The only way you can get your account unbanned is to contact PlayStation customer service and plead your case.

What is a good connection speed for PS4?

Most video game console manufacturers recommend at least 3 Mbps (or “megabits per second,” the measurement of how much data can be moved in a second) of download speed and 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speed as a generally “good internet speed”.

Why wont my PS4 connect to my LAN?


If your LAN cable is working fine, but it keeps getting disconnecting, try changing the cable or connecting the line to a different port or router. A faulty or loose PS4 Ethernet cable may be the issue, so you need to consult a Sony repair center.

How do I increase my PS4 connection speed?


Use a wired conenction instead of Wi-Fi to maximise your PS4’s download speed. Move your PS4 closer to your Wi-Fi router to get fasted download speed from your Wi-Fi router. Buy a better Wi-Fi Router with improved range if your PS4 isn’t nearby. Use powerline adapters around your house and connect your PS4.

What does NW 31297 2 mean on PS4?


Unable to connect to wireless network. Could not connect to the Wi-Fi network because the Wi-Fi password is not correctly set on the PS4, or the wireless network is busy. If the error only occurs in a limited period of time, the wireless network may be busy and preventing the connection. …