how to register pelican iphone case

What is the warranty on my Pelican phone case?


How do I register my new phone/tablet case?


Where is the serial number on a pelican phone case?

Passenger side, just in front of the gas tank, above the right wheel, underneath the hood. Inside the engine cooling grille, the last three digits of the serial number are stamped.


What is the warranty on Pelican phone cases?

Pelican Products, Inc. (“Pelican”) guarantees its Pelican™ Cargo cases for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This lifetime warranty does not cover mounting hardware, which Pelican warrants against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase.


Does Pelican still make phone cases?

Phone Cases and Tablet Cases | Pelican.


Are Pelican iPhone cases good?

Extremely Good case which can withstand if it falls from height of 2-3 meters. Very good grip due to different design behind. Even it falls from great height nothing happens to the corner edges. Phone will become little bulky after adding this case but it is still good if you want to protect such a costly iPhone.


What are the different types of Pelican cases?

Seven styles (Classic Rack, SuperMac™, MAC Rack™, Black Box, ProRack™, 33” Classic-V, and 24” Super-V) are available, from ultra sensitive to rugged protection options.


How do I get a Pelican case off my Iphone?

Place the screen protector face down into the front cover (make sure the top of the screen protector lines up with the top of the front cover). 2. Remove the front cover by pulling up and away slowly around the edges. 4.


Does Pelican phone case have screen protector?

Pelican Voyager Case: The classic Pelican Voyager model is one of the toughest phone cases on the market. With layers of protection inside a rigid polycarbonate wall and a scratch-resistant screen protector, the Pelican Voyager features a soft-touch over-mold that won’t slide off surfaces or turn pockets inside out.12-Sep-2018


Does Case Mate own Pelican?

PELICAN and PELICAN OUTDOOR are registered or unregistered trademarks of Pelican Products, Inc., its affiliates and/or subsidiaries and are used by Case-Mate, Inc. under license.22-Jun-2021


Do Pelican coolers have a warranty?



Which is better Pelican or OtterBox?

Our Verdict: Are OtterBox cases better at protecting smartphones than Pelican cases. We recommend cases produced by OtterBox to iPhone and Android users who want to get a stylish and durable case that can withstand multiple hard drops.


Are Pelican iPhone cases waterproof?

The Pelican Marine case shields your smartphone from the elements: water, snow, dirt, and dust. Our slim five layer shell protects your smartphone and its screen from scratches, impacts and drops.


Are Pelican cases smell proof?

Pelican cases are ideal for users that have expensive glassware and don’t want to risk breaking it. The cases are also known to be waterproof and airtight. Many consumers of pelican cases have reported that they are great for holding their weed stashes and that the foam inside of it traps the smell very well.


Is Lifeproof or otterbox better?

Lifeproof cases are generally lighter and sleeker, whereas Otterbox cases are sturdier and considered bulkier. Otterbox cases are comparatively less pricey, whereas Lifeproof cases have a more premium price. Lifeproof cases are waterproof, whereas Otterbox cases only provide general dust, scratch, and shock protection.21-Sep-2020


How strong are Pelican cases?

Pelican cases are equally adept at protecting your gear from extreme temperatures and are rated to withstand a temperature range of -10°F upwards to 210°F (-23.3° to 98.9°C).


Is Pelican Voyager a good case?

4.0 out of 5 starsExcellent case, not bulky like other mil spec belt-clippable Excellent case, not bulky like other mil spec belt-clippable cases. Prefer a true built in screen protector but have been able to replace marred screen protector with a quality glass applique.


What are Pelican cases used for?

Pelican® cases may be used for firearms storage, computer cases, emergency medical supplies, surveillance equipment, digital hardware, investigation equipment, mobile communications case used for rapid deployment, night vision equipment, and more!


How deep can a Pelican case go?

Watertight to a depth of 3.3 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes (IP67)


How much does a pelican case cost?

Pelican 1120 Case With Foam (Black)
List Price: $40.00 Details
You Save: $5.05 (13%)
1 more row


How do you get a Pelican case off

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