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Product Description

1 set Replacement RGB LED Ring Strip Lights For  Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC Console Light Strip Pickup Light Bar Strip With Remote Control

  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Compatible Brand/Model: Sony
  • Compatible Sony Model: PS5
  • With USB: NO
  • Is_ customized: NO
  • Model Number: RGB LED Ring Strip Lights For Sony PS5
  • made of original: China
  • Condition: 100% new
  • colors: 8 colors
  • modle: for PS5


Application: for PS5 console
Light strip diameter: about 12cm/4.72inch
Light strip color: red, cool white, yellow, orange, cyan, green, blue, purple
Sound pickup function: In music mode, the light color will change as the sound volume changes.
3 control modes: 1. USB button control; 2. remote control control;

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1 . Can I use PS5 controller on PC for Elden Ring?

And if you picked up a copy of Elden Ring on PC, then yes, you can use a controller. Some options are arguably better than others, but so long as you have an Xbox or PS4/Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC, the game can be played with a controller on PCs.

2. Do PS5 controllers work well on PC?

PS5 DualSense controller works both wired and wirelessly if your PC supports Bluetooth, but if you want to use it wired, make sure you have a USB-C to USB-A lead. If you decide to use the PS5 DualSense controller on a PC, bear in mind that the adaptive triggers won’t be utilized when playing most PC games.

3. Why is Elden Ring showing controller controls on PC?

If you’re playing Elden Ring with a mouse and keyboard but the game is showing you buttons for a gamepad, you need to change your display settings to solve the problem. Most likely, the on-screen prompts are set to gamepad.

4. Does the haptic PS5 controller work on PC?

Which PC games support the PS5 controller? Because the Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC can effectively piggyback on Steam for controller support, it should work with every game in your Steam library, including the ability to rebind button inputs. Not every game will actually understand that it’s a PlayStation controller, though.

5. Is Elden Ring PS5  better with controller?

If you ask us, you should definitely use a controller if you can as it just feels more intuitive and natural to use one. While you can play with a keyboard and mouse, there is a learning curve to it, not to mention that it’s tough to use the pouch with this control setup.

6. How do you change the Controller PC?

Turn on Controller Configuration Support
Launch Steam.
Open Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.
Tick either the Xbox or PlayStation Controller Support boxes, depending on which you’re playing on.
Right click on Elden Ring in your Steam Library.
Select Properties > Controller.

7. Is Elden Ring PS5  good?

The DualSense Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC is Sony’s best gamepad yet

Aside from it’s middling battery life, the DualSense is an absolute joy to use – and we can’t wait to see how haptic feedback and adaptive triggers impact future PlayStation 5 games to come.

8. Is Elden Ring better on PC?

Elden Ring on PC

But From Software did release a day one patch — though issues apparently still remain — and has said it will work on improving the game on PC. But with frame rate issues and stuttering still being reported, Elden Ring’s performance on the Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC is still sub-par

9. Why is Elden Ring PS5  controller only?

Elden Ring is a souls-like game, and with that comes the question if it is worth playing on a controller. The games were basically built to be played on a controller, so it can confuse a lot of people to see controller buttons when they aren’t even using one in the first place.

10. How do you press OK in Controller PC?

To open the map in Elden Ring on PC you have to press the letter G. In the history of Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC it was always M that opens the map or sometimes TAB. From Software decided that G is the key for this. Furthermore they don’t let you change this in key bindings screen.

11. Wil PS5 Controller PC have haptic feedback on PC?

That being said, PC users tried playing Elden Ring with a Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC, hoping that they would be able to take advantage of this new interactive feature. Apparently, this works so if you also want to enjoy everything Elden Rings has to offer, including haptic feedback, you have to play it on PC or Xbox

12. Is Elden Ring better on PC or console?

While PC earned the most votes of any individual category (38.8%), the majority of our voters prefer to play Elden Ring on a console. Almost 27% of polled participants play the game on the Xbox Series X. The Xbox One is the second-most popular console for the game among our readers at 13.71%.

13. Why does my controller not work on Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC?

Unplug other controllers & unused USB dongles. Start “Task Manager” Force Close all other controller software. Restart Steam and launch Elden Ring.

14. How do you summon a horse  Controller PC?

Head into the Equipment menu, then go to your Quick Items, and pick an empty slot to assign the Spectral Seed Whistle. When you use the Spectral Seed Whistle, your character immediately appears atop the horse, meaning you don’t have to go through any button inputs to mount Torrent.

15. Is Controller PC4K 60fps on PS5?

The performance is highly unstable, with quality mode having a range of 30-60 FPS and frame rate mode ending up in the 45-60 FPS range. Digital Foundry also confirms that Elden Ring rarely ever runs at 60 FPS on both Elden Ring PS5 Controller PC and Xbox Series X.