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Product Description

4-In-1usb Wired Game PS4 Controller for Fighting Games For Playstation Pro

  • Certification: NONE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)


  1. Plug and play, no need to charge, connect to for N-Switch base to get power directly.
  2. The buttons are fully functional and support the TURBO function.
  3. Large joystick, big buttons, good operation feel and long service life.
  4. Comes with 2.5m USB cable.
  5. The bottom suction cup is firm and non-slip.
  6. Compatible with PS4 and switch console games; It is not necessary to use the original handle to guide when connecting for PS4 console.
  7. You can play relevant games on the PC or upgrade the software through the PC when necessary.


Working voltage: DC 5V
Material: ABS + hardware board
Product weight: 400g
Product size: 210 * 160 * 150mm

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1. What controller do fighting game players use?

  1.  Mixbox. Mixbox has a unique design, taking the fight stick to a new level.
  2. Hit Box.
  3. Qanba Dragon.
  4. Logitech Gamepad F310
  5. Qanbra Drone.
  6. Razer Panthera.
  7. Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4.
  8. Original PlayStation Controller

2. Which gamepad is best for PS4 Controller ?

Best Fightpads at a glance
PowerA Fusion Fightpad.
Nintendo Switch Gamecube Style FightPad.
HORI Fighting Commander for PlayStation 4 & 3.

3. Is it better to use joystick or Dpad in fighting games?

d-pad is objectively better than analog, especially for movement. Some players use the analog for certain things like charge moves, but it’s almost always d-pad for 90% of the match.

4. Is PS4 Controller for Fighting Games better than controller?

Fightsticks are universal, meaning you can use them across different platforms and PS4 Controller for Fighting Games. As a result, you’ll probably feel more comfortable and perform better in fighting games elsewhere since you won’t need to switch controllers.

5. What controller does Sonic Fox use?

SonicFox and GO1 had a lot of REALLY great and close matches (fox won the most recent tourney against GO1 the other day) GO1 uses a fight stick (arcade stick) and SonicFox used a PS3 controller. What this means in a nutshell is: whatever you learned to play on/ are more comfortable with is the better one.

6. Do Fighting Games  work on PS5?

Sony confirms in the listing that PS4 Controller for Fighting Games sticks will indeed work on PS5 native games as well as backwards compatible PS4 titles, so the Razer Panthera or Hori Real Arcade Pro.

7. Do pro Tekken players use controller?

No. Most japanese pros play on Arcade sticks since they play mainly in the arcades, thats why they use arcade sticks. It’s a myth that all pro PS4 Controller for Fighting Games use arcade sticks or that you need one to have a chance, it also doesn’t give you any advantage, it’s just a preference thing. Turtle.

8. Is controller or mouse better?

There’s no clear winner between controllers vs. mouse and keyboard for gaming. Both input methods have their pros and cons, and it comes down to personal preference. Many users are proficient with both systems and can use them interchangeably.

 9. Should I play  Fighting Games with controller or keyboard?

Gamepads can be a little bit trickier and Keyboard requires you to set it up in a very unintuitive manner in order to get full access to all moves in most PS4 Controller for Fighting Games(360/720 motions, super jump, etc). It all comes down to preference in the end, really.

10. Are mechanical keyboards good for PS4 ?

Fighting games being extremely repetitive motion wise, and mechanical keyboards not really focusing on ergonomics like… well, ergonomic keyboards, playing on a keyboard sounds like it’d be hell on the wrists long-term (though sticks aren’t always much better, which is one of the few real benefits of pads

11. What is a PS4 Controller ?

What is a Fightpad? PS4 Controller for Fighting Games are the middle ground between a traditional controller and a fightstick. They look pretty similar to a default controller except for the additional face buttons making it a six button layout.

12. What is the benefit of a PS4 Controller for Fighting Games?

1. Execution. A lot of players find that an arcade stick allows for better execution. Especially in those games which require precise button presses.

13. Is it cheaper to build a PS4 Controller ?

You can even attach your own custom artwork to the stick and really make it your own. Building a PS4 Controller for Fighting Games often comes out cheaper than buying a ready-made Fightstick and it also a lot of fun!

14. Will PS4 Controller  work on PS4?

Can confirm your PS4 Controller for Fighting Games will work on PS4 with SFV’s Legacy mode no issue or any fighting game that has legacy controller mode enabled.

15. How many buttons do you need on a PS4 Controller ?

Number of buttons: Fight sticks usually have six or eight buttons, which is what you’ll map your game’s inputs to. How many buttons you need comes down to personal preference. For most modern pads, eight is the standard configuration.