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Although few smartphone owners are aware of it or ready to buy it, mobile phone insurance has just begun to garner notice. Given how frequently cellphones are lost or stolen, it is crucial for owners to get insurance on their phones. This safety is even more crucial for high-value smartphones because they make excellent targets for theft.

Smartphones help us with everything we do, making them nearly a need. Smartphones were once just equipped with basic functionality, but today they are capable of managing every aspect of your personal and professional life. Beyond the functions they provide, smartphones have evolved into a status symbol for wealth and fashion.

What’s Good About Mobile Insurance

Nowadays, smartphones have practically become a need for everyone, making mobile insurance a person’s closest friend. Here are just a few of the advantages that mobile insurance offers, making it more necessary these days.

Depending on the coverage you select, you may be able to replace your stolen or damaged smartphone with a similar model instead of downgrading to a less sophisticated one. You have bought a pricey smartphone and want to protect it from loss or damage. You can benefit from a mobile insurance policy in this regard.

If you have a history of losing or breaking your prior phones, getting a mobile insurance policy is a wise investment.Mobile insurance would be quite beneficial if you depend significantly on your smartphone for daily tasks and would want a rapid replacement in the event of damage.

Mobile Insurance Coverage Types:

Mobile insurance policies provide defence against a range of risks and harm to the phone. Smartphones may be susceptible to software failure because they are electronic devices, which frequently renders the device worthless. In addition to internal damage, exterior damage can also happen for a number of causes. Here are a few hazards and damages that mobile insurance policies often cover.

Providers of Mobile Insurance:

OneAssist – OneAssist offers insurance coverage for common household items like laptops, home appliances, wallets, mobile phones, and tablets. The business offers cashless repair services with 100% original replacement parts. Along with many other advantages, it provides free doorstep pickup and delivery services.

AppsDaily – Through its app, AppsDaily provides anti-theft security for mobile devices. The programme also includes 14 other features, such as battery optimizer, cloud scan, and call management.

SyncNScan – This insurance company provides coverage against violent theft and damage to your mobile device. Additionally, the programme automatically backs up data and restores it as necessary. Other capabilities of the programme include finding/locking the missing phone and tracking and eliminating viruses and spam communications.

OnsiteGo – OnsiteGo makes it simple and transparent for you to safeguard your electronic equipment. Even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, your gadgets are protected by the company’s flagship product. Physical or liquid damage is covered by the mobile insurance plan as well.

Times Global Insurance – The company offers insurance solutions that include liquid damage, screen damage, gadget theft, malfunctioning cameras and displays, accidental damage, and breakdown. For the insurance purchase, little documentation is sufficient. Customers who do not file any claims during a year are eligible for the No Claim Bonus facility.

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