What Does My Samsung Warranty Cover

What Does My Samsung Warranty Cover

What are the things covered in Samsung mobile warranty? Samsung mobile warranty period
Product Warranty
Charging cable 6 months
Battery 12 months
Earphone 6 months
Handset (Mobile) 12 months
1 more row

What is included in phone warranty? What does warranty cover on a phone? Warranties usually cover manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions but do not cover damage from unforeseen incidents.

Is physical damage covered under Samsung warranty? Physical damage is not covered under warranty.

What Does My Samsung Warranty Cover – Related Questions

How do I know if my phone is under warranty Samsung?

You can easily know if your Samsung device is under warranty by checking the product’s purchase date from the bill or purchase receipt and calculating its warranty expiry date.

Is Samsung warranty void if screen cracked?

The warranty does not cover accidental damage. If your device has a smashed or cracked screen, this will be deemed out of warranty.

Will Samsung repair my phone for free?

If your Samsung smartphone or tablet has developed a fault (and hasn’t been damaged accidentally), have it repaired under warranty, free of charge with Samsung Repair.

Does a phone warranty cover a cracked screen?

Does a manufacturer warranty cover accidental damage? A standard phone manufacturer warranty does not cover accidental damage. That means if you damage the phone yourself, any repair or replacement costs will not be covered by the manufacturer and you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

Can I get my phone replaced under warranty?

The vast majority of manufacturers offer a warranty for a few years from the date you purchase your smartphone. If a hardware fault develops within that period, then you have the right to demand a repair, replacement, or refund.

Can I claim warranty if screen is broken?

No. Warranty doesn’t cover damage caused due to negligence or wear and tear unless it is exceptional. Now if you can prove it that the scratches occured due to normal usage and not due to negligence you can have a case but its highly unlikely to be entertained.

How do I get my Samsung phone replaced under warranty?

To obtain assistance on where to deliver the Product, call Samsung Customer Care at . Upon receipt, SAMSUNG will promptly repair or replace the defective Product.

Does Samsung cover physical damage?

Physical damage is not covered under warranty. Physical damage includes but is not limited to: liquid spills, cracks, and scratches to the screen, bezel, and accessories.

How do I claim my Samsung warranty?

To obtain warranty service for your Samsung product, call Samsung’s Customer Care Center at ) have your Model Number, Serial Number, and a copy of your receipt on hand when you call.

How can I check my Samsung phone warranty online?

SAMSUNG Warranty Status service instruction:
In the first step, go to the IMEI.info home page.
In the second step, type the IMEI Number of your device into the empty bracket. .
When the IMEI number has been entered, click the CHECK and go through the CAPTCHA protection.

How do I check my warranty online?

Find your IMEI Number and get access to warranty date, carrier info, blacklist status, purchase date and more.
Dial *#06# to see. your device IMEI.
Enter IMEI. to field above.
Get information. about your device.

Can I claim Samsung warranty without receipt?

If you have registered it online after purchase in your name, then no need. Else yes a receipt is required to prove it belongs to you if you want to claim warranty coverage. But generally if its logged in with your registered email id, that very well proves its yours.

Does Samsung 1 year warranty cover cracked screens?

Samsung’s manufacturer warranty does not cover cracked screens. The company does not offer a screen replacement warranty or service for its products. However, Samsung does offer a one-time screen replacement for a fee.

How much does it cost to replace a Samsung screen?

Samsung cracked phone screen repair costs compared
Samsung Screen Repair Option Estimated Price Range
DIY Repair $92 – $240
Professional Repair Service $199 – $329
Phone Insurance Claim $29 – $149

Does Samsung 1 year warranty cover accidental damage?

You get coverage for accidental damage3 from handling on day 1 including drops or liquid spills, and mechanical and electrical breakdowns after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Will Samsung fix my cracked screen for free?

Even though your Samsung warranty does not cover the repair costs for a cracked screen, having this fixed by our experienced technicians means that all the work completed passes our high quality standards and we only use genuine Samsung parts and manufacturer approved tools.

How long is Samsung warranty?

one year
Samsung’s home electronics, including televisions, tablets, smartphones, and computers, typically have a warranty period of one year.

How long do Samsung repairs take?

between one and two weeks
Phone Repair at Samsung

Most Samsung official repairs take between one and two weeks. And the only real benefit to it is that if your phone is still under warranty, and the damage is not your fault, you can probably repair it for free.

Does warranty include accidental damage?

Accidental Damage is any damage due to an unintentional act that is not the direct result of a manufacturing defect or failure. Accidental damage is not covered under the standard warranty of the product.

Is display covered under warranty?

No, unless the screen is damaged as a result of a manufacturing defect, broken screens are not covered under warranties.

Can I trade in my phone if the back is cracked?

All replies. No. Apple won’t accept a damaged phone in trade. The back glass can’t be replaced.

What voids a phone warranty?

The warranty period has expired. The defect or part is not covered. The product failure is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.

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