplayer if you use them, because a keyboard and mouse give you competitive advantage over players using a controller.

Why is 10 key upside down?

One common explanation for the discrepancy between the phone and the calculator is that phone company engineers intentionally reversed the calculator layout because their research showed that people who were already adept at using a calculator punched the buttons too quickly for the telephone switching equipment. 

What are the five parts of a keyboard?

There are five main parts to most desktop keyboards. These parts include the alphanumeric keypad, the numeric keypad, the arrow keys, the control keys, and the function keys.