Should I Buy An iphone Or Android

iPhone vs Android: 

And by lifespan, I’m referring about software and security upgrades. Admittedly, security updates aren’t sexy, but they’re very necessary, and you should at least have a basic notion of how long your phone gets security updates in the back of your mind.

Once a firm stops supporting a phone model with software or security upgrades, it’s no longer a good idea to keep using it, even if it still works and runs your apps. That’s because the phone is no longer secured against the latest exploits, security issues, and malware.

It’s true that many people buy a new phone long before their phone is no longer supported. However, it allows individuals the opportunity to keep their phones for longer periods of time, likely to save money. With short service periods, firms are essentially pressuring you to switch to newer models when you don’t really want or feel like you need to.

Apple iPhones \sApple has a consistent history of keeping older iPhone models secure against typical security threats.

At the time of writing, the oldest iPhone that Apple supports with the newest iOS updates is the iPhone 6S that was introduced in September 2015, which was six-and-a-half years ago. That means iPhone 6S owners may use their phone knowing they’re secured against the latest security threats.

To be clear, iPhone 6S owners don’t have all the latest capabilities that newer iPhones support. And while I don’t have an iPhone 6S to test right now, I’m convinced that many would find it unacceptably slow compared to current iPhones, not to mention that cameras are substantially superior in today’s iPhones, too.Still, if iPhone 6S customers are content with their phone, they don’t need to spend money to get a new phone right now (but presumably soon), which is a terrific thing.

Android phones:

Android manufacturers have a fairly poor reputation of keeping their phones supported with software and security updates. However, Samsung has been making strides here. The business has announced that it will give five years of security upgrades for its most modern phones. It also stated that some older phones will get four years of security upgrades. Google doesn’t have historically remarkable support windows for its phones, but it’s also improving: the current Pixel 6 series receives five years of security upgrades. Older phones, from the Pixel 5a to the Pixel 3a, only get three years of security upgrades. OnePlus has a fairly tiny three-year support window for its phones, and Motorola’s two-year support window is plain terrible and disappointing.

Apple users have a distinct advantage over Android phone users due to the company’s extensive network of Apple Stores, which provide an additional and more convenient option that Android phone users do not have access to. On the other hand, it is not difficult to have your Android phone repaired. When it comes to security updates, there is a greater gap between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform than previously thought. Apple maintains support for a greater number of iPhone generations with security updates than any other Android phone manufacturer that we are aware of.

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