The Puffer Case

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  • Brand Name: TUMI.OvO
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Half-wrapped Case
  • Features: Anti-Fingerprint
  • Features: Anti-Scratch
  • Features: Lightweight
  • Features: Non-Slip
  • Features: Water-Resistant
  • Compatible Brand: APPLE
  • Design: Plain

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Product Description

1. What is the puffer case and how does it work?

A puffer case is a small-sized case for men and women. The case looks like a 2-cigar case. It is actually a cigarette case. It is a better alternative of a cigarette case, as it has a strong odor. The puffer case is a difficult-to-open tobacco container. To open a puffer case, it is essential to include a small tool to release the pressure on the case. The puffer case is designed to contain the smell of the tobacco. The use of a puffer case is legal in any public place.

Puffer cases are a purse or wallet-like carrying case for your phone. They are generally made of rigid foam, covered in faux leather. They are generally found in 4 colors: black, brown, pink, and red. They generally have a strap to go over your shoulder, and a zipper to keep your phone inside. They are generally around $20 and can be bought at practically any electronic store.

2. How to use the puffer case?

The puffer case is a smartphone case that blows air out of tiny holes around the phone. A light breeze will keep your phone cool and comfy. The Puffer Case was created by a company. It was designed in response to a girl who was using a brick of ice to keep her phone cool. The puff case is made of two parts. The Puffer Case, which is the actual phone case that the phone slides into, and The Puffer, which is a white plastic box with a fan. The Puffer snaps into the back of the Puffer case thus providing the power and airflow for the case. The Puffer Mobile website and the two connected Twitter accounts claim that the case can keep a phone cool and dry for several hours at a time.

3. Is the Puffer case a quality product that you can rely on?

The puffer cases are great for everyday use and don’t really require you to be particularly careful with them. They are made of durable TPU material and will surely keep your phone safe from scratches and bumps. The size of the case is just right and offers great protection at the same time. It fits your phone perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about taking it out all the time. The case comes with a lifetime warranty and can be replaced for free if anything goes wrong with it.

4. What are the key features of the Puffer case?

100% Handcrafted from genuine leather. The Puffer case was designed with the philosophy of “form followed by function”. We make absolutely sure that the leather you feel and touch is the premium quality PU leather, which is known for its soft, comfortable touch, its hand-feel and its resistance to damage. We use genuine leather that is tanned to have the color of your favorite everyday shoes. The leather is sealed with a protective finish to prevent any color transfer, minimize scuffs and scratches and provide a long lasting wear. The design is simple and minimalistic, with a focus on the utility of the case.

5. Is the Puffer case worth the price?

I have tried the Puffer Case and I can say that the case is worth the price.  To be honest, I was very skeptical of the claim that the case would survive a fall from the balcony of a tall building. I tested it out by dropping my iPhone 5s from the balcony of my home. The case not only survived the fall, but actually protected the phone. This will be really useful if I ever drop my phone at the beach or in the snow.

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