how to reset iphone 7 plus to factory settings without password

How do you reset a locked iPhone?

Are you wondering how to reset a locked iPhone without a computer? Simply press and hold the Volume buttons and Home button at the same time. iPhone X, 8 & Newer: Press and hold the Volume up button, then the Volume Down button, and the side button at the same time.


What is a master reset on iPhone?

This is important as some iPhone users do not know how to distinguish the two. Hard resetting means removing everything that is on your iPhone. Performing a hard reset wipes out all the data from your device. On the flip side, soft reset pertains to simply turning off your phone and restarting it.


How do I factory reset my iPhone 6 without Apple ID password?

You can put the iPhone to Recovery Mode and use iTunes on your computer to reset the iOS device without Apple ID. Other than this, a simpler way to permanently delete everything on your iPhone is by using Stellar iPhone Eraser software. The software doesn’t ask for Apple ID through the process.


Can I do a factory reset without a SIM card?

As Long As You Backup Your Information, It Should Be Safe To Remove The Simcard BEFORE Doing A Factory Reset. … If someone removes their simcard from a device, they will lose all data stored on the handset (e.g., contacts), and if they do not back up the data, it may be lost forever.


How do I factory reset my iPhone 7?

Force restart iPhone 7

Press and hold both the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.


Why won’t my iPhone 7 do a hard reset?

If your power button or volume down button is broken, you may not be able to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. If your iPhone is still under warranty, the Apple Store may cover the cost of the repair for you. Go to Apple’s support page to set up an appointment at your local Apple Store.


How do you reset a locked iPhone 7?

How to force restart iPhone 7. To force restart (hard reset) the iPhone 7, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button + Volume Down button for 10 seconds. Because of the Home button change, it’s been replaced by the Volume Down button during the process.


How do I factory reset my iPhone 12?

From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > Reset. Tap desired option: Reset All Settings Use this option before attempting a master reset. Erase All Content and Settings Use this option for master reset.


How do you factory reset a locked phone?

Press and hold the power button, then press and release the volume up button. Now you should see “Android Recovery” written on the top together with some options. By pressing the volume down button, go down the options until “Wipe data/factory reset” is selected.


Does a factory reset delete everything?

When you do a factory reset on your Android device, it erases all the data on your device. It is similar to the concept of formatting a computer hard drive, which deletes all the pointers to your data, so the computer no longer knows where the data is stored.


What is the difference between hard reset and factory reset?

A factory reset relates to the rebooting of the entire system, while hard resets relates to the resetting of any hardware in the system. Factory Reset: Factory resets are generally done to remove the data entirely from a device, the device is to be started again and requires the need of re installation of the software.











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