Silicone Dustproof Protective Housing Cover for PS5


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Product Description

Silicone Dustproof Protective Housing Cover for PS5 Optical Drive/Digital

  • Brand Name: ALLOYSEED
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Compatible Brand/Model: playstation 5
  • Model Number: /
  • is_customized: /
Product Description
High-quality hard shell replacement, suitable for PS5 host..
Unique design allows easy access to all buttons.
Very easy to install and disassemble, very suitable for PS5 console, will not affect any functions.
Protect the console from dust, scratches, damage, water and daily use.Specification:
Material: Silicone
Size: 400 X 280 X 5mm/15.75 X 11.02 X 0.2″
Applicable: for PlayStation 5 PS5 Optical Drive/Digital Version

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.
Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
1 X Game Console Shell 


Can I cover my PS5?

A dust cover significantly reduces the amount of dust that gets into your console in the first place. As a result, you won’t have to clean it as often. Not only that, but a cover can provide a splash of color to brighten up your room. That said, keep in mind that the PS5 relies on airflow in order to keep cool.

Is it better to lay the PS5 flat?

Ultimately, there is no wrong way to lay down your PS5. You can position it the two ways Sony markets the console, or you can place it horizontally upside down if you don’t want to fiddle with the black stand — or if you broke it.

How do I make my PS5 my home?

How To Set PS5 As Primary Console For Game Sharing
Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Console Sharing and Offline Play.
Select Enable.

What does the PS5 warranty cover?

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (“SIE”) warrants to the original purchaser (“you”) that the PS5 hardware, which includes components contained in the retail box with this hardware (“Product”), will be free from material defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.

How do I keep my PS5 dust free?

Sony recommend that you remove dust from the air vents by using a low-powered vacuum cleaner. This you can do without removing the faceplate. You can also use the vacuum, or canned air, to remove dust and debris from the console ports. For many users, this will be as far as they want to go in terms of cleaning.

Is PS5 dust proof?

In Sony’s teardown video of the PS5, two holes on the console are shown off. These are the dust catchers, where any dust collected by the system’s fan is filtered to. This means that getting rid of the dust in your system–and avoiding a horribly loud fan–is simply a matter of vacuuming them out of these holes.

Can the PS5 be placed horizontally?

Best answer: Yes. Although the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition were displayed vertically during their initial announcement, both can lie horizontally. However, you’ll need to use the included base to position your console.

How do I put my PS5 in horizontal?

How to flip the PS5 console from vertical to horizontal

  • Remove the screw.
  • Store the screw in the base.
  • Use the provided cap to plug the screw hole.
  • Rotate the stand.
  • Insert the stand in line with the console marks.
  • Place the PS5 console on its side.

Should you keep your PS5 vertical or horizontal?

The PS5 is a massive console, in fact in towers above even the fridge-like Xbox Series X, so laying it down takes up some serious space. It’s something to consider if you’re building a gaming setup. We’d say go for vertical if space is limited.

How do I activate a primary PS5?

Anyways, if you want to activate a PS5 as primary for console sharing and offline play, this is how you do it:

  • Power on your PS5.
  • Go to settings from the main menu.
  • Navigate to Users and Accounts.
  • Go to Other, and click on ‘Console Sharing and Offline Play’.
  • Once the prompt appears, click on ‘Enable’.

Can you play PS5 without Internet?

Yes you need internet to use the PS5. You have an account you log into both on the system and on the games.

Will PS5 get themes?

The PS4 had a wide range of theme collections that allowed players to customize their console, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for PS5, since players can’t change themes on PS5. Sony rolled out its new console with a single theme, and the lack of theme support prevents players from trying out different ones.

Is the PS5 overheating?

Fortunately, it is quite easy to tell if your PlayStation 5 is overheating, as per Asurion. Your console will flash a warning that says, “Your PS5 is too hot.” At times, this warning will also be followed by a sudden shutdown.

Will there be a black PS5?

Here’s everything you need to know. It’s now been over a year since Sony first launched the PS5, and there has been no sign of a PS5 black console. All PS5 stock – released in limited quantities – has consisted entirely of the white PS5, to the dismay of many. The Series X first launched in white.

What is the black circle thing that comes with PS5?

In the center of the base, flanked by a line of small vents on either side, you’ll see a small black circle. This is a plastic cap — it covers the hole that the stand screws into when the PS5 is standing upright. The cover also snaps into place in the compartment.

Can you change PS5 wallpaper?

Navigate to the Settings menu from the main menu. Select Themes. Choose whichever theme suits your fancy on the Select Theme screen. You can also select Custom to set a wallpaper image of your choice.

Why does PS5 make noise?

Why is my PS5 console making noise? This is normal and simply means the fan is temporarily working at a faster rate to cool the system more effectively. Ensure that the air vents on the sides and back of the PS5 console are not blocked or obstructed.

How long can a PS5 stay on?

It shouldn’t overheat at all unless your has a defect or you have it in an enclosed area where it can’t breathe. Have had a friend who kept his on for over a week with no issue while the longest mine was on was possibly 2 days with no issue.

Will there be a PS6?

Since the PS3, Sony has provided a new console late in the year, so we expect the same for the PS6. Based off a 2021 job listing from Sony that suggests the development of a new console, we can assume that the PS6 release date will be around 2026.

Can I use dynamic Themes on PS5?

In a very to-the-point segment of its big PS5 FAQ page, Sony said, “No, PS5 will not support folders or themes at launch.” This means that you won’t be able to choose a fancy theme, group your games into folders or set a custom background for the console today.