Does Apple Care Cover Lost Watches

Does Apple Care Cover Lost Watches

Does AppleCare cover watch Lost? No. Apple care does not replace Apple Watches. Neither AppleCare nor AppleCare + covers loss or theft.

What happens if I lose my Apple Watch? Put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode

If your Apple Watch goes missing, you can immediately lock it from or your paired iPhone. Just place your watch in Lost Mode. Then you can send it a custom message with your phone number. So if someone finds your Apple Watch, they know how to contact you.

Will AppleCare replace my Apple Watch? If you have AppleCare+, you can replace your Apple Watch with an incident of accidental damage. You’ll pay the “other damage” AppleCare+ fee, as specified in the AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions. You can also review that fee in our pricing estimate tool. In some cases, your coverage might be different.

Does Apple Care Cover Lost Watches – Related Questions

Do Apple watches have insurance?

AppleCare+ for Apple Watch extends your coverage3 and includes unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection. Each incident is subject to a $79 service fee, plus applicable tax. In addition, you’ll get 24/7 priority access to Apple experts by chat or phone.

Does AppleCare replace lost products?

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss covers You for repair or replacement of Your device in the event of Theft or Loss, Accidental Damage or Battery Depletion and access to Technical Support from Apple (as set out in clause 4.5).

Does Apple replace lost products?

If it’s covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you can sign in with your Apple ID and file a claim for an iPhone replacement. Use the Find My app or go to to mark your iPhone as lost. Do not remove your device from your account until your claim has been fully approved.

How can I find my lost Apple Watch?

How to find lost Apple Watch from far away
Open the Find My app.
Tap the Devices tab.
Select your Apple Watch to view its location on the map.
Tap Directions to navigate to the last known location.

What is not covered by AppleCare?

What is not insured? loss or theft, normal wear and tear, intentionally- caused damage, fire or cosmetic damage which does not affect the functionality of the device. defect in design, workmanship, modification or any alteration of the covered Apple device.

Is it worth it to buy AppleCare for watch?

In general, the editors at MacRumors feel that AppleCare is worth getting for Apple laptops that you plan on keeping for longer than one year, and ‌iPhone‌, iPads, and Apple Watches due to the accidental damage coverage.

Does watch insurance cover loss?

Watch insurance is an insurance policy that can pay for repairs, provide a replacement, or award you with cash if your watch is stolen, lost, or damaged.

What is covered by Apple Watch care?

AppleCare+ for Apple Watch provides expert technical support and additional hardware coverage from Apple, including unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection, each subject to a A$119 service fee. In addition, you’ll get 24/7 priority access to Apple experts by chat or phone through

How much does it cost to replace an Apple Watch with insurance?

Estimated Apple Watch screen replacement costs
Apple Watch Model AppleCare+ Carrier Insurance
Series 7 $69 to $79 $29 to $129
Series 6 $69 to $79 $29 to $129
Apple Watch SE $69 to $79 $29 to $129
Series 5 $69 to $79 n/a
5 more rows

How much is AppleCare theft and loss?

AppleCare+ with theft and loss protection: $249 (for 2-year coverage) or $12.49 per month. Standard AppleCare+: a one-time fee of $149 (for 2-year coverage) or $7.99 per month. AppleCare+ with theft and loss protection: $219 (for 2-year coverage) or $11.49 per month.

How long does AppleCare theft and loss last?

up to 2 incidents of accidental damage from handling every 12 months from your date of purchase provided by Apple under AppleCare+, subject to the service fees listed below; and • up to 2 incidents of theft or loss every 12 months from your date of purchase provided by AIG under Theft and Loss, subject to the .

What is AppleCare Theft and loss?

Both AppleCare+ options extend your coverage and provide up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months. AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss adds up to two incidents of theft or loss coverage every 12 months.

How do I get AppleCare Theft and loss?

Buy an AppleCare plan on your device
On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings. Or on your Mac, choose the Apple menu (), then choose System Settings.*
Go to General > About.
Tap AppleCare+ Coverage Available. .
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your purchase.

Can you upgrade AppleCare to Theft and loss?

When you join the iPhone Upgrade Program, AppleCare+ is included in your monthly payments.⁴ You also have the option to expand your coverage to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss for an additional cost.⁵ Simply choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Can you track lost watches?

If the watch was recently connected to a phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Find My Device will show the last location where the phone and the watch were connected. If the watch is currently connected to a phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Find My Device will show the current location of the watch.

Does AppleCare only cover one device?

No. AppleCare is unique to each device, not to a family or even to all devices owned by one individual.

What devices are covered by AppleCare?

Get cover for your eligible iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods or other device.

Should I repair or replace Apple Watch?

In general, you’re better off selling your Apple Watch broken. That’s because repair costs often exceed the value of Apple Watches. For example, Apple charges $229 to repair a Series 3 Aluminum Sport GPS 42mm Apple Watch.

Does AppleCare cover for free?

AppleCare is the standard warranty that every Apple product comes with. Typically, that includes 90 days of free product support (through phone, chat or in-store) and a one-year warranty. AppleCare+, however, extends the warranty and service, and adds an insurance-like program to your Apple gear.

How do I claim for a stolen watch?

You can complete a Claim Form online or alternatively you can download the form, complete it by hand and send it to our National Service Centre. If it is a loss or theft, it must also be reported to the local police in the first instance.

Does insurance cover stolen items in a store?

While shoplifting is normally not covered by a commercial insurance policy, theft is. Shoplifting often occurs during business hours without anyone even realizing it is occurring, therefore it’s hard to file a claim on that type of loss.

Are stolen items covered by insurance?

Loss due to theft is generally included as part of the personal property protection. This means that if an intruder breaks in and steals valuables from your home or detached structures, your home insurance should cover it.

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