how accurate is location sharing on iphone

It’s the same accuracy as the GPS accuracy of the device. If the GPS on the iPhone can’t obtain a good signal, it may use Wi-Fi triangulation which will reduce the accuracy. GPS accuracy may be decreased depending on the phone’s environment (i.e. a tunnel would not have great GPS, but standing in an open field would).

How accurate is Find My friends location on iPhone?

All replies. Pretty accurate, within say 10 to 30 feet normally. The location accuracy can be gauged by the blue pulsing circle around their location pin.Aug 7, 2020


When someone shares their location is it accurate?

If you’re sharing your location with someone, Google Maps will periodically refresh your position on the map. This ensures that the person you’re sharing with gets an accurate, up-to-date sense of where you are.


Does Apple location show exact location?

It is as accurate as the location information their phone is getting. And that can vary a great deal. GPS signals are subject to interference from buildings, trees, weather. The phone may be getting location information from a WiFi network that is inaccurate.Jan 22, 2016


Why does my location show I’m somewhere else?

Fix 1: Grant location permission to browser or Google Maps

Step 1: Open Chrome and tap on the menu at the upper right corner of the screen. Step 2: Tap on “Settings”. Step 3: Go to “Site Settings” > “Location”. Step 4: Ensure that the Location access is enabled or not.Apr 2, 2020


Why does my iPhone location say I’m somewhere else?

If your current location is not appearing correctly on your iPhone, take a look at your Location Services setting. You can turn Location Services on or off at Settings > Privacy > Location Services.Oct 20, 2017


How often does location sharing update?

In the new design, location sharing is set to 1 hour by default with options to increase or decrease depending upon your usage. According to 9to5Google, the change is being rolled out on Google Maps for Android with the new versions.May 12, 2022


Why does Apple location bounce around?

When your iPhone location jumps around, it indicates that its geopositioning system is inaccurate. Other iPhone users also reported that the location jumping and other issues were resolved after restarting their devices. You may also wait for a couple of minutes, refresh the map, and try again.May 3, 2022


How do you manipulate location on iPhone?

Faking GPS Location on iPhone
Connect your iPhone to your computer and install iTools on your computer. .
Launch iTools and click the Virtual Location button.
At the top of the map, type in the location you want to fake and press Enter.
On a map, you’ll see your GPS location move to the faked location.
.•Nov 25, 2019


How do you freeze location on Find My iPhone without them knowing?

How to Freeze Your Location on Find My iPhone without Them Knowing?
Open the Settings app.
Tap on your Apple ID.
Tap on Find My > Share My Location to disable location sharing on the Find My app.
Jul 5, 2022


Why is someone’s location not updating on iPhone?

Part 1: 5 Reasons For Find My Friends Location Not Updating

Hide My Location feature is active on your friend’s iPhone. Location Services are disabled on friend’s iPhone. Inaccurate date on your friend’s iPhone. Your friend is in a region where Apple doesn’t have this service.Mar 31, 2022


Can you fake your iPhone location?

With your iPhone or iPad plugged in, select Toolbox at the top of the program, and then VirtualLocation from that screen. Select somewhere on the map, or use the search bar, to choose where you want to fake your location. Select Modify virtual location, and then select OK when you see the confirmation prompt.Jun 23, 2022


Can you tell when someone is checking your location?

No. Android and iPhone’s iOS do not notify or give an indication when someone checks your location. There is a brief icon displayed in the notification bar when GPS is used by location services. Any number of apps or system processes trigger a location check.


Can someone track my phone if my location is off?

Smartphones’ locations can still be tracked, even if all location services and GPS have been turned off.Feb 8, 2018


Can you tell if someone is faking their location?

There are no foolproof ways to determine if your child is faking their location with an app. You could check the install history on their phone to see if they’ve downloaded a GPS faking app.


What does it mean when it says 30 minutes ago on the Find My app for an iPhone?

Answer: A: It just means that the phone has power (e.g., the battery isn’t dead and the phone hasn’t been turned off), and that it has an internet connection via cellular or wi-fi, and that Find My iPhone was turned on in the phone before it was lost or stolen (e.g., when you setup the phone).Jun 19, 2020


Why would a location not update?

Turn On Location

When your location is turned off, your apps will be able to track you, and your location will also not update. To turn on the location, follow these steps: On android follow these steps: Go to Settings.Jun 22, 2022


How do you remove someone from seeing your location without them knowing?

Turn on Airplane Mode. A simple way to prevent people to know your location temporarily is by turning on airplane mode. It is a built-in feature that is available in almost all types of mobile phones. Do note that airplane mode will also prevent any notification and use of cellular networks, phone calls, or messages.Feb 10, 2022


Why is live location not updating?

Ensure Location Services Are Enabled

You’ll need to check and enable the most basic setting to share your live location is location services. The Android phone or iPhone won’t share your live location unless you enable your phone’s location services.Jun 16, 2022


How do you fake your location?

Here’s how you can fake your GPS location on an Android device: Head over to Google’s Play store > Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick. Once installed, launch the app and tap the ‘Set Location’ option. Open the map to select the fake location of your choice via the help of the Latitude and Longitude line in GPS Joystick.


Does Airplane Mode pause location on Find My?

In simple words, it disconnects your smartphone from the cellular network, but it does not disable location.May 27, 2022


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