how long does verizon activation take

It can take up to 72 hours to fully activate your Verizon account when bringing your number from another carrier. If you’re bringing your number from a wireline carrier, it can take up to 10 business days.

How long does it take Verizon to activate a new Iphone?

Typically, you’ll be able to use the device within a few minutes. However, in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours.


How do I make sure My Verizon phone is activated?

Activate a new Android Smartphone
Save contacts and content on your old phone using the Transfer Content info .
Power both phones down. .
If necessary, insert the SIM card into the new phone.
If necessary; .
Follow the on-screen Setup Wizard instructions to activate and set up your new phone.


Why is My Verizon phone not activating?

A 4G device may not complete activation if the SIM card is not showing the correct one on the the account. Please log into your My Verizon and select the option to Activate device.


How long does it usually take for a phone to activate?

For some smaller carriers, it can take up to an hour. If you’re transferring the number from a landline or wireline, it takes, on average, five business days. Don’t worry, there’s no need to sit by your phone waiting for it to activate.Mar 25, 2022


Why does iPhone activation take so long?

Even if your new iPhone 13/12 on “It May Take A Few Minutes to Activate Your iPhone”, then it could also be that the SIM card is faulty or the SIM card needs upgrading or changing. In that case, first, acquire the new SIM card from your carrier and then follow the below-mentioned steps.Oct 8, 2021


Why does my phone say waiting for activation?

If your iMessage or FaceTime apps are stuck on the “Waiting for activation” screen, you should try resetting them. Restarting your phone or resetting your Apple ID might fix the issue. It can take up to a day for the “Waiting for activation” message to disappear.Dec 23, 2021


How long do you have to activate a new Verizon phone?

Re: Do I have to activate immediately? Update – I found out that you CAN get a phone and not have to activate it within 7 days – but, you have to call VZ and order it over the phone or you can order it on-line.Dec 7, 2015


Do I need to call Verizon to activate my new phone?

Activating your newly upgraded phone

Once contacts are backed up, turn off old phone. Dial from any phone and follow the prompts to activate your 4G LTE service.


Do you have to go to Verizon to activate an iPhone?

If activating via the Cellular network, the device must be in a Verizon wireless LTE area. If you’d prefer to activate your new iPhone on a different mobile number on your account, refer to Activate or Switch devices. Ensure the device has a charge.


Why is My Verizon iPhone 13 not working?

iPhone 13 on Verizon probably needs a new SIM card

Not this time. If your new iPhone 13 won’t connect to Verizon’s 5G network — or won’t get a cellular connection at all — you almost certainly need a new SIM card.Sep 28, 2021


Why does my new iPhone say its not activated?

What Does “Not Activated” Mean? The message “iPhone Is Not Activated” on your iPhone when it’s unable to connect to your carrier’s activation servers. This error could be caused by a minor software problem, an issue with your carrier’s network, or a hardware problem.Nov 12, 2021


Why is my new Verizon SIM card not working?

Ensure the SIM card is properly inserted into the device / SIM tray. Try using the SIM card with alternate equipment to isolate issues between the SIM card and device. With the SIM card inserted, restart your phone.


Why does Verizon activation take so long?

It can take up to 72 hours to fully activate your Verizon account when bringing your number from another carrier. If you’re bringing your number from a wireline carrier, it can take up to 10 business days.


How do I know if my phone is activated?

Go to the Android section and select the Android device. You’ll be able to check the last used and activation date or first sign-in date of your Android phone or tablet.Jul 27, 2022


How long does it take for a new iPhone to activate?

This process may take 2-3 minutes. If the activation fails, view this support info .


Why is iPhone 13 not activating?

If you still can’t activate your iPhone or iPad, try again using your computer instead: Make sure that you have the latest version of macOS or the latest version of iTunes. Check that your computer has an internet connection.May 18, 2022


How do I know when my iPhone was activated?

Answer: A: Go to Settings->Cellular, then scroll all the way to the bottom. It will tell you when your iPhone was last reset. If you never reset it, then that was the date it was activated.Apr 29, 2019


How do I activate my new Verizon iPhone?

Go to and sign into My Verizon account. Once signed in, select Devices from the My Verizon Navigation and choose Activate or switch device. From here, you will be able to activate a device you already own. You have the option to Activate on an existing line or Activate on a new line at the top of the page.


Why does my new iPhone 13 say waiting for activation?

Make Sure Your Date & Time Zone Are Set Correctly

Another common reason why iMessage says “waiting for activation” is because your iPhone is set to the wrong time zone. Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and make sure your iPhone is set to the correct time zone.Nov 17, 2021


How do I activate my new iPhone 13?

Device Setup
To turn iPhone on, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo displays. .
You’ll see “Hello” in different languages. .
Select your language.
Select your country or region. .
Review the Quick Start prompt. .
Select the desired Wi-Fi network then follow the prompts to connect.


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