why did apple skip the iphone 9

But often it’s for the same reason that Apple skipped 9 – because the company wants to signify a new beginning for a product, just as Microsoft did when it skipped Windows 9 and went straight to Windows 10 from Windows 8 (OK, from Windows 8.1 for the pedants out there).

Why did they skip the iPhone 9?

As far as it’s been speculated, skipping the iPhone 9 wasn’t due to superstition. If it was, Apple would have skipped the iPhone 13 too. Overall, it appears that having no iPhone 9 is simply a business move, which is naturally crucial for a tech giant such as Apple.Jan 26, 2022


Why did Apple skip iPhone 2 and 9?

Apple skipped iPhone 2 because it wouldn’t have appealed the same way as iPhone 3G. Apple only began its numerical naming sequence from iPhone 4. It was a mere coincidence that the 3rd generation iPhone was called the iPhone 3GS. Apple didn’t backtrack and filled up the gap of iPhone 2, they just moved along.Aug 4, 2020


Why do companies avoid the number 9?

The skipping of the number nine by Apple also puts it beyond other associations that could limit its success. In Japan, the number nine is pronounced as ‘ku’ or ‘kyu’, which has the same pronunciation as the words ‘agony’ or ‘suffering’ in Japanese, meaning consumers can avoid products that denote the number.Sep 17, 2017


Has there ever been an iPhone 9?

The iPhone 9 doesn’t exist and the reason was never explained by Apple, but looking at the iPhone’s history and what was happening in the smartphone industry in 2017 can help explain the decision.Nov 1, 2020


What does XR stand for in iPhone?

The iPhone XR (stylized and marketed as iPhone Xʀ; Roman numeral “X” pronounced “ten”) is a smartphone designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. It is part of the twelfth generation of the iPhone. Pre-orders began on October 19, 2018, with an official release on October 26, 2018.


Why did Apple remove the home button?

This feature is still relevant today even though the physical home button has been removed since it allows users to perform tasks faster than before.


Why was there no iPhone 9 or Windows 9?

Apple also wanted to signify the new beginning of the product designs. Plus, it’s believed that the number 9 is considered unlucky in many cultures, just like the number 13. Also, it’s believed that the number nine isn’t welcomed in many countries and cultures.Feb 11, 2022


Why did Apple stop giving chargers?

In 2020, Apple stopped shipping a charger in the box of its iPhones. While the company initially mentioned that the removal of chargers will benefit the environment as it would help the company reduce its carbon footprint, it also reduced the size of the iPhone’s retail boxes.Mar 15, 2022


Was there an iPhone 1?

The iPhone (retrospectively referred to unofficially as the iPhone 2G, iPhone 1 or original iPhone) is the first iPhone model and the first smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.


Is 9 unlucky in Japan?

Many businesses even hang the number above their door. However, in Japan specifically, the number 9 is a bad-luck number that sounds like “suffering” when spoken aloud; so a price of $9.99, while common in the West, would be viewed negatively.Jul 30, 2013


Why is there no windows9?

The reasons we have from official sources describe the motivation behind Microsoft skipping Windows 9 as simple marketing. According to acclaimed Microsoft insider Mary Jo Foley, the company went with “Windows 10” because it wanted to signify that the OS would be the last major Windows update.Feb 21, 2022


Why there will be no Windows 11?

Because we’re not building an incremental Windows, the new Windows is Windows 10.” That new way of doing things is what Microsoft calls Windows as a Service. That’s a slightly confusing name – it doesn’t mean that Windows is moving to be a cloud version of an operating system.Jun 25, 2021


Why wasnt there an iPhone 2?

Why Did Apple Skip Some iPhone Numbers? Did you know that there isn’t an iPhone 2? After Apple created the first generation iPhone, the one that came after that was all about 3G internet connectivity, so the iPhone 2 was skipped.Jun 28, 2022


How old is an iPhone 9?

Apple iPhone 9 Specifications (Unofficial)
quick charging Yes
operating system iOS v13.0
sim slots Single SIM, GSM
model iPhone 9
launch date July 13, 2020 (Unofficial)
4 more rows


Which iPhones have been discontinued?

Apple had discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus in 2020, and now, it’s considering phasing out the two remaining iPhone 11 models.Apr 17, 2022


What does the S mean in iPhone?

It hasn’t always been this way. Back when Apple first announced the iPhone 3GS, Schiller himself proudly explained the name as “the S simply stands for speed, because this is the most powerful, fastest iPhone we’ve ever made.”Oct 22, 2018


What does S in iPhone 6s stand for?

It’s whatever you want or think it should mean. Apple to my knowledge never comments on their reasons behind their device model naming conventions. Historically, the “s” models are just larger and/or hardware updated versions of their direct predecessor.Sep 12, 2018


Can I take an iPhone XR in the shower?

Can You Use the iPhone XR in the Shower? To prevent your iPhone XR from getting damaged, Apple warns users not to swim, bathe, or shower with their device. No iPhones are protected against high-pressure or high-temperature water jets, and steam getting into your device can also damage it.Mar 24, 2022


Will fingerprint come back to iPhone?

I previously predicted iPhones would support under-display fingerprint sensing/Touch ID in 2023 at the earliest. But the latest survey indicates new iPhones in 2023 & 2024 may not adopt under-display Touch ID. Face ID with a mask on iPhone is already a great biometrics solution.Mar 30, 2022


What is the last iPhone?

If you’re wondering what the latest iPhone is with Face ID, then the newest model is the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 series has four models – the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – and they were all announced in September 2021. Click here to see all of our reviews of the iPhone models.May 17, 2022


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