How To Replace Xbox One Controller Shell

How do I replace the shell on my controller?

(The fifth is located beneath the battery label so you’ll have to pierce it or remove it entirely.) Pull the backplate away from the controller body. Flip the controller around and pull the faceplate away from the controller body. Follow the steps above in reverse to reassemble, adding your new shell in place of the old parts.
When it comes to getting a new shell, there are plenty out there to choose from. In some cases you’ll perhaps just want a new faceplate, others may want a completely new housing which also includes the backplate, battery cover, and grips. Whichever specific bits you’re replacing, taking apart your controller and installing them is the same.
Insert buttons into new shell as pictured. Place mesh back onto buttons. Snap arrow keys into hole. Replace the screws and place mesh over keys. Place the triggers and the motherboard in their respective places.
An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff. This replacement guide will show you how to replace both the shell and thumbstick of an Xbox 360 Controller.

How do I change the battery in my Xbox One controller?

Note:: Rechargeable (LR6) AA batteries do not charge while in the Xbox One wireless controller. Only the Xbox One battery that comes with the Play and Charge Kit can charge while in the controller. Recharge standard AA batteries by the method recommended by the manufacturer.
The easiest way to make your controller’s batteries last longer is to simply turn it off when you aren’t using it. You can do this manually at any point while playing a game: Press and hold the Xbox button in the middle of the controller, then choose “Turn Off Controller.”
Using batteries in your Xbox Wireless Controller You have two choices for batteries to use in your Xbox Wireless Controller: AA (LR6) batteries, and the rechargeable battery pack of the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.
The easiest way to upgrade your controller to be rechargeable is to purchase Microsoft’s official Play and Charge Kit ($24.99). The kit includes a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack and charging cable with a USB-C connector (for Xbox Series X|S). These batteries take around four hours to charge completely and contain around 1400 mAh.

Can I customize my Xbox One controller?

Customizing controllers is a way to not only express your own creativity and make something unique, it’s also pretty easy to do and there’s no real need to pay someone to do it for you. The Xbox Design Lab has some amazing options to design your own controller, but like other options, it involves also buying a new controller.
Search for “Xbox Design Lab” or scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Xbox Design Lab” tile Design your controller and select “Add to cart” when you are finished
When you open the Xbox Accessories app, scroll over to your controller and select Configure to get started. Choose New profile, and then make your changes. When you’re done, press the B button  for your changes to take effect.
The Xbox Design Lab controllers are all Xbox One S models, complete with Bluetooth and textured grips. The quality is the kind you’d expect from an official Microsoft product, and the website is easy to use. Prices start at around $80. Do you have a custom Xbox One controller design?

What parts do I need to replace on my controller?

Gently pull out the controller board 4. Carefully, without tearing, remove the foam from the bottom of the old controller board. 5. Place the foam in position on the hard drive making sure not to obstruct the two groups of electrical contacts. 6. Place the new controller on the hard drive 7. Replace the fasteners and tighten snugly.
Learn more . Microsoft’s Xbox One wireless controller is essential for any gaming setup but isn’t guaranteed to last forever. If your gamepad fails and is out of warranty, third-party replacement parts present a fix on the cheap. These leading replacement parts are here to help with any repair.
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Be sure to buy a remote control that fits comfortably in your hand with buttons large enough to press without hitting other buttons. Illuminated buttons are also a nice perk while flipping channels at night. Durability is another issue with remote controls.

How do I replace the buttons on my controller?

These instructions work with Switch Joycons, the Pro Controller, and the Switch Lite. Press the Home button, then select the cog-shaped Settings icon from the bottom menu. Go to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Change Button Mapping. Select the controller you want to remap from the list, then select “Change.”
PlayStation 4 1 Press the PS button on your DualShock 4 controller, then go to Settings > Accessibility. 2 Select “Customize Button Assignments.” 3 Use the menu to remap your controller’s buttons. 4 Select “Confirm” to save the changes. More …
Select Profile and System. Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Controller > Button Remapping. Use the guide to remap your controller’s buttons. Press the Xbox button to call up the Xbox Guide menu. Go to My games & apps > See all > Apps. Open “ Xbox Accessories.” Scroll to the controller, then select “Configure.” Select a profile or create a new one.
Use the drop-down menu and select the button you want to change (for example, A, B, X, Y, bumpers, stick clicks, and D-pad). Use the “Map to” drop-down menu and select the button you want to remap to. Repeat steps No. 6 and 7 to remap other buttons.

Is there a replacement guide for the Xbox 360 controller?

Our trial actually included 3 different controllers; one in which had a faulty thumbstick, one in which had broken bumpers and another broken thumbstick but a very cool shell, and one generic Xbox 360 controller. However, for the sake of this guide, we used generic terms, assuming you are only using 2 controllers.
Get back to your gaming by replacing your Xbox 360 wireless controllers logic board. Depress the battery release button on the top of the controller. Remove the battery holder from the controller. The standard option for Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers Battery Packs is AA batteries.
The 360 controller is a beast. I’ve had mine since the original 360 designed system, and still play with it all the time, and there are basically no problems with it. I prefer the smooth feel, size, and durability of the 360 controller.
The standard option for Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers Battery Packs is AA batteries. A rechargeable battery is also available, but both battery options are removed from the controller in the same way. Use a pair of tweezers to peel the barcode sticker from the battery compartment.

Can I charge my Xbox One controller battery while in it?

You have two choices for batteries to use in your Xbox One Wireless Controller: AA (LR6) batteries, and the rechargeable battery pack of the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit. For info on using the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, see Set up and troubleshoot the Play & Charge Kit battery pack.
This feature works by letting you recharge your controller while you play or afterwards, even if the Xbox is on standby mode. The battery pack fully charges in about 4 hours and gives your controller almost ten times the battery life. As it comes with a cable, the controller can also be plugged into a PC and charged simultaneously.
If you want the advantages of the Xbox One Play and Charge kit without spending too much money, there might be hope for you. As a Micro-USB cable is fully compatible with the Xbox, it is effortlessly usable to connect your controller. As the controller is powering up with the console’s help, there is no need to stop gaming.
It’s a wireless Xbox One controller so the moment you connected the it to the PC it became unpaired with the Xbox, nothing to worry about, just pair it back to the Xbox. To pair it you can connect connect it via USB to the Xbox, once the center light is on you can disconnect the cable because it will be paired.

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