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Therefore, some messages disappeared, in this situation, because older messages are deleted. You can go to settings > Messages > Find Keep Messages under MASSAGE HISTORY > Choose Forever. Or, you can find iMessages history from your iPhone backup in iTunes or iCloud.

How do you get messages back that disappeared on iPhone?

Choose “Restore from iCloud.”

You will need to sign in to your Apple account to access the backups you created. Once logged in, tap “Choose Backup” to select the one that contains the missing messages. Once the restore from the Apple server is complete, you should access all the iPhone messages from your inbox now.


Why did my iMessages disappear?

Typically when your messages disappear it means your storage is full. Check Settings > General > iPhone Storage and never allow the free space to fall below 10% of the iPhone’s total storage space. You may recover messages that were present when the last iPhone backup occurred by restoring that backup.Apr 15, 2018


Why did all of my text messages disappear?

Text messages can disappear from your Android device when you delete them accidentally, restart the device the wrong way, use outdated firmware, activate the delete option for old messages, or upgrade errors and software bugs.


Where are all my iMessages?

How to view your iMessage history. You can view your iMessage history by tapping Messages and then scrolling through your conversations. If your device is set to never delete conversations, all messages will be stored on your device and you can look through them.Jun 23, 2018


How do I restore Imessages?

Restore from an iCloud backup
Turn off Find My iPhone via Settings > Apple ID Profile > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Off.
Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
On the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup and, sign in to iCloud.
.•Dec 4, 2019


Why can’t I see my old messages on iPhone?

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check if there is enough storage to load all your messages on the new iPhone. Check if your WiFi connection is stable since iMessage will be sent by WiFi, or you can go to Settings to Reset Network Settings. Go to Settings > Messages > Toggle off iMessage then turn back on.Mar 24, 2022


Why did my iPhone just deleted all my messages?

You can go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages to have a check. If it is not Forever, it is the reason that iPhone deleted all messages. And set the option to Forever, please, in case you will lose your messages due to this reason again.Jul 5, 2022


Can you recover deleted iMessages?

There are three different methods for recovering deleted iMessages. You can restore from an iCloud backup or an iTunes backup, you can use an app that scans backups for deleted data, or an app that scans your device for deleted data.Jul 10, 2017


Are deleted iMessages gone forever?

When a text message is deleted on the iPhone, it doesn’t disappear permanently. First, a copy of it is sent to the network provider. Next, the copy in your phone isn’t permanently deleted, but rather marked as “deleted” by the iPhone’s internal database.


How do I see old iMessages?

Open the Messages app in iOS and select the conversation you want to view. Tap once near the clock (or on either side of the camera notch) at the top of your iPhone or iPad screen. A progress indicator appears as the app scrolls up a few messages at a time.Mar 25, 2022


How do I find old Imessages on iCloud?

Select Messages, then click OK, PhoneRescue for iOS would scan all the iMessage and text messages in your iCloud backup. Step 4. Now you can see all messages and message attachment in your iCloud backup.Mar 28, 2022


Can your phone delete messages on its own?

Make Sure “Delete Old Messages” is Off

If you do not already know, there is actually an option in the Messages app on your Android phone that lets you delete your old messages automatically. If this option is enabled, that is why your messages are being removed from your phone without your consent.Nov 2, 2021


Can you retrieve deleted iPhone messages without iCloud?

Yes, you can recover deleted text messages on iPhone without iCloud. iTunes is also an official way to back up iPhone. Here are the steps to retrieve deleted iPhone messages from iTunes backup. Simply connect your phone to the computer and then launch iTunes.


How long are deleted Imessages stored?

My iPhone is deleting text messages all by itself. How do I stop it? Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and make sure it is set to Forever. The other options are 30 Days and 1 Year, after which your messages are deleted automatically.Jan 15, 2022


Where are Imessages stored on iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Turn on Messages. Any messages currently stored in iCloud are now accessible on your device, and any new messages you receive on your device will be stored in iCloud. To see messages stored in iCloud, open the Messages app.


Are my iMessages backed up on iCloud?

According to Apple, iMessages in iCloud are updated automatically, so that any message shared on one of your Apple devices will be shared on all of them. Don’t worry, though, messages in iCloud are still end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one else (even Apple) can view them.Jul 17, 2021


How do I restore iMessages from iCloud on my iPhone?

How to Restore iMessages from iCloud Backup Itself to iPhone/iPad
Tap on the ‘Setting’ icon. Then go to ‘General’. .
Restart the phone and follow the initial steps you used when you bought it until you reach the ‘App & Data Setting’.
Select ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’.
Oct 20, 2021


How can I see deleted texts on my husband’s phone?

The only reliable way to retrieve deleted messages on Android is to access the backup file using Google Drive. To access the file and read the messages, go into the Google Drive associated with your husband’s account on a computer. Scan the backup folder for the date you want to take a look at and open it.


Can you get back deleted texts on iPhone without backup?

How to recover deleted text messages from iPhone without backup: Download FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery on your Mac or Windows. Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows and launch FoneLab iPhone Recovery. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” option, this iPhone data recovery will detect your device.


Does Apple keep iMessage history?

Apple may record and store some information related to your use of the Messages app and the iMessage service to operate and improve Apple’s products and services: Apple may store information about your use of iMessage in a way that doesn’t identify you.Feb 15, 2022


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