Does Apple Care Cover Stolen Laptops

Does Apple Care Cover Stolen Laptops

Does AppleCare cover theft of laptop? AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss covers You for repair or replacement of Your device in the event of Theft or Loss, Accidental Damage or Battery Depletion and access to Technical Support from Apple (as set out in clause 4.5).

Does AppleCare replace stolen Macbooks? Apple does not replace stolen items, the warranty does not cover that. You will have to buy a new MacBook Pro or file under your insurance coverage if you have that. See if your insurance or credit card company will cover the loss.

Does insurance cover stolen MacBook? Will a manufacturer’s warranty cover laptop theft? If you have renters or homeowners insurance, your laptop is covered as a part of your “personal property coverage”.

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What do I do if my Apple computer is stolen?

Locate your device using Find My

If your device is lost or stolen, the very first thing you should do is try to locate it with the Find My app. You can access the Find My app on an iPhone or iPad logged into your Apple ID account. Alternatively, you can also log into it on another person’s device.

Will Apple replace stolen Macbook Pro?

The AppleCare warranty does not cover loss due to theft. Please read If your Mac is lost or stolen – Apple Support. As already mentioned Apple’s Warranty does not cover loss or theft.

What happens if someone steals your laptop?

If your laptop is stolen, the very first thing to do is report it to the police. Make sure they know about it and can start searching for it. Get in touch with your financial institutions. Let your banks and credit cards know about any sites where you may have automated your account information.

Is it worth it to get AppleCare theft and loss?

Overall, AppleCare significantly reduces the stress and cost of accidental damage repairs or replacement devices, and eliminates the cost of repairing hardware failures, but it is a notable extra expense for coverage that still has some deductibles and limitations on claims.

Can Apple track stolen Macbook?

Find My Mac is the only Apple service that can help track or locate a lost Mac.

How much does AppleCare cost if stolen?

Under AppleCare+, each accidental damage incident is subject to a service fee of $29 for screen or back glass damage or $99 for other accidental damage. Each incident of theft or loss is subject to a deductible of $149. The back glass damage service fee is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

Will Apple replace stolen products?

If it’s covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, you can sign in with your Apple ID and file a claim for an iPhone replacement. Use the Find My app or go to to mark your iPhone as lost. Do not remove your device from your account until your claim has been fully approved.

How do I claim insurance on a stolen laptop?

Documents Required for Claim Process

The documents needed are: For theft claim, a duly filled in claim form along with a copy of an FIR and an ID proof of the laptop purchaser. For other claims, a duly filled in claim form. Pictures of the damaged laptop along with its serial number.

What insurance covers laptop theft?

Commercial property insurance: Your property insurance policies cover business equipment, such as laptops used primarily for work and the software on them. If your laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen, property insurance pays for the cost of repairing or replacing it.

Can Apple track stolen Apple products?

Look for your device on a map

To find your device, sign in to Or use the Find My app on another Apple device that you own. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch doesn’t appear in the list of devices, Find My was not turned on. But you can still protect your account if Find My was not turned on.

Can Apple track stolen laptop by serial number?

Unfortunately, despite there being some misleading information online, it is NOT possible to track your Mac using the serial number alone – your Mac MUST have ‘Find my Mac’ switched on, or you must be using an active tracking app.

Does Apple lock stolen products?

Lost Mode also locks your device so that thieves can’t access your personal information. In addition, Apple technicians won’t perform certain services unless you provide proof of purchase. The policies are designed to reduce the number of stolen iPhones brought to Apple for repair.

Can stolen laptops be tracked?

Yes, there are ways to track a stolen laptop, but only if it’s connected to the internet. You must first register the device with the laptop’s manufacturer (like Apple or Microsoft) if they offer a tracking feature. There may also be third-party laptop tracking services you can sign up for.

Can you track a stolen laptop if its off?

Unfortunately no, if its not powered on set to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network, even periodically, there is nothing you can do. Also, you would need to use third party software for advanced tracking such as Backblaze

Do police ever find stolen laptops?

Though the police won’t launch a manhunt to track down the person who has your stolen laptop or phone, having a record of the theft and hopefully a serial number or IMEI (if you took it down before having the device stolen) will certainly help the police return any recovered property to the rightful owner.

Can a macbook be tracked if turned off?

Each of your Apple devices emits a constantly changing key that nearby Apple devices pick up. Essentially, each device is turned into a beacon, and the devices all bounce off each other. Nearby Apple devices upload your device’s location – fully encrypted –allowing you to track it, even when it’s offline.

Can a stolen Macbook be blacklisted?

Blacklisting only applies to cellular devices. Macs as such cannot be blacklisted.

Can stolen Macbooks be sold?

Unfortunate thieves can still sell the Mac on and get their money, then the customer is the one who loses out. Whenever buying a Mac, always check the serial number with Apple or the Police to make sure it isn’t stolen, otherwise the Police will be able to find your computer and make it unusable for you.

How long does AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss last?

up to 2 incidents of accidental damage from handling every 12 months from your date of purchase provided by Apple under AppleCare+, subject to the service fees listed below; and • up to 2 incidents of theft or loss every 12 months from your date of purchase provided by AIG under Theft and Loss, subject to the .

What do burglars do with stolen laptops?

Because they are small, valuable, can be removed quickly, are easily hidden, and there is a market for them. A thief can sell a stolen laptop, MP3 player, or other device to an unsuspecting used computer store or pawnshop, and easily receive up to half its value in cash.

Does warranty cover stolen laptop?

Warranties only cover specific problems — typically issues with the hardware or software that are out of your control. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck if your laptop gets stolen or accidentally damaged. Insurance for laptops will cover things a warranty typically wouldn’t, plus a lot more.

How many stolen laptops are recovered?

According to the FBI, approximately 2 million laptops are stolen each year. Even worse, only 2% are recovered.

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