how to register your iphone case

How do I register my new Apple product?

Register Your Apple Product Via Apple Website


How do I check the status of my Apple case?

You can go to: My Support and then click on your device, then on Recent Activity to see outstanding or recent cases for the device. You can go to: My Support and then click on your device, then on Recent Activity to see outstanding or recent cases for the device.31-Jan-2018


How do I register AppleCare protection plan?

You can register your AppleCare Protection Plan here or contact Apple at the phone number included in your AppleCare Protection Plan package. To verify that your hardware is covered under the AppleCare Protection Plan, click here. The registration process can take up to 24 hours to be visible in Apple’s systems.


How do I know if my Apple product is original?

Make sure that Serial Number in the device under Settings > General >About matches the Serial Number on the box. If it correctly reports your model of iPhone you are presented with, like model, color and capacity, and the expected expiration of warranty, it’s genuine.06-Feb-2019


Do I need to register my iPhone for warranty?

Helpful answers


How do I manually backup my iPhone?

Back up iPhone
Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
Turn on iCloud Backup. iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone daily when iPhone is connected to power, locked, and on Wi-Fi.
To perform a manual backup, tap Back Up Now.


How do I check if my iPhone is registered?

You can also go to to find out if your device is covered. Sign in with your Apple ID, then choose your device.


Can you go to Apple store without appointment?

You may need a shopping reservation to enter the store. Reservations can be booked in person or online using the Apple Store app, and may fill up for the day. Apple Watch, AirPods, and headphone demos have been temporarily removed.06-Jul-2020


How do I find my Apple Authorized Service Provider?

To find the closest Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), start by opening the main service page. Apple will list and map the closest service providers in your area. Clicking on the name of an AASP will show additional information such as address, phone number and website.


Is it worth it to get Apple care?

Conclusion. AppleCare+ can be quite costly, but it’s often worth the spend. A damaged MacBook screen can be far more costly than the $99 fee Apple charges you when covered under AppleCare, so those who have anxiety about breakage should consider it.01-Jun-2021


How do I activate Apple care?

To activate an AppleCare plan, you need to register its purchase at any time within the original warranty period.
Visit the AppleCare registration page on Apple’s website (see Resources).
Click “Register,” and then click”Continue.”
Sign in to your Apple ID.
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How much does Apple care cost?

Standard AppleCare+: one-time fee of $200 or $10 per month. Including loss and theft protection: $270 or $13.50 per month. Standard AppleCare+: $150 or $8 per month. Including loss and theft protection: $220 or $11.50 per month.21-Oct-2020


How do I know if my iPhone is refurbished?

Find Your iPhone’s Model Number
If the model number starts with M, it was purchased new from Apple.
If the model number starts with F, it was refurbished by Apple or a carrier.
If the model number starts with P, it was sold as a personalized iPhone with an engraving.
More items•19-Feb-2020


What does an iPhone serial number tell you?

The serial numbers of Apple products contain a codified language that can give you information about your Apple device that can’t be found through any other means—everything from the location where it was manufactured, the date it was manufactured, and much more.09-Feb-2018


How do I register my iPhone 12?

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to choose a language then tap your country or region. Tap Set Up Manually. If you have a previous device running iOS 11 or later, use Quick Start to complete auto sign-in. Tap the Wi-Fi network, enter the Wi-Fi password then tap Join (upper-right).


How long is AppleCare last?

AppleCare and AppleCare+


How long is the warranty on a iPhone?

one year
The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought your product. The Apple Limited Warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.


Where are my iPhone Backups?

Here’s how to find your iCloud backups on your iOS or iPadOS device, Mac, or PC. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Using iOS 11 or later and iPadOS, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.23-Mar-2021


How do I backup my iPhone without using iTunes?

To back up an iPhone without iTunes:
Connect your iPhone with the Wi-Fi network.
Select “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Backup.”
Activate the “iCloud Backup.”
Be on Wi-Fi connection and select “Back Up Now.”
You can check it by selecting “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Storage” > “Manage Storage.”


Can I backup iPhone without iCloud?

iTunes Backup


Does iPhone have IMEI number

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