How To Turn Off Shared Photos On Iphone

How To Turn Off Shared Photos On Iphone To turn off Shared with You, go to Settings > Messages > Shared with You, then turn off Photos (green is on).

How do I get my iPhone to stop sharing Photos? In the Photos app , go to the Albums tab, then go to Shared Albums. Select a shared album, and tap the People tab to see the owner of the shared album and who it’s shared with. If you’re the album owner and would like to stop sharing, tap the name of the subscriber for option to remove.

How do you turn off shared photo? Stop people from adding photos to an album
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app. .
At the bottom, tap Sharing .
Open an album.
In the top right, tap More. Options.
Turn off Collaborate.

How do you turn off photo sharing on iPhone IOS 15? Tap on the toggle adjacent to the Photos app to disable “Shared with You” for photos. After that, open the Photos app and you won’t see the photos shared over the Messages app. If you want to see the photos, you need to manually save them just as you used to do before the “Shared with Your” feature comes.

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How do I stop my Photos being shared on two devices?

If you don’t want them to use Photo Stream at all, turn off both Shared Photo Streams and My Photo Stream.

To disable Photo Stream on their devices:
Open the Settings app.
Tap on Photos & Camera.
Ensure “Shared Photo Streams” is set to On.
Slide the “My Photo Stream” toggle to the left to turn it off.

Why are my photos showing up on my husbands iPhone?

Answer: A: Most likely because you and your husband share the same Apple ID. You should each have your own unique Apple ID.

How do I stop my iPhone from sharing with another iPhone?

Tap on the account and select view my account. You can view the list of connected devices under iTunes in the Cloud after selecting manage devices. Choose the iPhone you want to unsync and tap on remove. Click the Done button to complete the process.

How do I stop my iPhone from saving pictures from text Messages?

How to disable iMessage photos from saving to iPhone Photos app
Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
Scroll down and tap Messages.
Tap Shared with You.
Turn off Photos to prevent iMessage images from saving to the Photos app.

What are shared photos on iPhone?

Shared Albums let you share photos and videos with just the people you choose — and they can add their own photos, videos, and comments.
When you share photos and videos with someone, they can save shared items to their own library.
Tap the photo or video.
Tap the Share button .
Tap Save Image or Save Video.

How do I stop sharing photos between devices using the same Apple ID?

The icloud photos option should be enabled by default. In case you have a lot of pictures on yourMore

Why do my Photos go to another iPhone?

You are using the same iCloud ID and are sharing photos via Photostream. You need to either use separate iCloud IDs or turn off Photos in iCloud. You are using the same iCloud ID and are sharing photos via Photostream. You need to either use separate iCloud IDs or turn off Photos in iCloud.

How do I stop sharing between devices?

Tap Manage access. Find the person you want to stop sharing with.

When you change an item’s general access to Restricted, only people with access can open the file.
Open the Google Drive app.
Open or select a file.
Tap Manage access.
Under “General access”, tap Change.
Tap the audience who has access.
Select Restricted.

Why do my wife’s photos appear on my iPhone?

it is because you have one apple ID between you. ideally you need to have a individual apple id. you can sign out of iCloud on one device and sign into a new account. however this will result in all the photos stored on the current iCloud will be lost.

How do I unlink two Photos on my iPhone?

Shut down your device so as to make it in offline mode at the very beginning. Go to, and then, go to Find iPhone > All Devices. Browse the list of all your devices and click the one you want to unlink. Click on the Remove from Account button.

How do I remove shared with you?

If someone shared a file or folder with you that you don’t want to see anymore, you can remove it.
Go to
On the left, click Shared with me.
Right click the file you want to remove.
Click Remove.

Where are iPhone text pictures stored?

If your iPhone is running iOS 13, all of the images that you’ve ever sent each other in the conversation will appear under the “PHOTOS” section. Here you can view the most recent pictures as a preview size. You can scroll through all images by tapping “See All Photos.”

What things take up storage on iPhone?

Apps: Installed apps and their content, and content stored in “On My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch” directory in the Files app, and Safari downloads. Photos: Photos and videos stored in the Photos app. Media: Music, videos, podcasts, ringtones, artwork, and Voice Memos. Mail: Emails and their attachments.

How do I see shared photos on iPhone?

When a friend shares photos and videos with you using the Messages app, you can easily find them in the Shared with You section in the Photos app . (Automatic Sharing and Photos must be turned on in Settings > Messages > Shared with You, and your friend must be in your Contacts.)

What does share button look like on iPhone?

You may not have realized that the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it is called “Share,” but you probably have figured out that you tap it if you want to send someone a selected photo or the address of the current Web page. Tapping the Share button causes a Share sheet to appear.

How do I see shared photos on iCloud?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos. Turn on Shared Albums. To view shared albums on your device, open the Photos app. In the Albums tab, scroll to the Shared Albums section.

How do I turn off iCloud photo sharing?

How to turn off iCloud photos
On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > iCloud.
In iCloud settings, tap “Photos”
If you want your photos to remain on device, choose “Download and Keep originals”. Then, turn off iCloud Photos using the toggle.

How do I separate my daughters iPhone from mine?

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Go to Settings. Tap your name, then tap Family Sharing. Tap your name. Tap Stop Using Family Sharing.

How do I keep two iPhones separate?

Method 1: Separate Two iPhones via iPhone Settings

Step 1: Open the Settings on the iPhone (from the other device). Step 2: Tap on your Profile to open the Apple ID page. Step 3: From the new page, select the iPhone you want to remove, then tap on Remove to unlink the iPhone with the same Apple ID.

How do I separate my iPhone from my wife’s?

Tap on Settings > iCloud > Delete Account (only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; the person keeping the current account will not be affected,) provide the password to turn off Find My Phone and choose to Keep on My iDevice when prompted. Sign in with a different Apple ID to create your new account.

Along with several other handy features that launched with iOS 15, Shared with You aims to make your life a little more organized. It works by gathering all of the photos, videos, content, and links that have been shared with you through iMessage and compiles them into their own section on each corresponding Apple app.

Where do deleted iPhone Messages go?

When a text message is deleted on the iPhone, it doesn’t disappear permanently. First, a copy of it is sent to the network provider. Next, the copy in your phone isn’t permanently deleted, but rather marked as “deleted” by the iPhone’s internal database.

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