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An American global technology firm is (MNC). It primarily focuses on digital streaming, cloud computing, and e-commerce. In July 1994, this business was established in Bellevue, Washington, in the United States. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos. The business’s CEO is Andy Jassy. Customers can shop online with Amazon, a reputable company. Customers may shop for all of their daily needs—from appliances to electronics—in one place. Amazon launched its services in India in June 2013. There are 700 different iPhone models available on Amazon. The website also allows you to filter iPhone according on your needs.

Amazon offers discounts on iPhones as well, with new models receiving an 8% discount and older devices receiving discounts ranging from 15% to 25%.Additionally, Amazon offers pan-India shipping and has cancellation and refund policies. Amazon offers free EMI on other manufacturers but does not provide it for iPhones. Additionally, they offer excellent customer service. At the moment, Amazon receives over 200 million unique visitors each month. Additionally, it offers its consumers a subscription service called Amazon Prime. According to Business Today’s 2021 survey of India’s coolest workplaces, Amazon India is rated third.


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India serves as the corporate headquarters for the Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart. It was established in October of 2007. Offering customers the finest online buying experience is Flipkart’s USP. Flipkart strives to offer its customers things that are affordable. By utilising your needs as a filter, Flipkart offers more than 130 different models of iPhones. Additionally, it provides excellent exchange value for your previous phones and zero-cost EMIs, both of which might enable you to save money. Additionally, it offers easy refund and purchase cancellation options as well as delivery on phones throughout India. Till this point, Flipkart has successfully operated in India for 15 years. They offer excellent customer service as well. More than 400 million people are registered users. Additionally, it offers a subscription option called Plus membership to its loyal clients.


The headquarters of the American international e-commerce corporation eBay INC. are in San Jose, California. It was established in September of 1995. Its founder is Pierre Omidyar. Through its websites, it offers both business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer transactions. On their website, ebay offers over 900 different models of iPhones. The discounts in this case could range from 8% to 10% because different merchants are selling the phones.

On this website, different merchants may have different delivery and return policies. eBay is a reputable company that offers customers and companies alike online auction and purchasing options. Worldwide, 187 million people use eBay. Additionally, it offers a subscription to an eBay shop that enables you to compile all of your listings into a single, branded space.


An Indian e-commerce business with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is called TataCliQ. Tata Group is the owner. In May 2016, it was started. Electronics, fashion, footwear, and accessories are all areas of business for TataCliQ. You can purchase up to 110 iPhones at TataCliQ for enticing discounts. TataCliQ is a global omni-channel marketplace that provides its customers with expedited delivery options, convenient pick-up and return processes, and other benefits.


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