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Product Description

Wrist Strap Transparent Phone Case For  Iphone 12 Case Popsocket Stand Holder Shokcproof Soft Cover

  • Brand Name: Prumya
  • Compatible Brand: APPLE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Bumper
  • Design: Plain,transparent
  • Function: Anti-shock scratchproof Anti-scratch Anti-Knock Protective
  • Material: High Quality Soft TPU Silicone

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Iphone 12 Case Popsocket

1.Can you use a PopSocket with iPhone 12?

Designed exclusively for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, the PopSockets PopCase with MagSafe provides security with style. Slide the grip down for easy MagSafe charging, and up for hands-free video. Swappable with hundreds of PopTops so you can customize your phone.

2.Do you need a special case for a PopSocket?

WILL IT STICK TO MY PHONE? The new gel sticks fantastically to smooth cases, hard cases, and phones with plastic, metal, or glass casings. It doesn’t stick as well to silicone or waterproof cases, cases with a lot of texture, soft cases.

3.Do PopSockets work on iPhone cases?

PopSockets PopCase iPhone case: What’s not good

There are only five solid color MagSafe cases available, though you can still use any of the huge selection of PopGrips to jazz up a plain case. PopSockets PopCase is only available for standard, Pro, and Max iPhones, not for the iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini at all.

4.Can you wirelessly charge an iPhone 12 with a PopSocket?

You can now use a Popsocket and wireless charging at the same time with the $60 PopPower. Popsockets and PopGrips are integral iPhone accessories for many people. You simply attach one to the back of your iPhone, and you have a built-in handle that makes the device easier to hold.

5.Is a PopSocket worth it?

Popsockets are worth the price. Popclips are bit expensive, but add to the functionality of Popsockets. While they might look a bit goofy, Popsockets are useful, versatile, and make a great accessory. You’ll wonder how you’d gotten by without one.

6.Where should I put my PopSocket?

To find the best place to put the PopSockets Grip, I held my phone like I normally would and stuck it between my ring and middle fingers. There’s no right or wrong place to put it, and you can take it off and adjust its positioning later.

7.How long do PopSockets last?

You’d be surprised by how long a PopSocket lasts! A genuine PopSocket is designed to collapse and expand 12,000 times, and re-stick over 100 times.

8.Why is my PopSocket falling off?

Not Sticking: If your PopSockets product is no longer sticking, follow the steps below to reactivate the adhesive gel on your PopSockets product. Step 1: Give your PopSockets gel a quick rinse. Step 2: Let it air dry for 10 minutes. Do not leave it out any longer, this will cause the adhesive gel to dry out entirely.

9.Are Iphone 12 Case Popsocket waterproof?

Yes, PopSockets are waterproof. They are made from a mix of polyurethane, polycarbonate and TPU, which ensures they’re waterproof.

10.Are Iphone 12 Case Popsocket good for your hands?

PopSockets have helped me get in the habit of keeping my phone and my head up. I can feel a definite difference in my fingers on days that I use a case with a phone grip and days I don’t, not just in my fingers, but in my wrist and shoulders, too. It’s easier to keep my phone steady and higher.

11.Can you remove a Iphone 12 Case Popsocket and put it on another case?

When moving a Iphone 12 Case Popsocket to a new position, case, or different phone, do it within 15 minutes of removing the PopSocket so that the adhesive gel doesn’t dry out. While the gel is sticky, move the PopSocket to another device or case or move it to a different spot on the current device.

12.Is PopSocket magnetic?

The PopSocket is not magnetic. It’s made out of plastic so it won’t stick. However, if you add a magnet (like the Steelie) it still works even though the socket sits higher than the magnet on the phone cover.

13.Are all Iphone 12 Case Popsocket the same?

All Iphone 12 Case Popsocket work the exact same, and you use them for all the same purposes. However, there are different types that make this accessory unique! The different types of PopSockets include: PopSocket grip stand.

14.Do charging pads work with Iphone 12 Case Popsocket?

The company today is unveiling the PopPower Home wireless charger that allows you to wirelessly charge your supported Apple or Android smartphone by making room for the PopGrip on the back of your phone by way of a hole in the middle of the charging pad.

15.Is there a MagSafe Iphone 12 Case Popsocket?

Product Description. PopSockets for Magsafe securely attaches to your MagSafe-compatible case for maximum grip and stand utility, while simply sliding off (When you want it to) for MagSafe compatible charging.