DATA FROG 6pcs Custom Vinyl Decal Skins for PS5 Console Logo


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Product Description

DATA FROG 6pcs Custom Vinyl Decal Skins for PS5 Console Logo Underlay Sticker For PS5 Console Disc Version & Digital Version

  • Brand Name: DATA FROG
  • Compatible Brand/Model: playstation 5
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • With USB: No
  • Model Number: WL12291126
  • With Bluetooth: No
  • Feature 1: PS5 for Logo Sticker
  • Feature 2: skin sticker for ps5
  • Feature 3: Vinyl Decal Skins for PS5
  • Feature 4: Logo Underlay Sticker For PS5
  • Type 1: logo sticker for ps5
  • Type 2: sticker for ps5
  • Type 3: accessories for playstation 5
  • Type 4: ps5 for logo sticker controller
  • Type 5: For PS5 Disk Digital Version

Replacement Plate For PS5 Game Plate Case

High-quality hard shell replacement, suitable for PS5 console. (Only applicable to CD-ROM version).Very easy to install and disassemble, very suitable for PS5 console without affecting any functions. The unique design allows easy access to all buttons.

Replacement DIY Thumb Sticks Button For PS5 Controller

Made of high-quality ABS material, durable and practical. A variety of colors are available, you can combine the decorative shell and touchpad to customize your for PS5 controller. Colorful stickers make your ps5 console more exquisite and more admirable.

Packing List

6psc* PS5 logo sticker

Wide Compatible

Compatible with PS5 regular and digital version, bid farewell to regular logo colors.

Easy to Install

Installation and disassembly are easy. No sticky residue will be left.

Installation Guide

1.Take off the left housing of the console.

2.Clean the surface of the logo area on the console with the cleaning wipe.

3.Apply the skin decal on the logo area.

4.Apply pressure to the skin decal to drain the air bubble.

5.Put the left housing back on the console.


The sticker is applied to the inside of the console logo, and the left console housing needs to be removed before installation.

Can you get custom skins on PS5?

Our PS5 Bundle skins include a decal for your PS5 console and PS5 controller and is cut with precision to not interfere with any of its buttons or motion censor. Create your own PS5 Bundle skin online at Skinit today using the Skinit customizer.

Can you remove PS5 Skins?

Start by grabbing near the PlayStation logo at the rear of the console, then pull the corner outward. Once it starts to lift, you can remove the entire plate by sliding it downward. Then simply repeat the process for the other side.

Is there a sticker on the PS5?

A screencap taken from a PS5 teardown video shows that Sony uses a sticker to hold down a wire within the PS5 at this approximate location. The sticker is, obviously, not supposed to stretch into the fan housing, but it’s easy to see that mistakes could be made with the sticker placement.

Will PS5 have different skins?

Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple coloured PS5 controllers and console skins are coming in January 2022.

Can you add memory to the PS5?

Your Sony console has an expansion slot so you can add more storage space for games, and installing a drive is fairly easy. Once done, you can use the drive to store and play additional PS4 and PS5 games, launching them straight from the SSD. You can also use the added storage for media apps.

What is the best PS5 skin?

Best PS5 controller skins

  • Pleny of colors: ExtremeRate PlayVital Guardian Edition Case for PS5 DualSense.
  • Just the grips: ExtremeRate PlayVital Red Anti-Skid PS5 DualSense.
  • Extra thumb grips: YORHa Silicone Cover for PS5 DualSense (Camouflage Blue)

How do you get skins on PS5?

In order to get the free PS Plus Skin for December 2021, head over the the PlayStation store. Search for Fortnite and you should see the new celebration pack. Simply add it to your cart and check out for free.

Why is PS5 so hard?

If you’re wondering why the PS5 is so hard to get for us non-famous folk, in short, it’s because of the pandemic-induced global chip shortage — and an increased demand for entertainment tech for those who were stuck at home for the better part of two years.

Can you put themes on Sony PS5?

The PS4 had a wide range of theme collections that allowed players to customize their console, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for PS5, since players can’t change themes on PS5. Sony rolled out its new console with a single theme, and the lack of theme support prevents players from trying out different ones.

Can the PS5 be hacked?

Two ‘legit’ hackers are involved, both with proven track records. The fail0verflow team and ‘TheFloW’ saw PS5 compromised in two entirely different ways. The former appear to have decrypted the secure bootloader on PS5, acquiring root keys that allow them to decrypt and crucially to encrypt PS5 system software files.

Does Skindex work with bedrock?

Sites such as The Skindex and NameMC contain user-uploaded collections of a massive number of skins available for download. Bedrock Edition also features a Character Creator that can alter skins with free and paid cosmetics. Some cosmetics in the Character Creator can also be earned via achievements.

How many games can PS5 hold?

Many of the best PS5 games require between 40-60 GB of storage. Even if you mix in some PS4 games and smaller indies, you can realistically store 10-15 games on the drive at a time. After that, you’ll need to delete games and redownload them if you ever want to play them again.

How big is the PS5 controller?

The Playstation 5 DualSense Controller has a height of 4.2” (106 mm), width of 6.3″ (160 mm), depth of 2.6” (66 mm), and approximate weight of 9.87 oz (280 g).

What else can PS5 do?

PS5 is the most powerful PlayStation that Sony’s ever made. In addition to a supercharged customised CPU and GPU, the system also plays host to an ultra-high speed SSD hard drive, allowing for lightning fast loading speeds and entirely new experiences.

Where should I put my PS5?

The PS5’s disc slot should be on the bottom when the system is lying horizontally (if it’s on top, then your console is upside down). Obviously, discs should be inserted into the slot with the printed side facing up. To stand up the PS5, you essentially turn the unit 90° counterclockwise.

Does PS5 run hot?

As you play, your PS5TM will naturally warm up. Excessive PS5 overheating, on the other hand, can slow down your system, cause damage, or even signal game over for you and your PlayStation if your console doesn’t have enough ventilation to cool itself down.

Does PS5 overheat?

PS5 overheating issues can hit anybody who owns Sony’s current-generation console, especially now that the system has been out for over a year. It would certainly be a bad thing for your console to overheat now, especially since it’s the holidays, and you’d likely want to play as much as possible.

Do you need a cooling fan for PS5?

If your PS5 is relatively new, you can generally skip getting a cooling fan. However, if you’ve had the console for quite some time, and you can see that it is starting to struggle to cool itself down alone (either overheats or makes a ton of noise), then you definitely need to consider getting yourself a cooling fan.

Does PS5 come with any games?

Yes, all PS5 systems come with one free game pre-loaded: Astro’s Playroom. While a standalone (albeit somewhat short) game in its own right, Astro’s Playroom also serves as a demonstration of what the DualSense controller is capable of.

Is PS5 storage enough?

One of the biggest gripes about the otherwise awesome PlayStation 5 has been that modern games are so big, there’s not enough storage to hold more than a handful at a time. Some games can clock in at more than 150GB, and even fresh out of the box, a PS5 only has about 700GB of free space.

Can a PS5 get too cold?

According to the PS5 device teardown at Gamers Nexus, most of the device temperatures are excellent in all cases, though temperatures drop moderately if you remove both plates from the device.

How long can a PS5 stay on?

It shouldn’t overheat at all unless your has a defect or you have it in an enclosed area where it can’t breathe. Have had a friend who kept his on for over a week with no issue while the longest mine was on was possibly 2 days with no issue.