Does Apple Care Cover Battery Replacements

Does Apple Care Cover Battery Replacements

Does AppleCare cover battery replacement? If your iPhone is covered by warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law, we’ll replace your battery at no charge.

How many battery replacements can you get with AppleCare? If your limited warranty (or AppleCare) is still active and you have not yet surpassed 500 cycles, it is considered a covered defect.In this case, you have no choice but to live with it or get it replaced at your own expense.

Does AppleCare charge for replacement? Under AppleCare+, each accidental damage incident is subject to a service fee of $29 for screen or back glass damage or $99 for other accidental damage. Each incident of theft or loss is subject to a deductible of $149. The back glass damage service fee is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

Does Apple Care Cover Battery Replacements – Related Questions

How much does it cost to replace a battery on an iPhone?

Estimated cost of battery repair for all previous iPhone models remains set at $69, except iPhone SE which is $49.

What is not covered by AppleCare?

What is not insured? loss or theft, normal wear and tear, intentionally- caused damage, fire or cosmetic damage which does not affect the functionality of the device. defect in design, workmanship, modification or any alteration of the covered Apple device.

What does AppleCare cover and not cover?

AppleCare+ is an insurance policy covering the risk of damage to your Apple Watch, HomePod, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Apple- or Beats-branded headphones and the need for technical assistance. AppleCare+ does not provide coverage for failure due to defects in design and/or materials and/or workmanship.

Does Apple replace battery at 80%?

I just paid the apple store to replace the battery in my phone at 86%. The phone only lasted 2 hours on a charge. It was well worth the out of pocket for me. The 80% is just for in warranty replacement.

At what percentage should I replace my Apple battery?

When the capacity of your iPhone battery dips below 80%, you’ll see the following message: “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity.

What percentage does Apple replace batteries?

When to change the battery. Apple says you need a replacement if you see your Maximum Capacity around 80% or lower. Apple may replace your battery for free if you are covered under warranty or AppleCare+.

How can I get a free Apple replacement?

This is one year from the moment you bought the product which means that if that product breaksMore

Does Apple give free replacement?

If you have AppleCare+, you can replace your iPhone with an incident of accidental damage. You’ll pay the “other damage” AppleCare+ fee, as specified in the AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions. You can also review that fee in our pricing estimate tool.

Does Apple offer free replacement?

We guarantee our service, including replacement parts, for 90 days or the remaining term of your Apple warranty or AppleCare plan, whichever is longer. This is in addition to your rights provided by consumer law.

What is covered by AppleCare?

Both AppleCare+ options provide repair or replacement hardware service for your iPhone. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection and up to two incidents of theft or loss coverage every 12 months. Each incident is subject to a service fee or deductible.

Will I lose everything if I replace my iPhone battery?

Generally speaking, data loss during battery replacement is uncommon — but it can happen. One way to avoid this is by backing up your iPhone before taking it in for repair. This gives you a current backup of your data that you can restore if necessary.

Should I just replace my iPhone battery?

It all depends on your usage patterns. The best time to replace your iPhone’s battery is the moment you notice the device won’t hold a sufficient charge to power you through the day. In other words, if the charge your iPhone holds fails to suit your needs or makes the device unusable, get a new battery.

Will AppleCare replace my phone?

Is your iPhone lost or stolen? If it’s covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you can sign in with your Apple ID and file a claim for an iPhone replacement. Use the Find My app or go to to mark your iPhone as lost. Do not remove your device from your account until your claim has been fully approved.

How do I know if something is covered by AppleCare?

Check if your device is covered by an AppleCare plan or Apple’s Limited Warranty
Go to
Enter the serial number of the device.
Follow the onscreen instructions.

What is AppleCare vs AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ plans last between 2-3 years depending on the product, and they start on the day of product purchase. It overlaps with AppleCare standard coverage for a year. However, it provides additional coverage, including screen breaks, accidental hardware damage, and battery replacement.

How long does AppleCare cover you for?

The new coverage will automatically be renewed until it’s cancelled. Your coverage plan may continue beyond 24 or 36 months, on a monthly or annual basis, until it’s cancelled. If you choose to continue coverage, your coverage will be subject to the then-current AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions.

What does AppleCare cost and cover?

Standard AppleCare+: a one-time fee of $199 (for 2-year coverage) or $9.99 per month. AppleCare+ with theft and loss protection: $269 (for 2-year coverage) or $13.49 per month. Standard AppleCare+: a one-time fee of $179 (for 2-year coverage) or $8.99 per month.

What’s the difference between AppleCare and warranty?

AppleCare is the standard warranty that every Apple product comes with. Typically, that includes 90 days of free product support (through phone, chat or in-store) and a one-year warranty. AppleCare+, however, extends the warranty and service, and adds an insurance-like program to your Apple gear.

Is 70 percent battery health good?

If your iPhone’s battery health is less than 70 percent, then it is better to replace the battery. However, if you have a new iPhone with 100 percent battery life, then you can use proper charging techniques and follow some tips to maintain your iPhone’s battery health at 100 percent.

Will Apple replace my battery at 87%?

Apple won’t replace a battery under warranty coverage until it hits 82% or less. The price does not change based on the battery percentage. If you have AppleCare, the battery replacement is free of charge.

Will Apple replace my battery at 92%?

Assuming it’s not a brand new iPhone 92% is acceptable. You can run a battery health check in your settings of the phone to determine how efficient the battery is powering the device. Apple doesn’t recommend replacing an iPhone battery until the percentage ratio to a new battery is around 80%.

Will Apple replace my battery at 85%?

Moreover, you need to take your iPhone to an Apple store or repair shop for assistance with replacing the battery replacement. When your battery’s maximum capacity falls to 79 percent or less, and you receive the message “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded,” it’s time to replace it.

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