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  • Blaire

    This is a really nice product that I would recommend to others. It has a stylish design and it works well and is very easy to use. This product is also very reasonably priced and the shipping is super fast.

    June 13, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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  • Brantley

    Nice product

    I don’t know what I would do without my orange light on my ps4 controller. It has saved me so many times from taking the battery out and plugging it in the wrong way. I love that the light comes on when you need it and goes off when you don’t, saving me battery power. The controller is also very well-made and looks great. I also love how it lights up in the dark.

    June 9, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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  • Louis

    I was really impressed with this product. It’s really convenient because it turns on a nice orange light when you press the PS4 controller’s share button. I’ve always been looking for a product like this and am glad I found it. Plus, it arrived so quickly!

    April 19, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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  • Maximus

    The orange light on my PS4 controller is a great product. It is a nice looking and functional product. It was easy to purchase and came to my door within a few days. The price is great for the quality of the product. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    March 15, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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  • Lennox

    Amazing product

    I really like this product! It is compatible with my ps4 and it works very well. It was also very easy to setup and program. It was a great price and came very quickly. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking this type of product.

    February 4, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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Product Description

100pcs orange 3D Analog Joystick  Orange Light on PS4 Controller Micro Switch Axis Thumbstick

  • With USB: no
  • Model Number: switch axis resistors for ps4 xbox one
  • color: orange color

Orange Light on PS4 Controller XBOXONEOrange Light on PS4 Controller 3 PINOrange Light on PS4 Controller Coilorange light on ps4 controller while chargingorange light on ps4 controller for constantorange light on ps4 controller micro chips

1. What is Orange Light on PS4 Controller?

A PS4 controller flashing orange means your console is in Rest Mode or is charging. See, the device uses its light bar to display information, and an Orange Light on PS4 Controller doesn’t always mean it’s something bad.

2. How do I fix the Orange Light on PS4 Controller?

  • Check the USB port and batteries.
  • DS4 cable replacement.
  • Reset your PS4 console.
  • Reset your DS4 controller.
  • Start your PS4 in safe mode.
  • Pressing the PS button repeatedly.

3. What color is the light when PS4 controller is charging?

The charge level of the battery appears on-screen when you press and hold the PS button. While the system is in rest mode, the light bar slowly blinks orange. When charging is complete, the light bar turns off.

4. Why does my PS4 light turn orange?

Your PlayStation is in Rest Mode. This allows your PlayStation 4 to wake up on its own to download updates, and start-up quickly when you want to use it.

5. What do the different color lights on PS4 controller mean?

The Orange Light on PS4 Controller lights indicate the players connected to the PS4 console. Blue is Player 1, Red is Player 2, Green is Player 3, and Pink is Player 4.

Games have started to utilize different colors, such as turning red when you have low health in Call Of Duty or when the police are chasing you in Grand Theft Auto.

6. How long do PS4 controllers take to charge?

However, it may be a good idea to leave the Orange Light on PS4 Controller plugged in to charge before disconnecting so that the controller doesn’t power off almost immediately. According to the Sony website a full controller charge from complete discharge takes about 2 hours.

7. Can I charge my PS4 controller with a phone charger?

To charge your PS4 controller, simply plug your Micro USB cable into your console and connect it to the controller while it is powered on. However, you need to ensure that the phone charger that you use is not designed for fast charging.

8. Why is my Orange Light on PS4 Controller?

If your PS4  is Orange Light on PS4 Controller, then that means that it’s trying to connect to your console. Normally this only takes a few seconds before it properly connects. The problem is that sometimes you’ll be sitting around for seconds, and then minutes, before figuring out that it’s not working.

9. What do I do if my PS4 controller wont charge?

Possible Reasons Why Your PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

PS4 Issues: Random bugs in your console may prevent you from charging the controller. You may fix this by power cycling the console, resetting the controller, and updating the console

10. How do you check battery life on PS4 controller?

  • To check the battery status of a wireless controller:
  • Press and hold the PS button (the large button in the middle of the controller).
  • The battery level indicator will be displayed on your screen.

11. Why is my PS4 controller green when charging?

Why is my controller light green when charging? If you use a charging dock for your PS4 controllers, a flashing green light usually indicates that the controller isn’t properly seated on the charger.

12. Can you use PS4 controller while charging?

That is, when the controller battery is completely drained. You can use your PS4 controller while it’s charging. But, it will take around three hours to charge an empty DualShock 4 fully. If you plug your PS4 controller in to charge and then use it before the light turns off.

13. Can you charge PS4 controller from wall?

You can safely and easily charge your PS4 controller from a wall outlet, but you’ll need a standard micro USB cable and an AC adapter for your PlayStation 4 console. First, take the micro USB cable that came with your PS4 controller and plug it into the port located on the front of the controller.

14. How do I charge my Orange Light on PS4 Controller?

You can turn off the light bar, speaker, and vibration to charge the controller faster. The DualShock needs 5V 800 mA of power to charge, but if the user is Orange Light on PS4 Controller and using it simultaneously, the console will use part of the power supply to operate.

15. Can I use any USB cable to charge PS4 controller?

Yes, you can use any USB cable to charge your PS4 controller. The PS4 controller uses a standard USB 2.0 Micro-B cable.

16. Why is my PS4 controller red?

The PS4 controller light turns red only when connecting it to the console. It means it has problems when charging via the console. If you have already replaced the charging cable, you need to reset the console and the controller