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Product Description

Defender Series Screenless Edition Otterboxes iPhone 8 And iPhone 7  Plus Phone Cover

  • Origin: US(Origin)
  • Type: Crossbody Case
  • Design: Plain
  • Features: Anti-Fingerprint
  • Features: Anti-Scratch
  • Features: With Clip
  • Compatible Brand: iPhone

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best Otterboxes Iphone 8

1. Which Otterboxes iPhone 8 is best?

Best iPhone 8 case overall: Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 8 Case.

2. Do Otterboxes make your phone hot?

Generally speaking, the iPhone should not produce any noticeable heat while charging. If your iPhone is getting hot while charging there is something wrong that needs to be addressed. With that said, the Otterbox case should have no effect on charging or the battery life at all.

3. Which is better the OtterBox Commuter or Defender?

The Defender series provides a higher level of protection than the Commuter series. If fact, the Defender series provides better protection than just about any other case you can find.

4. Which is most protective?

He most safeguards of any Otterboxes iPhone 8 case. And it’s available for a range of smartphones and tablets. It’s the only series with 3 layers of protection: a polycarbonate inner layer, a silicone outer layer and a sturdy, swiveling belt clip holster.

5. Which is the toughest Otterbox iPhone 8  case?

The toughest case out of the four. We know the slipcover on the case will stretch out over time and people tend to pull the port covers off.

6. How long does it take to get a case from Otterbox?

It depends on the item you are buying, but if it’s in stock you can expect your shipment within 5-10 business days. You will not receive your order until all of the items are in stock.

7. Will Otterboxes iPhone 8  replace your phone if it breaks?

Am OtterBox machines supposed to n a phone if it breaks? No. There will be a replacement OtterBox case, but the phone will not be damaged if it is broken.

According to some cellular carriers, they sell ‘accidental damage’ warranties on their products.

8. Does OtterBox iPhone 8  prevent cracked screens?

As you noted, there is no screen protection in this Otterboxes Iphone 8 model. There is a bit of a lip that rolls around the extreme edge of the screen, so there will be some protection from that. A vertical, screen-down flat drop shouldn’t make for a problem, but if the screen lands on a projection you may end up with damage.

9. Will OtterBox clear case turn yellow?

Yes, it does. I have a clear case and it got yellow within a couple of months and it doesn’t come off.

10. How many feet is Otterbox drop protection?

It requires a case and device be dropped 26 times from 4 feet. This proves the edges, corners, front and back of a case prevail through multiple impacts and that we’ve made the toughest phone case possible.

11. Is Otterboxes iPhone 8 military grade?

Still, the most common theme across the board is heavy-duty military-grade protection. Its flagship Defender Series cases are known to be big, bulky, and not so visually appealing covers. What’s unique about Otterbox’s Defender series is its multi-layered protection.

12. What else does Otterbox iPhone 8 make?

The company has produced eleven different lines of cases: Achiever Series, Defender Series, Resurgence Series, Symmetry Series, Commuter Series, Reflex Series, Armor series, Prefix Series, Preserver series, Profile series, Strada series, Pursuit series, Statement series and the Drybox series

13. Which Otterboxes iPhone 8 screen?

For screen protection, the only two Otterbox cases that come with screen protectors are the Commuter and Defender.

The Commuter is sticky screen protector where the Defender is built into the case.

14. Why are they called Otter boxes?

OtterBox is such a unique name for a iPhone cases — where did it come from? Curt: Similar to an otter’s fur, our first line was a waterproof box. That product benefit inspired my wife, Nancy Richardson, to create the name OtterBox

15. Are all Otterboxes iPhone 8 Cases Drop proof?

Recognizing that not every smartphone user is the same, Otterboxes iPhone 8  has built a diverse lineup of cases, all of which carry the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection seal of approval.