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Is Purchasing a Used iPhone 7 Still Worthwhile?

For all you bargain hunters, today we review a secondhand iPhone 7. Find out if purchasing a reconditioned iPhone 7 is still a wise decision.

Is purchasing a pre-owned iPhone 7 a wise decision?

The used and refurbished iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus still has a brand-new, svelte, and clean feel about it when you pick it up. Even if it isn’t the most recent Apple design, it nevertheless seems incredibly cutting-edge and attractive. Additionally, because it is one of the last iPhones with a full metal body rather than the more recent models’ glass backs, this iPhone has a different feel. As with any iPhone, there are various colours available, so you may choose the one that best suits your personality. Even though many people like the all-black variants, I prefer the (PRODUCT)RED version since it was created in collaboration with the (RED) organisation, which helps Africa with AIDS relief. 

What is the condition of a secondhand iPhone 7’s camera?

I don’t think it’s fair to compare this camera to devices like the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note10, both of which feature night modes and numerous lenses, because this isn’t a brand-new camera. All I’ll say about the camera is that it works well if you mostly shoot group and family photos. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to capture photos of a professional calibre with this, but that’s not exactly the point of a smartphone. This iPhone will capture quality images because that’s what iPhones are known for. Since each Android manufacturer has a somewhat distinct colour palette—some, like Samsung, are recognised for vibrant colours, while others reproduce bland colours that make some scenes look incredibly stale—you need be more cautious when evaluating the camera on Android phones. But fortunately, Apple has always done photography well. Colors have always appeared accurate in Apple devices, as they should given the amount of money Apple has put into its camera software. Therefore, don’t expect the camera on a used iPhone 7 to perform on par with that of a newer iPhone in low-light situations. If you’re shooting in a well-lit location, anticipate photographs to look excellent with those true-to-life Apple photo colours we have all come to know and respect. It won’t have as many cool tricks up its sleeve, though.

Will a reconditioned and used iPhone 7 have a long battery life?

Similar to what I said regarding camera quality, my rant on this one. A newer iPhone will obviously have a longer battery life and other features, so don’t compare this to one. This is accurate, but not because batteries have improved. Because they tend to be larger, newer iPhones will typically have better battery life. The iPhone XR has a battery life of almost two full days, but it is a significantly thicker and larger phone. I prefer a smaller iPhone over one with better battery life since I keep it in the front pocket of my jeans. The majority of people don’t actually need an iPhone with more than a day’s worth of battery life, and the old iPhone 7 should have no trouble lasting you a full day as people have become accustomed to charging their device at the end of each day ever since the invention of the iPhone. If you’re a light user, the iPhone 7 Plus can likely last two full days if you want greater battery life! Like I previously stated, the battery size of an iPhone increases with its size.

Screen resolution & condition of used iPhone 7

You truly won’t notice a difference in quality between the used & refurbished iPhone 7 and newer iPhones in this other area. Yes, some more recent iPhones have those newer notched displays, but I wouldn’t claim that means the user experience is automatically improved. Since it’s a question of preference, I actually kind of miss the home button because I find it to be more simpler to use than Apple’s more recent gesture-based navigation.

In addition, when comparing a used iPhone 7 to more recent iPhones like the iPhone XS or iPhone 11 Pro, you won’t really notice a difference in screen quality except from the distinctions just mentioned. Although OLED screen technology makes some newer iPhones (like the ones I just mentioned) have significantly better colour contrast on their panels, you won’t discern individual pixels in them.


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