PlayStation 5 Digital Console and 2 Controllers Skin Sticker Vinyl


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Product Description

Naruto Goku PS5 Digital Edition Skin Sticker Decal Cover for PlayStation 5 Digital Console and 2 Controllers Skin Sticker Vinyl

  • Brand Name: Bandai
  • Model Number: PS5 Digital Edition
  • Compatible Brand/Model: playstation 5
  • Origin: CN(Origin)


  • Anti-scratch, anti-collision, surface hardening up to 3H, effectively protect the shell from scratches or wear;
  • Ultra-thin, with a considerable degree of flexibility, can be attached to the surface well;
  • Dustproof, waterproof, good weather resistance, and can be operated outdoors at any time;
  • The color of the pattern is bright, the sense of fashion is strong, the retention time is long, the color is not easy to fade, and it is UV-resistant and waterproof.
  • Using special adhesive, not only can stick to the surface of the shell well, it is also very convenient to remove without leaving the slightest glue stain;
  • Paste is simple and easy, remove easily.


  • Environmental protection PVC, PP, removable adhesive
  • Product thickness: 0.02-0.03MM
  • Surface treatment effect: matte, smooth, leather pattern, cloth pattern, etc.


  • OPP bag 
  • 1 set sticker

Can you put a sticker on vinyl?

As long as the surface is flat, vinyl stickers will probably stick to it. We believe vinyl stickers have unlimited creative potential.

Can you put stickers on a controller?

Yes, this is perfectly safe, stickers can generally go on any smooth and dry surface. The only real thing to watch out for when putting them on electrical goods is to never cover over any vents to prevent possible overheating.

What are vinyl stickers called?


Vinyl labels are better known by their other name which is decals. These two, stickers and vinyl labels, are attached to products and other surfaces with the use of an adhesive but that is where their similarities end.

Are vinyl stickers the same as decals?

Basically, decals are decorative stickers, usually for outdoor use. A decal sticker design for car use, for instance, will go through an eco-solvent printing process. Vinyl is generally the material they’re printed on, though UV over laminate may also be used.

Can you put vinyl on vinyl wrap?

Absolutely! Just be sure to properly prep the surface without harming it. Soap and water with about 10% rubbing alcohol is safe and effective as a prep solution followed by a clear rinse and clean dry.

Is it safe to put stickers on an Xbox one?

You should be fine, though if you ever sell the system, you’ll want to be sure to remove them and any sticky residue, unless the sticker itself is somehow valuable.

What are vinyl skins?

Laptop skins are a thin vinyl (or rubber in some cases) covering that covers the bulk of the outside of the laptop. As with other devices, skins, or “wraps” can protect your computer from scratches and other forms of damage, such as water damage.

Are vinyl stickers better?

Vinyl is the clear winner when it comes to durability, look and feel. Vinyl stickers last longer, look better and stick to different surfaces better. We laminate vinyl stickers for outdoor use in a protective coating that is water, sun and oil-proof.

How good are vinyl stickers?

Sticker decals are much more durable than paper stickers. They can fall apart much more easily than a vinyl transfer decal. Custom vinyl decals will last for about 3 years when used outside (but can be less if exposed to extreme heat or weather). You’ll get plenty of attention with Custom printed decals.

Are vinyl stickers waterproof?

Vinyl stickers on their own are not waterproof; it’s what the printing manufacturers put on them that makes them waterproof. However, not all vinyl stickers are made to get wet.

Are vinyl stickers removable from cars?

Absolutely. While decals are permanent they are also removable. This is because premium decals are printed on thinner vinyl and have a more aggressive adhesive, which conforms and sticks better to slightly textured surfaces and the unique contours or styling a vehicle may have.

Are matte vinyl stickers waterproof?

Matte stickers are weatherproof, but not UV-protected so they will fade faster in sunlight than our glossy stickers. Just make sure to apply your stickers at a temperate temperature and on a dry surface.

Should you laminate vinyl stickers?

Lamination is an important thing to consider for any vinyl project. It is a good idea to laminate any items such as decals or stickers that will be exposed to outside elements such as wind, rain, heat and cold. That being said, it is absolutely essential when considering vehicle wraps.

Can you use any controller on PS5?

Once you connect the DualShock 4 to your PS5, you’ll have to pick which profile you want to use it with. You can only use a PS4 controller on your PS5 to play PS4 games and navigate menus.

Can you remove PS5 Skins?

Start by grabbing near the PlayStation logo at the rear of the console, then pull the corner outward. Once it starts to lift, you can remove the entire plate by sliding it downward. Then simply repeat the process for the other side.

Do vinyl stickers last outside?

Vinyl is the most commonly used base material for outdoor stickers. The material is made to last outdoors for several years, with constant exposure to the elements. Some vinyl materials will even last upwards of 7-10 years. Polyester is another commonly used outdoor sticker material.

Can vinyl withstand rain?

Vinyl needs to be able to combat the elements of various weather conditions. From the heat of sunny Spain to the constant rain of Great Britain. Vinyl needs to able to battle them all. These can withstand rain, sunshine and most things in between.

Is permanent vinyl waterproof?

Even your most intricate designs effortlessly separate from the carrier sheet for a perfect application. Water-resistant and UV-resistant, Permanent Premium Vinyl lasts up to three years, even in the great outdoors.

Can you wash vinyl stickers?

Stickers can be washed, the easiest way to clean a vinyl sticker is to wipe over the surface using a damp cloth or alternatively they could be hand washed.

How do you clean a dirty vinyl sticker?

Begin by using a soft cloth and a solution of water and detergent to take care of any superficial dirt on the decal. If there is mold or mildew on the decal, use a sodium percarbonate cleaner to remove the substances. Don’t use a scrubbing pad or rub too hard, as this can damage your decals.

Are all stickers vinyl?

The truth is, they’re the same! All decals are stickers. In the past, stickers have typically been placed on a paper backing and made into sheets with other stickers and or individually. Now, they can be made from several materials including pet and vinyl making them more durable for outdoor usage.