what if i don’t see the live stream icon for facebook for i phone

Why can’t I watch FB live on my iPhone?

Reinstall the App on Your iPhone. If the files of the Facebook app have got corrupted on your device, you will need to reinstall the app to fix the issue. … Then, launch the App Store and download and install the Facebook app on your iPhone. It should fix the app-related issues on your device.


How do I change my live settings on Facebook?

1. Go to your group page where you plan to do your live stream. 2. Select Settings from the left panel > click Privacy > select your preferred privacy setting (Public or Private) > hit Save.


What are the rules for Facebook live?

Facebook Live must not be used to mislead users that specific footage is occurring in real time when it is not. Facebook Live must not be used to mislead users that specific footage is happening in a particular locale when it is not.


How can I watch Facebook without the app?

You can access Live Producer on a desktop or laptop computer at https://www.facebook.com/live/producer.


Why is Facebook not working on my iPhone?

Quit and Relaunch the App

The first thing we usually try when Facebook stops working is to pull down the app screen page to refresh it. In case this does not work, the next solution is to quit and relaunch the Facebook app. To force quit an app, on iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold.


Can you do a private Facebook live stream?

Can You Do Facebook Live in private? The short answer here is: yes. Not only can you choose to broadcast your live Facebook session to your Facebook friends only, but you can even exclude some of these friends from your broadcast. You can also go live on Facebook with the groups in which you’re a member or admin.


What happens if my phone rings during Facebook live?

If that happens while you’re on Facebook Live, your viewers will see “Broadcast interrupted”. If it happens while you’re recording a normal video, it stops the video recording, which is really annoying when you’re in the middle of a great bit of video. But there is an easy way to stop it happening.


Can you make a Facebook live public?

Find Livestream Broadcast in your app list and click View and edit. In the window that pops up, scroll down and change your visibility and post audience to Public, then save your settings.


How long can you livestream on Facebook?

There’s a time limit for how long you can live stream on Facebook. The limit will change depending on what device you’re streaming with. Computer: The time limit for live streaming is 8 hours. External Streaming Software/API: The time limit for streaming is 8 hours.


How long should a Facebook Live be?

Top tip: Ideally, you want to make your live stream at least 10 minutes long. The longer you’re live, the more discoverable your stream will become.












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