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resident evil xbox one how to get into courtyard where to use metal wolf and eagle

What do I do with the wolf and eagle Medal in Resident Evil?

In the remake, the Wolf Medal and Eagle Medal can be put at each circular depression to reveal an elevator going down to the Laboratory entrance.


How do I get to the courtyard re1?

If you’re wondering where the courtyard is, leave the wine room and go back down the staircase. Go through the door opposite the shorter staircase that leads into the room and you’ll enter the dining room. The courtyard is the area directly in front, so use the key and unlock the door.


Where do you use the MO disk in Resident Evil?

A thin plastic case containing a important disk. Use these disks on the three Pass Code Output Terminals that are located in various rooms within the Underground Laboratory. Each one transmits a passcode needed to open the Cell Entrance so you can access the Cell and rescue your partner.


What do I do with the Eagle medal?

Purpose. The Medal of Eagle is one of the items needed to access the Arklay Laboratory underneath the mansion, along with the Medal of Wolf. The player must place it in the hollow slot on the east side of the Courtyard Fountain. Placing both medals will open the entrance to the lab.


Where is the yellow gemstone in Resident Evil?

The Yellow Gemstone is placed in a deer head hanging on a wall in the Spencer Mansion. It can be recovered by climbing a crate to reach the deer head, but the player must make sure an eagle statue with a rotating head isn’t looking at them or the gem will be locked into the deer head by an anti-theft mechanism.


Where is the waterfall in Resident Evil?

A stone courtyard area with a small waterfall. Behind the waterfall lies the entrance to the Underground area, but you can only access it if you stop the flow of water.


Where is the battery for the elevator in Resident Evil?

Location. Inside the Materials Room, on the shelf.


What is the Courtyard Key for?

The Courtyard Key will allow you to unlock more parts of the Dimitrescu Castle to further complete your vampire experience. And of course, to find all the angel masks, escape, and find Rose. The courtyard key is hidden behind a contraption and the key to this is elsewhere in the castle.


Can you kill Lisa Trevor in the cabin?

Upon obtaining the square crank from the dust-covered back hallway, Lisa Trevor will make her first visual appearance. The player will be knocked out by her and will soon regain consciousness, having to face Lisa as a boss. It is strongly advised not to engage Lisa at this point, as she cannot be killed.


How do you unlock Chris cell in Resident Evil?

Go to the main hall of the third-level basement after fighting the game’s final boss and try to open the door with three locks. Since you have all three passcodes, the door should open automatically. After you do this, a scene will occur in which Jill frees Chris from the jail.


Where is the third MO disk?

The third MO disk is in B2 as well. It’s in the room right next to the table where you found the 2nd disk. You need to unlock that room first by solving the computer room puzzle in B3 and entering the right passwords.


Where is the courtyard fountain in Resident Evil?

A large fountain. This area is actually the secret entrance to the Underground Laboratory.


Where is the Eagle medal?

The Eagle Scout medal is worn on the left shirt pocket flap of the uniform.


How do I get to the underground confinement room?

From the Labyrinth tunnel, player will stumble into a room full of dolls and candles. Go further in toward the underground water passage where multiple Adders will slither around. After reaching the far side, player will come into a room composed of a bed, mirror and other furniture.


Where is the materials room in Resident Evil?

Game. Materials Room is an area of Spencer Mansion 2F.


What do I do with the remake of Red jewel re2?

For the Red Jewel you are actually looking for a second object: the bejeweled box. It can be found in the Observation Room. Once you have it, just select either it or the Red Jewel from your inventory and combine the two items. They will open to reveal an RPD badge.


What do you do with the gold emblem in Resident Evil?

Purpose. The Gold Emblem can be switched with the emblem to reveal the Shield Key behind the grandfather clock. The gold emblem can be swapped with the bronze emblem in the dining hall to retrieve the shield key from behind a grandfather clock on the north wall.


How do you get the red jewels in Resident Evil 1?

After obtaining the Helmet Key from the Dormitory, the mansion’s Trophy Room can be unlocked and the Red Jewel can be found inside. The jewel is unable to be seen unless Chris or Jill turn off the lights by interacting with the light switch next to the door.


How do you get the flamethrower in Resident Evil remake?

In the remake, a broken flamethrower is found in the tunnels where Lisa Trevor wanders. To leave the area, the player must pull a lever, then place the flamethrower into a rack before it retracts into the wall.



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