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What are the iPhones in order from oldest to newest?

Explore The iOS & iPhone Evolution Timeline
iPhone: June 29, 2007.
iPhone 3G: July 11, 2008.
iPhone 3GS: June 19, 2009.
iPhone 4: June 24, 2010.
iPhone 4S: October 14, 2011.
iPhone 5: September 21, 2012.
iPhone 5S & 5C: September 20, 2013.
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus: September 19, 2014.


What order did the iPhones come out?

List of iPhone release dates in order
iPhone Year Release/Shipping Date
iPhone SE (1st Generation) 2016 March 31
iPhone 6s, 6s Plus 2015 September 20
iPhone 6, 6 Plus 2014 September 20
iPhone 5C, 5s 2013 September 10
16 more rows


What iPhone comes after the XR?

iPhone 11
iPhone 11. The iPhone 11, which succeeds 2018’s iPhone XR, gets a $50 price cut (to $699), a new color (purple), a redesigned two-camera system, and a number of under-the-hood technology upgrades. The screen is a 6.1-in.


What is the oldest model of iPhone?

The iPhone (retrospectively referred to unofficially as the iPhone 2G, iPhone 1 or original iPhone) is the first iPhone model and the first smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.


What does the I iPhone stand for?

At time that Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and CEO, unveiled it, he said it was the marriage of the excitement of the internet with the simplicity of Macintosh, hence the i for Internet and the Mac for Macintosh.Jun 18, 2010


What is the cheapest Apple phone?

iPhone SE
iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is the absolutely cheapest iPhone you can buy new at $429.Jun 28, 2022


Which one is better iPhone 6S or iPhone SE?

Consequently, if you’re looking for the smallest, fastest iPhone, the iPhone SE is your best choice. In fact, it’s your only choice. However, if you prefer an iPhone with a larger display, better durability, and additional features, and are not also considering newer models, the iPhone 6s is a better option.


Why was there no iPhone 9?

Why Apple Skipped the iPhone 9. As far as it’s been speculated, skipping the iPhone 9 wasn’t due to superstition. If it was, Apple would have skipped the iPhone 13 too. Overall, it appears that having no iPhone 9 is simply a business move, which is naturally crucial for a tech giant such as Apple.Jan 26, 2022


Is Apple ending iPhone?

Apparently, Apple is planning to discontinue iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max this year as soon as the new iPhone hits the market. Moreover, the affordable flagship iPhone SE 2020 is also to be discontinued, reports HT Tech. Discontinuation means halting the production of these models.Jan 10, 2022


Is iPhone 11 or XR better?

iPhone 11 has improved water resistance too, surviving for up to half an hour in 4 metres of water. The chipset has been upgraded to Apple’s new A13 bionic processor, and along with 4GB of RAM and a bigger battery, iPhone 11 is a more powerful beast than iPhone XR.


Which is newer XS or XR?

Released shortly after iPhone XS, iPhone XR offers almost all of the capabilities as the flagship model in a more affordable package.


Why is the iPhone XR good?

The iPhone XR remains a good buy if you’re looking for an iPhone under $500. You get a roomy 6.1-inch display, swift performance from Apple’s A12 Bionic processor and good camera quality in a colorful design. Most important, the price is a very reasonable $499.Jan 18, 2022


How many iPhones are there?

Apple has released a total of 34 iPhones over the years, including the latest iPhone 13 line and the iPhone SE (third-generation).Jun 28, 2022


When did the iPhone XR come out?

September 12, 2018
iPhone XR / Introduced

Contents. The iPhone XR, introduced on September 12, 2018, was sold alongside more expensive iPhones up until 2021, when it was discontinued by Apple. The iPhone XR is no longer available and it has been replaced by the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 models.Jan 7, 2022


Is Apple slowing down iPhone 6S?

Update: Apple has confirmed it’s slowing down older iPhones for a very specific reason. Aged batteries, low charges and cold weather can shut down your phone, so it’s worked out an algorithm to reduce performance to protect the electronic components inside, according to a new statement on TechCrunch (opens in new tab).Dec 1, 2021


What uses the most GB on iPhone?

One of the biggest iPhone storage consumption culprits is photos and videos. You can find out how much space photos and videos are taking up on your phone by opening the Settings app > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage under the storage section.Dec 30, 2016


Can you charge iPhone with iPad?

Use your iPad to charge other devices

To charge your iPhone or earlier-model iPad that has a Lightning port, connect it to your iPad using the Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable. If you have a Lightning to USB cable, you can combine it with the Apple USB-C to USB Adapter, then connect the adapter to your iPad.Apr 15, 2022


How can I get a free iPhone?

12 you can go ahead and trade those in and essentially get an iphone 13 for free which i think is aMore


Which iPhone is the best to buy?

The best iPhones you can buy right now
iPhone 13 Pro Max. The best iPhone you can buy. .
iPhone 13. The best iPhone value for most people. .
iPhone 13 Pro. All the best features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. .
iPhone 13 mini. The best compact iPhone. .
iPhone SE (2022) The new budget iPhone option. .
iPhone 12 mini. .
iPhone 12. .
iPhone 11.
Aug 2, 2022


Should I buy iPhone SE or wait?

Conclusion: To conclude, it’s quite clear that waiting for the iPhone SE 5G launch next week is a better choice if you want to buy the iPhone SE 2020. You can expect a price drop on the older model, which would be attractive for those looking to enter the Apple ecosystem on a budget.Mar 3, 2022


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