how to,know i phone damage

How do I check the condition of my iPhone?

You can also check the warranty status of the iPhone. Go to Settings > General > About and look for Serial Number. Then go to, enter the serial number and press Continue. You will then see whether the iPhone is still covered by Apple’s warranty.


Can damaged iphones be fixed?

You can get Apple-certified repairs and service at the Apple Store or with one of our Apple Authorized Service Providers. You can also send your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center. … They deliver the same high-quality service with genuine Apple parts. The repairs are backed by Apple.


Can Apple tell if you dropped your phone?

Unless there’s some visible damage or malfunction there’s no way to tell and probably even if you took it to Apple they couldn’t tell any more than you can. The most delicate part is probably the glass back and front.


What is considered physical damage on phones?

Device damage examples include, but are not limited to: Broken Charging Ports. Cracked, Broken or Bleeding Display. Hardware Modifications.


At what point can an iPhone not be repaired?

Repairs are considered out of warranty when: Your iPhone is over one year old. Your iPhone has an issue that’s not covered under warranty or consumer law, like accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized modifications.


Can Face ID be repaired?

In summary, Face ID can be easily damaged and hard to be restored. Therefore, please be very careful in daily use. Make sure the phone is protected from water-damage or heavy falling. Repair technicians must exercise caution when repairing the logic board or replacing the display assembly.


Should I worry if I drop my phone?

Dropping your smartphone onto a hard surface can cause potentially devastating damage to the device’s internal components. Even if you escape the incident with a crack-free screen, you may have damaged the logic board, which has many different connectors and other components soldered to it.


What do I do if I dropped my iPhone?

No Damage. The best case scenario for a dropped iPhone is that it survives the fall undamaged. Despite its delicacy, the iPhone can generally survive short falls on to wood, vinyl or carpeted floors. … Even if there is no apparent damage, always inspect your iPhone thoroughly before using it again after a fall.


How do I know if my phone screen is damaged?

Launch the phone app and open the keypad. Tap the following keys: #0#. A diagnostic screen pops up with buttons for a variety of tests. Tapping the buttons for Red, Green, or Blue paints the screen in that color to make sure the pixels are working properly.


Can I trade in my phone if its cracked?

Surveys show that nearly one-third of smartphone owners currently have a cracked screen (and that they drop their phones a minimum of four times a week). Once it’s time to purchase a new device, many smartphone owners think their damaged, old phone is beyond repair.


Is it worth fixing an iPhone 7 screen?

In general, you can get the most money if you repair your iPhone yourself before you sell it, but professional repair isn’t worth it. Once you factor in the repair cost, you’ll get more for a broken iPhone 7. For example, a 32 GB iPhone 7 in good condition is worth $175.


Can you fix the iPhone 12?

The company posted a new page to its support website advertising a free service to fix phones with busted sound hardware. Specifically, it’s for a “small percentage” of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models manufactured between Oct. 2020 and April 2021.


Can iPhone 12 be repaired?

iPhone 12 models may be eligible for a same-unit repair if they are unable to be powered on, or are experiencing issues with the logic board, Face ID system, or the enclosure of the device, such as cracked rear glass, according to Apple.









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