how do i work my i phone 4

Can you still use iPhone 4s in 2020?

You can still use an iPhone 4 in 2020? Sure. … Apps are WAY more CPU-intensive than they were back when the iPhone 4 was released. And this, as well as the phone’s limited specs, makes for sluggish performance and dire battery life.


What are the buttons on iPhone 4?

The top and side of your iPhone

On the top of your iPhone, you’ll find a microphone and the sleep/wake button, as shown in the following figure. The SIM card tray is on one side, and the ring/silent switch and volume buttons are on the other side.


Can I update my iPhone 4 to iOS 10?

Answer: A: Answer: A: You can’t. iOS 10 is available only for the iPhone 5 and up.


Can I update my iPhone 4 to iOS 11?

No. Your iPhone 4S is too old and cannot be upgraded past iOS 9.3. 5. The hardware is not powerful enough to handle running newer iOS versions.


How can I activate my iPhone 4 without Apple ID?

You can go to the Apple store for help if you cannot find your Apple ID password. The Apple authorities will be able to help you activate an iPhone without an original apple ID. But remember the following advice before you go to Apple store. You must have a valid proof of purchase.


How can I update my iPhone 4s 2020?

Update iPhone or iPad software

Plug your device in to power and connect to Wi-Fi. Tap Settings, then General. Tap Software Update, then Download and Install. Tap Install.


How does the iPhone Home button work?

Use the Home button to unlock your device or make purchases using Touch ID. Press the Home button once to go to the Home screen. Press the Home button twice to bring up the App Switcher. On iPhone X and later, press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons to restart your iPhone.















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