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Product Description

Power Supplies for xbox 360 Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick Power Supply Charger Cable


  • Brand Name: Brand Name
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Compatible Brand/Model: Microsoft
  • Model Number: Cables
  • Plug Type: EU plug
  • Certification: NONE
  • MicroSoft Model: xbox

USB Charging Cable Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick Power Supply Charger Cable Game Cables for Xbox 360 Accessories


This is a the USB Charging Cable for Xbox 360 Wireless Game Controller.


Condition: New

Design for: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Dual color indicator to show the charging state:

Lights red-Charging; Lights green-full charged


Work temperature: 0-70 Centigrade

Work voltage: DC 5V

Weight: 61g approx

Color: Black

Charging cable length: 1.5 m approx


1 X USB Charging Cable

Power Supplies for xbox 360 SlimPower Supplies for xbox 360 Console

1 . What power supply do I need for Xbox 360?

The power supply is rated for 245 watts of continuous power and 280 watts of maximum power. The 120-watt PSU and 135-watt PSU are interchangeable, and you can use both with the Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E consoles.

2. Can you use a Xbox One power supply for Xbox 360?

The Power Supplies for xbox 360 Power Bricks are not interchangeable because they are different wattages/volts. A proprietary power connector is permanently attached to the end of the DC power cord.

3. Can you fix Xbox 360 power supply?

Unplug the Power Supplies for xbox 360 from the console and the wall outlet. Let the power supply cool for 30 minutes. Make sure the power supply is in a well-ventilated space, and the ventilation openings on the power supply are not covered. Reconnect the power supply to your console and plug it back into the wall outlet.

4. Are all Power Supplies for xbox 360 the same?

The Xbox One S and Xbox One X have an internal power supply that works in all regions worldwide. Warning Microsoft does not license any non-Microsoft accessories that plug into the Xbox One power socket. Using any accessory other than the standard Xbox One Power Supplies for xbox 360 may damage your Xbox and void your warranty.

5. How much watts does a Power Supplies for xbox 360 use?

It turns out that the Xbox 360 draws about 160 watts of power, over twice as much as the original Xbox, which draws 74 watts, and the PlayStation 2, which draws about 50.

6. Why is my Xbox 360 power brick red?

If your power supply light is still flashing orange, solid red, or unlit, your power supply needs to be replaced.

7. How do I fix my Xbox 360 power supply without the light?

If there is no light at all, try a different power cord, the one going from the wall to the brick. If it still doesn’t work, may I suggest buying a surge protector (not a power bar), for all of your electronics to prevent future damage. If it does turn out that the brick is dead, you’re out of luck

8. Does old Xbox 360 power supply work slim?

The power supplies are not interchangeable between the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 S. The only ones that are interchangeable are the Xbox 360 S (uses a 135w PSU) and the Xbox 360 E

9. Why is my Xbox power brick orange?

The Xbox One power supply orange light means the machine is on standby. It’s not receiving sufficient power, so you won’t be able to turn it on. To fix this problem, you should unplug the power supply and wait for ten FULL minutes. This should reset the power supply.

10. How do I know if my Xbox 360 power supply is bad?

This light can help you determine if your power supply is failing:
No light – The power supply is not receiving power from the wall.
Green light – The power supply is working correctly and the Xbox is on.
Orange light – The power supply is working correctly and the Xbox is off.
Red light – The power supply is failing.

11. How do I fix my Xbox 360 power?

How to Fix an Xbox 360 That Won’t Turn On
Unplug the Xbox from the wall and plug it back in.
Check the Xbox 360 power changer.
Let the Xbox 360 cool down.
Disconnect and reconnect all A/V cables from the TV and Xbox 360 console.
Remove and reinstall the Xbox 360 hard drive.

12. Which Power Supplies for xbox 360 do I have?

The easiest way to identify your Xbox is to inspect the console. The identification sticker on the back typically lists the model name and number, and some Xbox models clearly label the capacity on the chassis.

13. Why does my Xbox power brick keep turning off?

If your console turns off unexpectedly during use or inactivity, the power outlet may be bad or the power cord could be plugged in incorrectly. Try plugging the supply directly into a different outlet (note: not through a surge protector), and check that the cord is properly plugged into the outlet and the console.

14. Why does my Xbox keep turning off after a few seconds?

Sounds like it is overheating. Make sure all vents are clear of dust and debris and the console is well ventilated. Try performing a hard reset EXACTLY like this. Hold the power button on the console for 8 seconds or until the power shuts down completely.

15.Why does my Xbox 360 keep turning off?

The Xbox 360 console can unexpectedly turn off under the following circumstances: The Auto-Off setting is enabled, and the console has been inactive for 6 hours. The console is too hot. There’s a problem with the power supply.