Select (Friends) from the function screen. Select the player that you want to add as your Friend. You can search by online ID, [Players Met], or in other ways. Select (Add to Friends) next to the player that you want to add as your Friend.

Can other people see your friends on PS4?

Only your friends can see your information and invite you to chat. No player can see your profile information or invite you to chat, even if you’ve added them as a friend.

How do I connect with Facebook friends on PS4?


Go to the Settings menu > PSN . Select Link with other Services and choose to which social network you want to connect: Facebook or/and Twitter. Follow the onscreen instructions (enter your credentials, import your data …) and that’s it you are now connected to your favorite social network(s).

Is Gamesharing illegal on PS4?


This feature is also known as “Share Play”. Game sharing makes it to where you can have access to all the games that your friend owns for free! Although game sharing is not recommended, you won’t get banned for using it at this time.