how to open iphone sim card case

How do you open the iPhone SIM tray?

To pop open the SIM tray, insert a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole beside the tray. Push in, towards the iPhone, but don’t force it. If you’re having difficulty ejecting the SIM tray, take your device to your carrier or an Apple Store for help.07-Jan-2021


What do I do if my SIM card tray won’t open?

If by the normal way you mean using a SIM tool to press into the hole to cause it to eject, well, there is not another method. While you could try other objects, such as a pin, or bent paperclip, the method would remain the same. You press it into the hole until the tray comes out. You may need to be more forceful.


How can I open my iPhone SIM tray without key?

Try These Items to Eject a SIM Tray
Paper clip: Most small and average size paper clips work by bending one side.
Safety pin: Not all sizes of safety pins work.
Earring: An earring works in a pinch.
Staple: A standard staple can come through in a pinch, but it may be hard to use because of how thin and flexible it is.
More items•22-Dec-2020


How do I open my SIM tray with pin?

Turn off your phone.
Find the small hole for the SIM card tray.
Insert the SIM ejection tool that comes with the phone into the hole and push firmly but gently until the tray pops out.
Remove the tray and the SIM card on it.
Carefully re-position the tray in the slot and push it gently back into the phone.
More items


Why can’t I open my iPhone SIM card?

Depending on what model iPhone you bought, there might be SIM tray tool included. If not find a large paper clip, unbend it, and push it into the tray hole. It takes quite a bit of force to force it out. If you can’t take it back to an Apple Store, or AUTHORIZED service center.02-Jun-2017


How do you open the SIM card tray without a SIM ejector tool?

Tools you can use to open a SIM tray hide
1) Paperclip.
2) Staple.
3) Sewing Pin.
4) Toothpick.
5) Earring.


How do you get a paperclip out of a SIM card?

Gently insert the small paperclip you bent earlier into the small pinhole opening in the SIM tray. Apply a small amount of pressure until the SIM tray pops out of the iPhone or iPad. Don’t apply pressure at an angle, only in the direction of the pin hole. Grab hold of the SIM tray and pull straight out.09-Nov-2018


What is the SIM eject tool?

THE SIM TRAY EJECTOR BY iSYFIX Opens and help to eject the sim card from the tray on your devices. This Sim Tool guarantees the efficient removal of the Sim from the tray. The Sim Tray Ejector iSYFIX, it’s a good sim card eject tool replacement. IT IS COMPATIBLE with different devices, cell phones or tablets.


Can you use a safety pin to open SIM card?

Safety Pin


How can I change my SIM card without a PIN?

Using a paper clip, thumbtack, or a push pin


Can you insert SIM card without tray?

If your phone doesn’t have a SIM tray, use a paperclip or other small object to push in on the sim card until it pops out.


What happens if you switch SIM cards in iphones?

Answer: A: If you change it for a SIM from the same carrier, nothing happens, the device continues working as before. If you change it for a SIM from another carrier and the phone is locked to the original, then it will work as a fancy iPod, none of the phone capabilities will be available.24-Apr-2015


What does it mean when iPhone says invalid SIM?

Remove your SIM card from the SIM card tray and then put the SIM card back. Make sure that the SIM tray closes completely and isn’t loose. If you use a SIM tray from a different model iPhone, iPad, or from another phone manufacturer, it might not fit properly.24-Jan-2020


What happens if you take out your SIM card and put it in another phone?

You can take the SIM card out, put it into another phone, and if someone calls your number, the new phone will ring. If the SIM card and phone serial number don’t match, the phone simply won’t work. The SIM card won’t work in other phones, and the phone won’t work with other SIM cards.10-Feb-2021


What can I use instead of a paperclip?

Here are the most common alternatives to paper clips that you will find in the market these days.
1 – Binder Clips.
2 – Paper Fasteners and Punchers.
3 – Plastic Paper Clips.
4 – Rubber Bands.
5 – Slide Binders.
6 – Pac-Man Vinyl Coated Clips.
7 – Paper – Paper Clips.


Does iPhone 12 come with SIM tool?

On your iPhone or iPad, it’s the SIM Card that does the job of providing cellular network services on the go. Now, all iPhones and iPads come with an Apple SIM ejector tool, but just in case you don’t have access to one, any metal paper clip will do. Just make sure that you straighten up one of the ends.


What side does the SIM card go on?

iPhones and newer Android phones use a small tray where you can remove and insert your SIM card. On iPhones, this tray can be found on the right side of your phone. On Android, it can be found either on the side or top of the device.21-Jan-2020


Will I lose my text messages if I remove my SIM card?

Absolutely no, you won’t lose your text messages if you remove your sim card from your phone be it a feature phone, android phone or even the iPhone. This question is similar to if i switch my sim card to a different phone will text messages be on it.12-Mar-2021


Can I put my SIM card in a used iPhone?

Answer: A: You can move your sim and use the phone as you use your phone. But the sim does not contain the data stored on your phone, so none of your contacts, apps, accounts etc., will transfer because you put the sim in. Make sure you backup your current phone.30-Oct-2017


Does removing a SIM card erase data?

Removing a SIM card from iPhone or Android doesn’t erase data from the phone, rather the phone will be offline. That is to say that the phone will display no service, and you can’t make calls, receive calls or receive messages. No internet services on your phone unless you connect to a Wi-Fi network.24-Feb-2021


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