how to hide text messages on iphone from girlfriend

Open the message thread. Tap on the (i) in the top right corner. Chose Hide Alerts. Now you will not see an alert if a message is received to that Message thread.

Can you hide a text conversation on iPhone?

You can hide messages on your iPhone by using message filtering. You can also hide a specific message chain by hiding alerts in the Messages app. Another way to hide messages is by disabling notifications on your iPhone.May 27, 2022


How do you hide text messages on iPhone secretly?

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone
Go to your iPhone Settings.
Find Notifications.
Scroll down and find Messages.
Under the Options section.
Change to Never (message will not show on lock screen) or When Unlocked (more useful since you likely would be actively using the phone)
Jul 25, 2022


Does iPhone have secret messages?

One way is hiding alerts to avoid message preview or directly stop receiving message notifications by Settings. The other one is to remove someone from the Contact list and makes it an unknown sender. In fact, there is no hidden text message on iPhone actually.Apr 1, 2022


How do you hide text messages from a certain person?

Hide text messages by turning on “Silent” notifications
From your phone’s home screen, swipe down from the top to open the notification shade.
Long press the notification from a specific contact you want to hide and select “Silent”
Go to Settings > Apps & NOtifications > Notifications > NOtifications on Lock screen.
.•May 2, 2022


Is there an app to hide text messages on iPhone?

Fingerprint Lock Hide Message

It is one of the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone to Keep your text and chat conversation private. It uses a reliable and fast fingerprint lock technology.Apr 20, 2022


How do you secretly text?

15 Secret Texting Apps in 2020:
Private message box; Hide SMS. his secret texting app for android can conceal private conversations in the best manner. .
Threema. .
Signal private messenger. .
Kibo. .
Silence. .
Blur Chat. .
Viber. .
.•Dec 10, 2019


Are there secret apps for texting?

NetSfere Secure Messaging

It’s a simple app, perhaps, but it works well. All messages are encrypted and have the ability to self-destruct, ensuring they remain hidden to prying eyes. You can send text messages, images, videos, and file attachments, both to individuals and in group chats.Jan 24, 2022


Can you hide a contact on iPhone?

Open the Phone app and select Contacts. Select Groups. Select Hide All Contacts at the foot of the screen. Go back to the main Contacts screen and you will see that all contacts are now hidden.Apr 17, 2022


How do you find hidden items on iPhone?

Open up the Settings app on your iPhone to see a list of your hidden app purchases. Then tap View Account, select your Apple ID, and then tap Media & Purchases. Scroll down and tap Hidden Purchases that will appear on the next screen.May 19, 2022


How do you hide Imessages from one person?

Regardless, it is very easy to hide messages on your iPhone. We’ve already taught you how to lock messages on Android.
Option 1
Go to Messages.
Swipe to the left on the specific recipient’s conversation thread.
Tap Mute.
If you have other recipients to hide from popping up, repeat steps 2 and 3.
4 days ago


What is the most private way to text?

#1 Signal. Signal is the overall winner for both iOS and Android users. Signal created an encryption protocol that is now recognized as the most secure messaging app protocol out there. It offers everything most users need – SMS, video and voice calls, group chats, file sharing, disappearing messages, etc.Apr 11, 2022


What app do cheaters use?

What apps do cheaters use on Android? Tinder, Vaulty Stocks, Ashley Madison, Date Mate, and Snapchat are among the many apps cheaters use. Also commonly used are private messaging apps including Messenger, Viber, Kik, and WhatsApp.


Which app is best to hide chats?

Top 9 Best Hidden Chat App for Private Texting
Telegram – Secure and Private.
Calculator Pro+ – Private Message & Call Screening.
Whatsapp Messenger.
Silence Private Messenger.
CoverMe – Second Phone Number.
Wire – Secure Messenger.
Wickr Me – Private Messenger.
Threema – Secure and Private Messenger.
.•Dec 23, 2021


What is the most discreet messaging app?

10 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps
WhatsApp – Encrypted Messaging App. .
Threema. .
iMessage. .
Silence. .
Viber Messenger. .
Wickr Me – Private Messenger. Wickr Me is another impressive encrypted messaging app for Android as well as iOS. .
Dust. This application is built with complete security in mind. .
Status – Encrypted Messaging App.
.•Dec 16, 2021


How cheaters hide their tracks?

Like hiding their communications with app-hiders or photo lockers, cheaters will also use incognito browser windows to cover their tracks. The browsers will hide their account information and history after they finish up.


How do cheaters secretly communicate?

Infidelity isn’t limited to texting. Cheaters will often use laptops and tablets, and even hidden apps, to communicate with a paramour. A new favorite place for texting is Google Docs. Your partner can claim to be working, rather than sexting with a new lover.Oct 31, 2019


What do hidden apps look like?

It’s the scrollable display of apps that you get when you swipe up on your phone’s home screen or tap the app drawer icon at the bottom. From here, you can hide and unhide apps on some Android systems via the menu button—it usually looks like three dots or a gear icon.Dec 7, 2021


How can you tell if someone has a secret app?

How to find hidden apps on Android phone?
Tap the ‘App Drawer’ icon on the bottom-center or bottom-right of the home screen. .
Next tap the menu icon. .
Tap ‘Show hidden apps (applications)’. .
If the above option does not appear there may not be any hidden apps;
.•Jun 16, 2022


How do I get my girlfriend to admit she cheated?

Confront your partner by saying something like, “I know what’s going on,” or “I think we should talk about [the person your partner is cheating on you with].” You could preface the conversation by offering your partner the chance to confess by asking, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”


How can you tell if a woman has multiple partners?

Here are 13 signs to look out for whether a woman is dating multiple people
1) She is secretive about her phone. .
2) She may not text you back. .
3) She doesn’t react to your body language anymore. .
4) She invites you over at odd hours or last minute. .
5) She doesn’t have time for you. .
6) She is a party girl and loves to go out.
.•Apr 25, 2022


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