how to upgrade to premium spotify on iphone

Can you use Spotify premium on iPhone?

It’s possible to get a Spotify Premium account right on your iPhone, or through a desktop web browser. Spotify Premium carries a monthly subscription fee, and allows you to listen to music ad-free on all platforms and devices.


Why is my Spotify Premium not working?

Check your plan status

You may have logged into the wrong account page. Try again with different login details. If you’re sure you don’t have another account, see “Check your payment status”. … Otherwise you could log into another account that doesn’t have Premium.


Why can’t I log into my Spotify Premium account?

If you can’t log in to your Spotify account although you’re using the correct username and password, reset your password and update the app. Additionally, clear the app cache and remove third-party app access to Spotify. If the issue persists, reinstall the app. Are you still experiencing login issues on Spotify?


Is it worth it to get Spotify Premium?

Is Spotify Premium Worth It? If you use Spotify with any frequency during the month, Spotify Premium is a great investment. For the price of one digital album per month, you get high-quality music, the ability to save music to your phone (which could pay for itself in data charges), and no ads to interrupt.


Can I share Spotify Premium?

Do we share an account, or do we each get our own? Every family member invited to Premium Family gets their own Premium account, so you can each play your own music whenever you want. … You can upgrade to Family with your existing Premium account and keep all your saved music, playlists and recommendations.


How do I upgrade to Spotify Premium for free?

Once you allow this, you should move to the installation screen and start installation afresh. After the installation process, you’ll see two options at the button of your screen. Click on the “Open” option to launch your Spotify Premium Free Version.


Can you get free Spotify premium on iPhone?

Go to to sign up. If you’ve never had Premium before, try it for free! Note: You can’t subscribe to Premium through the app for iPhone and iPad. For some background on that, check out


Why did my Spotify Premium change to free?

Check your subscription page. Your status should be Premium. If you’re on Premium, try signing out and back into the app. If it says Free, check the receipt we send to your email inbox.


How do I check my Spotify Premium status?

To check out the details of your subscription, just log in to your account page and select Subscription in the menu on the left. Here you can: Confirm your subscription status (Premium or Free).


How do I activate my Spotify premium on the app?

Select Get More from the Products menu. Select the Spotify tab. Click Activate on the mobile number you’d like to activate with Spotify Premium. This will take you to the Spotify website to complete your Spotify Premium account creation and activation.


How do I add another email to my Spotify account?

Log in to your account page. Click EDIT PROFILE. Under Email, enter your new email address. Confirm your password.


How do I get back into my Spotify account?

Enter your Spotify username, or the email address that you used to register. We’ll send you an email with your username and a link to reset your password. If you still need help, contact Spotify Support.


Is Apple Music or Spotify better?

Best if you have a big existing music library and want lossless audio. Apple Music has a key advantage over Spotify in that you can combine the songs you already own with the Apple Music streaming catalog. Siri users also get more robust voice controls for playback.


Is Spotify Premium a one time payment?

Spotify’s Premium subscription covers one account for $10 a month. … If you use Spotify often, hate ads and only need one account, this is your best option. If you’re not sure about switching, you can try Premium free for 30 days before you’re charged anything.


How many users can use Spotify Premium at once?

Yes, two people can listen to a Spotify account at the same time — here’s how to do it in 2 ways. Two people can listen to the same Spotify account at the same time if you use an Offline Mode workaround, but you’ll need to have a Spotify Premium subscription.


Can I merge two Spotify accounts?

Unfortunately there’s no solution for merging the listening/taste data, as well as your personal library of two Spotify accounts. However you are able to transfer your Liked Songs, playlists and followed friends to a new account. You’ll need a computer for this one.


Can you have 2 Spotify accounts on the same email?

Fun fact: if you have Spotify premium, you can make multiple accounts on your device with different emails and the premium will transfer to those too. Neat.


Can we hack Spotify Premium?

Using Multiple 30-days Premium Trial Accounts

The easiest Spotify Premium hack is to sign up for Spotify’s 30-day or 1-month free trial for new users. This approach allows you to access all premium features, including offline listening, for free.




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