how to clean iphone temper

How do you clean tempered glass on iPhone?

If you are using the iPhone 6+ or 6s+, there are few troubleshooting tips you can try. First try a soft cloth and your household solution to clean the phone. If still dirty, take it to Apple store to find a solution.  Tempered glass is a specialty glass made only for mobile devices, and is stronger than the regular glass. It is known as Gorilla Glass, Sapphire Glass and has a hardness rating of around 9. Tempered glass is very strong and can hardly be scratched by a fingernail, let alone a common scratch.  Best way to clean it is to keep it clean, try not to put anything in your front pockets and always put it in a protective case so that nothing scratches the tempered glass. If the screen is dirty, the dirt will show when the light is reflect off the phone. If the phone is scratched, use some household solution, toothpaste or very fine sand paper to try to remove the scratch. If nothing works, take it to Apple store and ask for a replacement.

Cleaning tempered glass on iPhone is not very easy. we can clean tempered glass on iPhone with alcohol and a microfiber cloth. If your home has a cloth softener dispenser, you can use the roll of microfiber as well. Just dip a piece of microfiber in alcohol and you’ve got yourself a little cleaning tool that can get into those small crevices and wipe away any oils or grime.

You can’t clean tempered glass on iPhone with just household products, you should use special equipment to make it more effective. You need to choose the right cleaning liquid based on the type of dirt and according to the sensitivity of your iPhone. If you are using cleaning liquid, you should apply it with a soft cloth and leave your iPhone to dry completely. But if you are cleaning your iPhone with just a regular soap, then keep it away from water and dry it right after you clean it. Before you start cleaning your iPhone, you should find out whether the tempered glass is removable or not. If yes, then you can easily wash it under running water. Otherwise, you should hire a professional to clean your tempered glass.



How do I take temper off my phone?

Tempered glass is a lot stronger and more resistant when it comes to breaks and cracks. But tempered glass is a moody old thing and can get angry, if you don’t treat it right.  We all know that showing temper on phone is the worst thing we can do. Bad tempered glass can break easily and it is better to avoid it. So don’t show temper on phone.  If you really have to make a call, then keep your phone away from your face.  Keep it on a table or on your hand. If you are receiving a call and you are in a place with a lot of people, then it will be better to take it on speaker. This would prevent the glass from getting irritated and angry.   The absolute no-no for these things is:  Don’t put your phone face down on the table or on a bed or on the floor or on your lap or anywhere.  Putting the phone face down will cause stress on the glass and you might end up breaking it.

It’s very hard to take temper off your phone, but there are few things that you can do to minimize your phone rage: 1. Close your eyes and count to 10.

How do I clean under my screen protector?

If you do use a screen protector, perfection is not necessary. In fact, it is better if you keep from getting the protector too clean. This will help prevent the protector from being scratched. Clean it only when there is something that demands your undivided attention. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean it up. Gently rub the screen protector to clean it. If you notice that the screen protector gets dirty and dusty, do not try to clean it with household items. This can make the screen protector damaged. Wash the screen protector using water and soap. Do not use abrasives or any other household items to clean the screen protector. This is because these items can scratch the screen protector. Do not use alcohol to clean the screen protector. This can damage the screen protector and make it blurry.

These days, screen protectors are more than just a few pieces of plastic to protect your screen. They come with a variety of features that keep your screen clean. These include oleophobic coatings and hydrophobic coating. In fact, many protectors come with a liquid that repels water and oil. Here’s how you can clean your screen protector:

It is so simple to clean the dirt under your screen protector! With just a little rubbing alcohol (or dish washing liquid) and a clean corner of cloth, you can get rid of any stains!


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