how to open cosmo series iphone case

Are Cosmo phone cases good?

It is not only a beautiful case but it is durable and does a A+ job at protecting my phone and screen. It’s a beautiful case and seems like it will protect my new phone well. The rubber is pretty thick and seems good. I love my new case!


How do you install a cosmopolitan?

User Kit
Download the latest release of Cosmos (download the exe file)
Wait for the download to complete then run the installer. Allow it to run as admin.
Click “Next” then “Install”
Wait for the install to progress.
Cosmos should now be installed.


Are I Blason phone cases good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Hefty protection with minimum bulk. Surprisingly low price for the quality of the product. The case offers all around protection, although the clear plastic in front and rear scratches easy. The sides are rubber and provide a solid grip.


How do I clean my phone case screen?

Wash bacteria and grime away with warm water and soap


How do you clean a built in screen protector phone case?

All you need is a little dish soap, scotch tape, and a microfiber cloth, which usually comes with your screen protector. Follow these steps below: Place the sticky part of your screen protector under running water. Gently wash the sticky part with dish soap, then rinse carefully.09-Mar-2020


How do you get a phone case off without damaging your phone?

If you find yourself unable to remove a hard case, try gently prying with your fingers, careful not to damage your device. If need be, use a soft tool (such as the squeegee that comes in SaharaCase Protection Kits) to get down underneath the edges of the case for further leverage.05-Mar-2020


What is Cosmo series?

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a 2014 American science documentary television series. The show is presented by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who, as a young high school student, was inspired by Sagan.


Is I Blason and Supcase the same?

SUPCASE is a trademark of Brillotech, Inc., a sister company of i-Blason LLC. For more information visit


Is Iblason a good company?

I’ve bought a number of cases/holsters, the protective cover is great and the quick release is good in fact the overall design is great. They are excellent value for money, but every time eventually the belt clip breaks off.


What is the best phone case for iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Speck Presidio Pro


How do I get my phone case white again?

Tip #1: Clean with Dish Soap
Make a mixture of one cup of warm water (or 240ml) and a few drops of dish soap.
Mix the solution together.
Use a toothbrush to scrub the solution over the phone case.
Work into all the nooks and crannies and clean it on the interior and exterior.
Rinse it and use the soft cloth to dry it.


What do you do when your screen protector won’t stick?

Place the sticky side of the screen protector under cool running water.
Use dish soap to lightly clean the sticky side.
Use a hair dryer to quickly dry your screen protector.
If you’re in a very dusty room, chances are that dust particles will land on your screen while drying.


Can you wash a screen protector and put it back on?

Wash your hands thoroughly to rid them of natural oils that could smudge your screen protector. Wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and put the screen protector back on the phone’s face. With both sides of your tempered glass screen protector clean, your phone will look like new again.


What case do I need for iPhone 11?

The best iPhone 11 cases
iPhone 11 Otter + Pop Symmetry Series case. Fun and useful.
Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11.
iPhone 11 Clear Case.
iPhone 11 Commuter Series case.
Speck Presidio Stay Clear case for iPhone.
iPhone 11 Strada Series case.
Razer Arctech Slim case for iPhone 11.
Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 11.


Do we get cover with iPhone 11?

You get both while buying the matte finish iPhone 11 cover. An added advantage is the catchphrases or punchlines printed on the cover that might interest the onlookers. One thing is sure, once you take out your phone, there will be more than just the Apple logo attracting eyesight.


How do you screenshot on a iPhone 11?

Take screenshot on your Apple iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.0


How do you reattach a screen protector?

Use your fingernails, credit card, or other stiff yet flexibly thin object to lift a corner of the screen protector. Once lifted, grab the corner with your fingers and slowly lift it off your phone’s face. You may need to use the credit card to get under the protector for additional leverage.








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