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Product Description

PS Controller With Paddles For SONY PS4 Rear Extension Button Mapping Keys Adapter For PS4 Accessories

  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Compatible Brand/Model: Sony
  • Compatible Sony Model: PS4 Pro,PS4 Slim
  • Model Number: PGPS2010
  • 1: ps4 back button
  • 2: Turbo Function


A classic affordable controller for PS4 back extension button, can customize the back button mapping function, support turbo burst function, plug and play, improve the flexibility of operation, Make your game easier,Experience the peak of the game!


Material: ABS
Color: Black
size: 11×9.5×4.5cm

PS Controller With Paddles scuf

PS Controller With Paddles cheap

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1. Does PlayStation have a controller with paddles?

Elevate your competitive play. Get the edge in your favorite games with two ergonomically designed rear buttons. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 Back Button Attachment to any DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller and shorten your response times with even more essential in-game actions at your fingertips.

2. What are PS4 controller paddles for?

Controller paddles traditionally provide additional or alternate locations for buttons on a standard gamepad. That can be particularly helpful for those with disabilities, those with repetitive stress injuries, or competitive players who are looking to improve their response time.

3. Does PlayStation have an elite controller?

PS4 Elite Controller with Back Paddles,Heavy Dual Vibration Elite PS Controller With Paddles Wireless Custom Game Controller for Play Station 4 /PC with Speaker and 3.5mm Audio Headphone Jack.

4. What is the most responsive PS Controller?

Sony DualShock 4: The best official PS4 controller
As the official controller, there really isn’t anything better than it out there for those looking for a general PlayStation 4 pad to use. It’s comfortable to use, responsive and charges via a micro-USB connection.

5. Can you use PS4 paddles on PS5?

For now, the only way to add back buttons to the PS Controller With Paddles is with third-party accessories. Alternatively, you can get your existing DualSense controller customized with rear paddles added. Otherwise, you’ll just have to make do until Sony makes its own official back button attachment.

6. Are PS Controller worth it?

If you’re playing competitively, we’d say absolutely. Shaving off milliseconds is vital and it’s one of the main aims of any pro-orientated controller. For casual gamers, they’re not essential, but they could be just what you need to level up in games like Warzone, Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite.

7. What’s a strike pack?

The STRIKEPACK F.P.S. Dominator is a breakthrough controller adapter that adds advanced gaming functionality to your existing PS Controller With Paddles controller. The PS4 Strike Pack adapter gives you on the fly button mapping and the latest shooter mods without any permanent modification or voiding of your warranty.

8. Can you get a PS5 controller with Paddles?

SCUF Reflex custom PS Controller With Paddles is designed to fit the way you play. Everything is adaptable, even your button layouts. This allows you to remap your paddles to any combination of 12 actions, saving profiles to swap between favorites at the push of a button.

9. How do you remove aim PS Controller?

The good news is the back paddles are removeable. If you ever become annoying or you’re not using them, all you have to do is twist the central Aim Controller logo on the back, and then you can remove the paddles as you would on many other third-party controllers.

10. How do you unlock a PS Controller ?

Just press the Pair button twice. Your controller motors will vibrate a few times to confirm. To unlock the PS Controller With Paddles, press the Pair button twice again (your controller will vibrate once to confirm).

11. What is Atari PS Controller With Paddles?

The Paddle Controlles, are a type of controller, that are commonly used on the Atari video game systems. The controller is black and has a wheel that the player spins. However, the wheel doesn’t spin 360 degrees. The Paddle Controller isn’t the be confused with the Driving Controller.

12. What is electronic PS Controller ?

A paddle is an input device that provides left-and-right PS Controller With Paddles by means of a small wheel held in the fingers of one hand.

13. What are PS Controller cards?

Containing only a few electronic components, a paddle board typically has an edge connector for plugging into a slot. The name came from an early personal computer game card that added paddle board capabilities to the machine. See game paddle.

14. What are controller back PS Controller?

Controller paddles are usually found on the back of high-end controllers and typically come in either pairs or four to a gamepad. They are designed so you can use the fingers wrapped around the controller when playing. These paddles are often mappable, which means you can assign different buttons to them

15. Can you put PS Controller With Paddles on a normal Xbox controller?

Things like trigger stops and paddles are included with the much more expensive Elite Wireless but you can add them to any regular Xbox One controller, too.