how to spot a fake otterbox defender case for iphone 4

Do Otterbox cases have serial numbers?

All current Otterbox iPhone cases do have serial numbers inside.31-Mar-2015


Are Fake Otterboxes good?

definitely put in the extra dollars for the real Otterbox. Had some bad experiences with knockoff OB cases from eBay. The fit/finish of them were really hit or miss and scratching was an issue. If you decide to use the case as your main case then you will most likely, get some scratching on the sides as I did.01-Jan-2011


Are there fake OtterBox Defender cases?

The genuine Otterbox case has a soft feel back which adds grip, while the fake is cheaper and less textured plastic. Fake has green tinted cellophane around the screen protector. The counterfeit is cheaper, but it’s also of worse quality.


What is the difference between the OtterBox Defender and the Defender Pro?

The Defender Pro and the Defender series are both great cases for your phone. But one does offer more protection than the other. Otterbox Defender Pro offers more protection but also weighs slightly more and adds more bulk to your phone. We know the Defender series for its protection as well as bulkiness and weight.03-Jan-2019


Is otterbox made in China?

The Otterbox is Made in USA, China and Mexico. Their headquarter is located in CO USA, the questions you must ask yourself when you are buying a Otterbox case does it comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty or not.


Do Iphone cases have serial numbers?

There’s no serial number on the cases.02-Dec-2015


Are OtterBox cases on Amazon real?

Genuine OtterBox products are only available through reputable, authorized retailers. – only buy from stores that state: “Ships from and sold by” or “Ships from and sold by OtterBox.”


What is the difference in OtterBox Defender and Commuter?

As far as size goes, the Defender is much thicker and longer. It’s a more rugged case, made for heavier phone users who need more protection. The Commuter is the lightweight case of the two, and is also less bulky and invasive. It’s not a space hog and fits more easily into pockets, whether its in your jeans or purse.16-Mar-2017


Does Walmart sell fake Otterboxes?

Unfortunately there are counterfeit OtterBox cases on the market. We recommend purchasing from a reputable store like RadioShack, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, your local carrier stores or


What are Otterboxes made of?

Otterbox phone cases are made from hard plastic and rubber, designed to protect vulnerable components of a phone like buttons, microphone openings, charging ports, glass screens, etc.


Where are Otterboxes sold?

Where Else to Buy OtterBox Cases
Best Buy.
Apple Store.


Who makes the best cell phone case?

Best protective phone case: Otterbox. Otterbox Symmetry.
Best super thin and compact phone case: totallee. totallee Thin Case.
Best phone case with a built-in battery: mophie. mophie Juice Pack.
Best fashionable and functional phone case: Shop Sonix Crossbody Case.
Best 90s-inspired phone case:


What was the first OtterBox case?

the Drybox
The first case sold by OtterBox was the Drybox, a windowless protective case capable of keeping portable devices and other valuables safe for up to 30 minutes in 90 feet of water.31-Jul-2018


Can I sell OtterBox on Ebay?

on ebay you can sell a New otterbox without warranty and it’s perfectly legal because the warranty is not factored into the price and cannot be “reasonably” expected by the buyer.06-Feb-2019


Is there anything better than Otterbox?

While it’s true that the Otterbox Defender provides the best drop protection, a new competitor has emerged: the Lifeproof Fre. The Lifeproof Fre is popular due to its cleaner design and promise of ultimate protection against water and snow.17-May-2018


Does Otterbox Defender Pro need screen protector?

The Defender Series Pro version does NOT have a screen shield. Many users like myself prefer this as it is glass screen protector friendly. These are superior to the built in shields on the long-standing Defender version.14-Dec-2018


Does Otterbox Defender need screen protector?

The case – as always the OtterBox Defender series for the Galaxy S8 provide outstanding protection to the phone shell, but that goes without the screen protector portion.


Who makes OtterBox cases?

OtterBox is a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company based in Fort Collins, Colorado that produces water-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant cases for mobile devices.


What phone cases are made in the USA?

US iPhone Case Manufactures & Brands
Bodacious Cases. Bodacious Cases is an iPhone case and accessories company and we are bodaciously proud to say that our products are 100% Made in America.
Colonel Littleton.
Element Case.
Grove Made.


Where does OtterBox ship from?

Due to our automated system, orders are automatically submitted to our Otter Distribution Center in the state of Colorado as soon as they are submitted online.


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