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Product Description

Fashion Gradient Laser At&t iPhone 12 Case  For iPhone 12 Clear Cover With Hearts

  • Brand Name: QINUO
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Fashion Gradient Laser Love Heart Pattern Clear Phone Case
  • Design: transparent
  • Features: Dustproof,Anti-Scratch,Lightweight,Glitter
  • Compatible Brand: APPLE
  • Feature 1: Fashion Gradient Laser Love Heart Pattern Clear Phone Case
  • Feature 2: Camera Protection
  • Feature 3: Clear TPU Case
  • Material: TPU
  • Suit For 1: For iPhone 8 Plus
  • Suit For 2: For iPhone 7 Plus
  • Suit For 3: For iPhone X XR
  • Suit For 4: For iPhone XS Max
  • Suit For 5: For iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Color: 4 Colors
  • Suit For 6: For iPhone 12 mini Case
  • Suit For 7: For iPhone 12 pro Max Case
  • Suit For 8: For iPhone 13 Mini Case
  • Suit For9: For iPhone 13 pro Max Case

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At&t iPhone 12 Case

I love this phone case but there’s some room for improvement. The front and back lighting is super bright and it really makes a difference in your photos. The case is very bulky but it does the job well enough that I’m not totally put off by this. The touch button is way too sensitive, though.
Yes! The LuMee cases work better with flat-lying wireless charging “pads” as opposed to angled wireless charging “stands.” The LuMee Halo case is not currently wireless charging compatible.

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