how to replace case of an iphone 5s

How do I replace the back of my iPhone 5s?

You need a pentalobe screwdriver to open the iPhone 5s.
Remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the enclosure. They are located to the right and left of the Lightning connector. Put the screws in the same compartment of your organizer tray. 2 x 4.0 mm pentalobe screws.


Is iPhone 5s still good in 2020?

The iPhone 5s was also the first to support Touch ID. And given that the 5s does have biometric authentication, it means that – from a security standpoint – it holds up pretty well in 2020.14-Jun-2021


When did iPhone 5 come out?

20 September 2013
iPhone 5s/Introduced
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How do you open the back of an iPhone?

How to Take the Back Off an iPhone
Remove the two screws next to the dock connector on the bottom of the iPhone.
Slide the back cover up toward the top of the iPhone. It will only slide up by two millimeters. Lift the back cover off of the iPhone. iFixit: iPhone 4 Verizon Teardown. iFixit: Installing iPhone 4 Rear Panel.


Will iPhone 5s stop working?

Since the iPhone 5s went out of production in March 2016, your iPhone should still be supported until 2021.30-Dec-2019


Is an iPhone 5s worth anything?

What is a Used Apple iPhone 5s Worth


How much is an iPhone 5s worth in 2020?

Keeping these factors in mind, an iPhone 5 is worth between $0 and $9, an iPhone 5c is worth between $0 and $10, and an iPhone 5s is worth between $0 and $15. These specific resale values are for devices with 32GB of storage in good condition with Verizon.14-Jan-2021


Can I change body of iPhone?

First, there is no back cover. The iPhone 7 uses a single block of machined aluminum to form the phone body which houses the components and mounts the display. Apple does not offer cosmetic only repairs and never has.20-May-2017


Can I change iPhone housing?

Apple does not replace the metal housing of the phone. Apple does not replace the metal housing of the phone. If the phone is damaged and not working, they will allow one to make an out of warranty purchase, since damage to the housing would be user damage, not covered by the warranty.02-Aug-2016


How much does it cost to replace iPhone 5s battery?

For iPhone 5s users without a warranty or AppleCare+, iPhone battery replacement is $79. If your iPhone 5s battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity and you have AppleCare+, your battery replacement will be free of charge!


How long should iPhone 5s battery last?

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s


Can I get a new battery for my iPhone 5s?

You can purchase a replacement battery and the necessary iPhone 5 battery tool kit from Amazon – beware ordering off eBay , especially from international sellers as the batteries are often cheap knockoffs.31-Oct-2013


What does iPhone 5 look like?

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s both have a largely aluminum 0.30 of an inch thick case with a “chamfered cut” band around the edge, but the matte color options are different. Specifically, the iPhone 5 has either a black glass front and a mostly black aluminum back or a white glass front and a mostly silver aluminum back.


Will iPhone 5 Get iOS 14?

iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 series will be missing out on iOS 14 support this year. iOS 14 and other Apple operating systems have been unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020.23-Jun-2020


What is the highest iOS for iPhone 5?

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 in Slate
Operating system Original: iOS 6 Last: iOS 10.3.4 July 22, 2019
System on chip Apple A6
CPU 1.3 GHz dual core 32-bit ARMv7-A “Swift”
29 more rows


What screwdriver do I need to open iPhone 5s?

0.8mm Pentalobe 5
0.8mm Pentalobe 5 Star Point Screwdriver For iPhone 5s 6s Plus Opening.


How much does it cost to repair the back of an iPhone?

Apple charges anywhere from $349 – $599 to repair the broken back glass on iPhone models 8-11 Pro Max*. They don’t consider the back glass to fall under their more affordable “screen replacement” repair, which makes this type of fix much more expensive.04-Mar-2021








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