how do i get lifeproof case off iphone

Insert the case key into the slot and twist it to begin separating the case. Then, slide it up the side of the phone to further separate the top and bottom of the case. Continue to do this very gently until you hear a click. This click indicates the back and front portions of the case have separated.

How do you take off a LifeProof iPhone case?

Steps to open the Lifeproof Fre Case
Locate the charger port on the bottom of the phone.
Find the small slot to the left of the charge port.
Flip the case over, so the back is facing upward.
Grab a coin.
Slide your fingers into the bottom of the case, where the charge port door has opened.


How do I clean my LifeProof case?

Cleaning The Interior of the LifeProof Case


How do I replace my LifeProof case?

How To Claim Your LifeProof Warranty Over the Phone
Call 1-888-533-0735.
Provide your information—full name, email, serial number, etc.
Tell the agent you want to file a warranty claim.
Follow their further instructions.


Is Lifeproof next a good case?

It’s a good case! I took a star because it’s really hard to get on and off, plus a little slippery. Overall I think it does a good job of protecting my phone. It’s slim and not heavy but I did have to buy a separate screen protector because it does not come with one.


How do you take off a Lifeproof case s20?

The slot is located on the bottom right corner. Insert the case key into the slot and twist it to begin separating the case. Then, slide it up the side of the phone to further separate the top and bottom of the case. Continue to do this very gently until you hear a click.


Which is better otterbox or LifeProof?

Lifeproof cases are generally lighter and sleeker, whereas Otterbox cases are sturdier and considered bulkier. Otterbox cases are comparatively less pricey, whereas Lifeproof cases have a more premium price. Lifeproof cases are waterproof, whereas Otterbox cases only provide general dust, scratch, and shock protection.21-Sep-2020


Is the LifeProof FRE case worth it?

Great protection and usability


What is the best LifeProof case for iPhone 12?

Best iPhone 12 Pro Waterproof Cases 2021
Best for most: Ghostek Nautical Waterproof Case.
Sustainable choice: LifeProof Fre.
Slimmer option: SPIDERCASE Waterproof Case.
Next-level protection: Catalyst 33ft Waterproof Case.
Deep diving: Willbox Professional Diving Case.
Best value: JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch.


Is the LifeProof Slam case waterproof?

Lifeproof Slam: the thinnest cover


How often should I clean my Lifeproof case?

Wash with soap.


Why is dust getting in my Lifeproof case?

If so it can shed dust for awhile and make it seem like the case is not dust proof. The other way dust gets in is when you open the charge port and static sucks outside dust into the case.08-Aug-2013


What do I do if my LifeProof case fails?

Register your electronic device at time of purchase and if your electronic device fails as a consequence of water damage due to a material or workmanship defect of the LifeProof case, you will receive a reimbursement check based on depreciation schedule in the terms and conditions up to one full year from the time of


What happens if your LifeProof case cracks?

If you just have a cracked screen, the case will fit. If the frame is even slightly out of place though, it loses its waterproof if submerged. It should still work under running water though.23-Dec-2015


What happens if your phone breaks in a LifeProof case?

If you receive a damaged LifeProof Product, notify the delivery company immediately. Do not discard any of the box, shipping label, packing material, or broken items. The delivery company must pick up the damaged goods and provide you with a claim number.


Does LifeProof Next protect camera?

But the LifeProof Next does come with several water resistant features which includes a seal along the front of the case and a seal along the camera cutout.25-Oct-2017


What’s the difference between LifeProof next and slam?

The LifeProof claims that the LifeProof SLAM is drop-rated to 2m or 6.6ft. The LifeProof Next is a far superior case but it will cost you a bit more. The standout difference between the two cases is that the LifeProof Next is a little tougher as it offers slightly better dust protection around the camera area.11-Jan-2018


Do you need a screen protector with LifeProof next case?

While the Lifeproof Nuud cases do not include a screen protector, they are still waterproof and otherwise as durable as the Lifeproof Fre while giving you hassel-free use of your iPhone’s touchscreen.03-Mar-2017








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